April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop


Back on Track!


Helloo!! So, my blog has been seriously neglected in the past two months, as I have stated before. This is stopping right now! I’m realizing now that I want to make this blog much more personal, so to speak, and make it more “LeeshaLand” and less specifically about makeup. For the longest time I have always thought that xSparkage needed ... Read More »

HaulerDeals Photoshoot and Launch Party Photos


Hi guys!! My goal this week is to finish up my makeup room, give you all a peek in to that, and get back on the posting train for both my blog and youtube :) I know it’s been a lot more slow going than I initially planed, and I apologize for that! I’ve been crazy busy with non-xsparkage related ... Read More »

Beauty.com Friends & Family 20% off Sale PLUS 13% Cash Back


I just heard about this and figured some of you might be interested! :) Beauty.com is having their Friends & Family event, and is celebrating with 20% off your beauty.com purchase. On top of that, if you visit the site through Ebates, you get an additional 13% Cash back on your order! Click here to sign up for Ebates! If ... Read More »

Sigma Paris Palette- Swatches, Photos


HIIII!!!! Oh my goodness. Remember me? I’m Leesha, incase you forgot, considering my little MIA break went on a bit longer than anticipated. I’ll have to do a blog post on this, but long story short I’ve finally got my own place, its this amazing condo and I’m FINALLY having all of my belongings delivered to me on Thursday. Luckily ... Read More »

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection- Eyeshadows


The MAC In Extra Dimension Collection comes with some fancy pants eyeshadows! They have a different formula to them- all are a metallic finish and are nice and creamy. As you can see, they all have a  fun design on them, which is pretty until you actually use the shadow :) My favorite shade by FAR is Blue Orbit.. it’s ... Read More »

MAC Tres Chic Collection- Lovecloud, Peony Petal, Modern Mandarin Blushes


Here are three of the blushes front the MAC Tres Chic Collection (And they’re still in stock as I post this! I didn’t realize the lipsticks from the Reel Sexy collection weren’t in stock on the website, sorry about that!) These blushes are gorgeous, I’m a huge fan. I’m glad I got a mix of these colors- I love the ... Read More »

MAC Reel Sexy Collection Part 2: Eye Products


Here is the rest of what I have from the MAC Reel Sexy Collection- Eye products! The stars in this post are by far the eye pencils. I really haven’t been a huge fan of these Eye Shadow duos since they first released them.. kinda meh in my opinion! These are all swatched without a base, and you can really ... Read More »

MAC Reel Sexy Collection Part 1: Lip Products


I wanted to share with you some pictures and swatches of the new MAC Reel Sexy Collection :) This isn’t really a review, as I have been extremely busy this past week dealing with life in Leeshaland that I didn’t have time to really test these out, but they aren’t really any new formulas from MAC, so if you’ve used ... Read More »

OCC Collection “The Garden” Lip Tars


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a new collection out for Spring/Summer, and it includes six new eyeshadows, lip tars, and nail polishes. I’ve reviewed the eyeshadows in a previous post, so let’s get to the lip tars! The Lip Tars in this collection are all on the warm side for the most part, and range from carmely browns to bubblegum pinks, ... Read More »

New OCC Lip Tar Packaging: Old Vs. New


With the newest collection from OCC out, The Garden Collection, they have introduced their new Lip Tar packaging, which is something I am soooo excited about. I love OCC’s Lip Tars, but the packaging was an issue that made the product somewhat confusing to those who were not familiar with super pigmented lip products. The new packaging is sleek and ... Read More »