April 16, 2014
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Makeup Looks

Harry Potter: Hufflepuff


EyesToo Faced Shadow InsuranceMAC Yellow Scream Cream Color BaseSugarpill Buttercupcake EyeshadowToo Faced Velvet Revolver EyeshadowTokidoki Melodia Glitter PencilToo Faced Stilletto EyeshadowToo Faced In The Buff EyeshadowTokidoki Unicorno Glitter PencilMUD Honeysuckle EyeshadowStila Stingray SmudgestickUrban Decay El Dorado 24/7 PencilToo Faced LashgasmToo Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint CheeksMAC Honour Blush LipsSephora 17 LipstickMAC Goldirocks Dazzleglass       Read More »

Harry Potter Series: Gryffindor


Sorry for the lack of posts this past week and a half! I went on vacation with a bunch of youtubers and haven’t had time to post :)     For whatever reason I could NOT get a good full face shot :( Sad day!! EyesToo Faced Shadow InsuranceSugarpill Goldilux ChromalustUrban Decay Naked ShadowMAC Burnt Burgundy PigmentNYX Milk Jumbo Eyeliner ... Read More »

iFocus: Gray Eyes


I loved the way this look came out. It’s so fun and it reminds me of looks I used to do when I first really got into makeup, as it includes some of my favorite mac pigments! Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Pink Bronze Pigment Urban Decay Last Call Eyeshadow Too Faced Velvet Revolver Eyeshadow Too Faced In The ... Read More »

iFocus: Hazel/Light Brown Eyes


First, I gotta say: Damn, Austin! Today it is abuot 52 degrees!! IM FREEZING! Now, I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of you thinking “52 degrees? That’s nothing. Where I live it gets below zero/snow/blahbalhabhlha!” Keep in mind, I’m from Arizona. Phoenix area, to be exact (because yes, it does snow and get cold A LOT in northern AZ for ... Read More »

Halloween Spider Web Eyes


A few years ago I did something similar to this on my friend for Halloween, it was really cool but done way worse than this lol :) Sorry for apologizing so much, I need to work on that. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and since this video took a LONG time and was a LOT of ... Read More »

Halloween: Sexy Makeup


(Sorry, I didn’t post this sooner because I was out of town and forgot to load pictures from this look onto my laptop. Whoops!!) This is the most requested Halloween look I get- someone asking for a sexy version of a costume. Here’s what I came up with :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Pencil MAC ... Read More »

Greek Gods: Poseidon Inspired Makeup Tutorial


This week’s Greek Gods look is inspired by Poseidon. It includes all sorts of blues, some greens, and I really like how it turned out!!     EyesToo Faced Shadow InsuranceNYX Jumbo Eyeshadow PencilYaby Palette Urban Decay Minx Liquid LinerUrban Decay Mildew 24/7 PencilStila Stingray Smudgestick PencilLancome Hypnose Drama MascaraCargo Lash ActivatorNaked Ivory Pigment Stack BlushInglot #32 Blush LipsMAC Hot ... Read More »

Greek Goddess Nyx Tutorial


(First off: Yes, NYX is a Greek Goddess. No, this has NOTHING to do with NYX Cosmetics, although I do use two of their products. coincidence is fun!) I tried about 5 times last week to get figure out a look for Nyx, but nothing was working! You can’t force creativity, so I just put off Wearable Wednesday last week. ... Read More »

Face of the Day


First of all, big apologies for skipping Wearable Wednesday this week. I know you guys look forward to it, but I am really behind on videos (usually I try and film them at least a day or so in advance so they can go up on time, but the past few weeks I’ve been doing them the day of because ... Read More »

Halloween Candy Corn Eyes


Eep!! Sorry, this post is extremely late. Time got the better of me this week, I really hate when that happens! Anyways, this was last week’s Fierce Friday, a look inspired by Candy Corn :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeliner some random peachy eyeliner (idk where this is from, i guess its not from coastal scents ... Read More »