Born to Be FOTD & Video Review

This look was created with the Born to Be collection from Sigma. I posted a video review of the collection on Youtube last night, and there’s a chance for you to win the entire line by entering the giveaway! I liked how this look turned out, especially with the pop of blue on the lower lash line! Here’s the look and what was used, as well as the video review :) Enjoy!

SigmaBTBlook 1SigmaBTBlook 2SigmaBTBlook 3SigmaBTBlook 5SigmaBTBlook 6SigmaBTBlook 4


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil- Milk
Sigma Born to Be Smoke Screen Palette:

  • Rave
  • Haze
  • Cinders
  • Almost Jet
  • Veiled
  • Nebula

Sigma Atomic #6 Eye Pencil
Sigma My Cloud Eye Pencil
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Sigma Born to Blush
MAC Springshine Blush Ombre

Sigma Lose the Halo Lip Concealer
Sigma Get Ready Lip Gloss 




  1. Alisa West says

    I love the glosses and the shadows they look gorgeous, I think the glosses for sure though the swatches you did on lip were beautiful especially the purple!

  2. Kacie Galyon says

    My god, this is gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of Elsa from Frozen. :)

  3. Allison Martin says

    Your eyes are GORGEOUS!!!! Adding that palette to my list…

  4. Scout says

    You’re a real deep thkerni. Thanks for sharing.

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