April 16, 2014
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  • DarkGlamour17

    Hey I’m first! Your looks nice :)

  • http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/ Cassy

    Looks great! Wish they had one for just the tippity top of my head. I want to smooth my frizzies, but don’t want to lose the wave of the rest of my hair.

    • Ashton Lee

      It’s only going to be straight until you wash it, since it’s really not a straightening treatment, it’s just a smoothing treatment. You’d still have your waves unless you flat ironed it.

  • melissa

    The treatment was applied to the damn hair is pretty damn funny! Typo but funny as like something funny you’d point out! ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/Evelien1990 Evelien

    It looks very nice! It’s funny, everytime I see the prices for those treatments, I’m glad my hair is not that bad. haha.

  • http://misscritique.net Megan

    Brazilian blowout chemicals include formaldehyde which. if not everybody knows, is what they use to preserve dead bodies. It is very toxic to breath in and is not good for hair.

    • Leesha

      you must have missed the bolded sentence.. they have reformulated the treatment to contain less than 1% of formaldehyde in it. Also formaldehyde is found in a lot more common things than dead bodies just so ya know!

      • Dane

        I hope what you say is true! :) If so that is great news. The controversy was that this company claimed the product was formaldehyde free before and it wasn’t.

      • http://www.blog.mandyemais.com Mandy

        That’s true!

      • Sam

        I read recently (and I wish I knew where so I could site it), that while they claim to be safe, they actually aren’t and there are some big things that the FDA are trying to do to make it so. Apparently the average treatment is way above being safe.

        http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/03/16/brazilian-blowout-craze-safe/ Maybe this will help?

        I simply don’t trust it…

        • Mandy

          You may want to use something more reliable than faux news. :P

        • Sam

          Better than CBC lol

  • Dane

    It looks great, but I’m not sure I’d get one done. Seems to be a lot of controversy about this treatment.

  • http://www.RachaelBeautifulLife@blogspot.com Rachael

    so glad you posted this! People need to look at it with more enthusiasm then nit picking about the dumb stuff! aka formaldehyde. Thanks for posting!


    • Sam

      Uhm, formaldehyde is a carcinogen. It SHOULD be “nit picked” seeing as it can kill you.

  • http://www.beautymamas.com Ishah

    I agree that people shouldn’t be so sensationalist about it, but formaldehyde is toxic so YES they should be ‘nit picking’ about it. Since they changed their formula, it’s not so much of a problem, but it was those people speaking out about it that caused them to do that in the first place.

    Thanks for this, I have been on the fence about getting the treatment but I think I will go ahead and get one now!

  • http://ethereal--beauty.blogspot.com/ Sophie

    I consider getting things like this done, because my hair is super wavy. Iriitatingly wavy. It looks good if I have long hair, but I decided to shop a reiciulous amount off because our summers are so hot and my hair was too heavy and I was irritated. Now I have to straighten my hair every day and I dont have the weight of my hair helping to keep it straight, so it’s wavy again the next day (argh!) but I’m also worried about how damaging this kind of thing is to your hair. Would straightening possibly do more damage over the same time frame as opposed to getting in chemically straightened or using this method? This is a super long comment, soirry about that =\ lol

    • Leesha

      this isnt a treatment to chemically straighten your hair, its basically a treatment to make your hair easier to manage, and soo much softer. chemically straightening and flat ironing it everyday will do more damage than this!

      • http://ethereal--beauty.blogspot.com/ Sophie

        o i c


        yeah i thought as much @ the straightening and whatnot.

  • http://ethereal--beauty.blogspot.com/ Sophie

    *chop. I didn’t really ‘shop’ my hair. I should also read my comments before I post them.

  • Paula

    Hi I´m Paula, I´m from Brazil and we have lots of womens here that does this treatment and it´s safe. In the formula that we use here the fformaldehyde cannot exceed 0,2%. I´ve done three times already and I don´t know how to live without it, lol!

  • http://www.blog.mandyemais.com Mandy

    Here in Brazil we call it Escova Progressiva, I guess.


  • Andrea

    Your hair looks amazing as always!! I would love to have this done, but I’ve looked and there is no one within 300 miles of me that does Brazilian Blowouts. :(

  • Liz

    Do they have anything like this but for curls???

