Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask Review

Hi Guys! How is your weekend going? Mines been pretty good, I went downtown with my guy friends on Friday and we went to a lot of bars, mainly because Tyler is really trying to get into the DJing world and was handing out mixtapes to bar owners :) Fun time even so!

This past week I went somewhere I haven’t been in months- Lush!! Lush was opened in Austin just this past March, and I hadn’t been simply because I feel like every time I buy things from Lush, I spend TONS of money and then never use 3/4 of it before it expires. I got the itch to go this past weekend because I really wanted some Fresh Face Masks, which you can only buy in-store. Of course, right when I go, they’re completely sold out of every single mask for the first time since they opened, and when do they restock? The next day. Not like it’s a 30 min ride to downtown Austin from my house or anything, lol. Luckily two days later we were headed down there anyways to go give out the mixtapes for Tyler, so I stocked up on probably too many so I could do some reviews for you guys! :D That being said, this next week will probably be Face Mask Review Week haha :)

Before any of that, I wanted to review the weirdest face mask I have ever used! In the past I have used an oxygen face mask (which I’ll have to review this week, its SO weird, it bubbles up like shaving cream on your face!) but this one’s name alone had me raising my eyebrow. A rubberizing face mask? I joked on Twitter about how I should try and bounce my face off of the table while I wore it :P


According to Bliss, This face mask “is designed to envelop skin’s surface to allow the mask’s key ingredients to be optimally absorbed in the skin. The brightening, skin-renewing formula is packed with powerful antioxidants and nourishing detoxifying seaweed”. Each box comes with 6 mask packets, a scoop to measure water, and six tongue-depressant style spatulas.




To make this mask, it requires a bowl to mix the water and mask powder in.


You fill the scoop all the way to the top with water, and then mix it into the powder with the spatula.




it starts to get really thick and starts setting fast, so right after it’s all the way mixed, you need to apply it straight to your face! The easiest way to do this is with the spatula, but you can do it with your fingers as well. I used the spatula because the mix is gross and goopy and I didn’t want to touch it, haha!



This mask color reminds me of something, I can’t put my finger on what. Probably something gross, hahah. It feels a bit heavy on the skin, but it’s not too bad. I noticed I had a LOT, probably enough for half of another mask, left in my bowl, and I applied this really liberally, so I can see myself using less of the powder and water next time and saving the rest so I can get another mask or two out of the kit instead of wasting it! If you do have extra, make sure you wipe out as much as you can out of your bowl and throw it in the trash instead of just rising it in your sink, as you don’t want this to potentially clog your sink!

The mask takes 15-20 mins to set. This mask dries differently than any mask I’ve ever used! