April 15, 2014
The Latest Scoop


Nails of the Day: Nubar Sky Sparkle & Night Sparkle


BLAAAAH. I had a nail disaster today. My window was open like, a millimeter, and it was windy outside, so it was making this loud annoying howling creepy ghost noise. I wanted to film my Fierce Friday look, and the last thing I wanted was creepy noises in the background! I guess I didnt realize that there was actually something ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Absinthe Makes the Heart by Sephora by OPI


So I haven’t worn nail polish in probably 2 weeks due to being somewhat lazy, as well as wanting to apply a strengthener every few days. My nails have been getting LONG (for me, at least!), and with that the tendency to break is much higher, which is always a bummer (hello, index finger in these pictures) because it takes ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Purple Glitter Matte


I’ve been wanting to try this matte glitter top coat since I got it a few weeks ago, but just kinda.. didn’t, other than swatching. I wanted to do something bright too, so I thought I’d try it on top of a neon purple. I seriously forgot how COOL this glitter top coat is! I swear. Glitter polishes is the ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Essie Mint Candy Apple


I saw this color in the clearance section at ulta for $4. I LOVEEEE cream polishes, especially blues, so I needed it! Cream polishes are also my favorite to add decals to, so I added a kitty & crossbones sticker from a fing’rs nail decal set. I love the color of this polish, but I really don’t understand the name. ... Read More »

Bikini Bottom Nails


I was trying to figure out how to do my nails today when I came across these flower nail stickers I had that reminded me so much of the sky (sea? i dunno hah) in Bikini Bottom on Spongebob! So, I used those along with a holographic polish and a glitter polish layered over top to make sort of bikini ... Read More »