April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop


Shimmering Amethyst Makeup Tutorial


I asked on Facebook today Which look to do a tutorial on out of two that I have gotten requests for. The purple look won, but I plan on doing a tutorial for that matte blue look for next week! I wanted to do the tutorial using different products than I used in the original look, considering that most of ... Read More »

Face of the Day: Matte Electric Blue


Lately I’ve been trying to play with makeup I’ve neglected, and this was one of the days I really liked what I came up with! I wanted to play with some matte pigments I have that got shoved to the back of a drawer (they aren’t the beautiful mattes I reviewed a few weeks ago!) and was tempted to use ... Read More »

Cirque du Soleil Inspired Makeup Tutorial


Monday I decided to do a fun, colorful look as a 180 from the Naked tutorial I posted Friday :) This look is inspired by Cirque du Soleil and uses some Ardell lashes from their Cirque collection :) Enjoy!     Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk Sephora Pantone Universe Palette EyeKandy Glitter in Citrus ... Read More »

Around The World Series: Morocco (Kiehls Aromatic Blends Orange Leaf & Lychee Fragrance)


Kiehls new Aromatic Blends Collection includes four fragrances: Orange Leaf & Lychee, Fig Leaf & Sage, Vanilla & Cedarwood, and Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit. The Aromatic Blends collection has formulated these fragrances to be a truer rendition of the ingredients involved, using high quality key ingredients to get a scent that really reflects the areas they are inspired by. ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series: District 6 (Morphling Addicts!)


So technically speaking, district 6 of Panem’s industry is supposedly transportation. This is never mentioned in the books, but once the movie hype began and the hunger games website went up, they addressed any district industries that the book left out. What the book DID refer to about district 6 though, is that there are quite a bit of morphling ... Read More »

Quick Looks: El Doradoooo!


I think sometime last August I was introduced to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liquid Liner in El Dorado. I was in California visiting my friends Suzy and Joy, and we went to the Sephora on Hollywood & Highland (its a biiig Sephora!) I think this was right when, or very close to when the 24/7 liquid liners were released from UD. ... Read More »