    • Cynthia

      I have very curly hair and I did this same treatment back in September of 2010, before the controversy of this product. And I have to say I loved it, it felt so good hoping out of the shower and letting my hair air dry and knowing that it wont get frizzy or curly. I used the shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner that they recommended and it helped my hair stay straighter a little bit longer than it normally would if you used regular shampoo.
      I haven’t done it since because I’m a bit skeptic now, but if they did change the formula I might just do it again for the summer. :D
      Hope this helped.

  • http://www.atoromseuperigon.blogspot.com Izabella

    yaay, you got a brazilian blowout!! here in brazil we call it “progressive blowout” cause as you keep doing it your hair keeps getting straighter and straighter, i do it too but not in a salon, my hairstylist comes to my place haha is this getting really “trendy” on other countries? i thought it was so common haha

  • emily

    i saw a video from a while back of yours where you got this done, i thought…
    or was that something different? im conufsed lol
    anyway, your hair looks great and if i had the money i would go out and do this tomorrow!

  • emily

    oh nevermind my last comment, it was the GK hair treatment u were talking about that im thinking of *facepalm*

  • http://beautifulloft.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    LOOOOOOVE the way your hair looks!!!! =)) It did great things for you! :)

  • Charisa

    Your hair looks beautiful!

  • http://warpaintluv.blogspot.com/ G-Rizzle

    Thats awesome. So looking into it!

  • Logan

    eh, I don’t think I’d get it done because the company stated and even had on their bottles & website NO formaldehyde and it was tested in a lab and had a higher level then what is allowed by the FDA. I seen this on the news, and the creator of the product said in the interview it had no formaldehyde at all in it. So they might have “reformulated” it but I don’t trust a company that boldly lies to their consumers about a product not having a certain chemical in it, when in fact it has unsafe levels of the chemical in it. I’ve even see salons wearing gas masks because the fumes were so bad that your eyes burned and you coughed. If you want something similar get a deep conditioning. It doesn’t last as long but your hair will feel and be nicer after without the potential threat.


  • Melissa

    Did you go to the same salon?

  • Kristi

    I had a this done a year ago I was happy when I left the salon but after I washed my hair I was not, Yes it left my hair softer for about 2 weeks but after that it was back to normal. It was a waste of money for my hair. I recently bought a new straigtening iron, curling iron, and hair care products and spent a forth of the price as I did on the Brazillina blow out and my hair is softer than it has ever been in my life. I was at the Mall and a salesman asked me to let him try his straitening iron on me, he took 17 minutes to straigten my hair that took me on average an hour and a half to straighten with my Chi Iron. I went ahead and purchased the products thinking in the back of my head “man I just got taken” But after using the products and the iron I was so happy. It took me 20 minutes to straighten my hair this has never happened for me. Like I said the products left my hair sooooo soft I can even run my hands through my hair and I can not stop. I am amazed. I would never waste my money getting a brazillian blow out again. If you want products that really work search for HER STYLER products, they have a website. You can also buy them on Amazon which is a lot cheaper. I have very course,thick, frizzy, and tight curls I have always hated my hair but now I love it. I dreaded straightening my hair before these products because it just took so long so I only did it about once a month or so but now I do it all the time. Good luck ladies I hope you take my advice

  • Erica B

    I did the brazilian blowout at my salon and it worked fabulously!!! I then purchased the Shielo Hydrate shampoo and conditioner with the Shielo Bounce Style Creme.

    Well let me tell you – it has prolonged the effects of the blowout from the salon!! Even if you don’t do the salon treatment the shampoo and conditioner are great for your hair!! My hair is not frizzy! It is silky soft and manageable!!!

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  • http://brazilianblowoutexposed.com/ brazilian blowout

    This brazilian blowout is good as it makes my hair long and fizz free.

  • Rachael


    I dont know if the changes matter because they now have a hazard alert out! ahh

  • Alix

    What shampoo/conditioner are you using since getting the treatment?

  • Lynsey

    Your hair has never looked better! I want to try this too!

  • kristina

    do you have to use a certain kind of shampoo and conditioner to help it last or can you use whateveryou would like?

  • K

    Gkhair doesn’t and has NEVER had formaldehyde in any of their formulas. The Juvexin is the absolute best:-) maybe the stylist could have been more educated? Gkhair rocks !!!!

  • Olivia Heartelly

    This surely excites me! While I too love my curls, I might like a looser curl pattern just in view of what amount of less demanding it is for me as a single person to manage. I can additionally wear styles I truly like with looser curl designs. What’s more no frizz, I’d do anything for that with utilizing insignificant chemicals

  • Niharika Singh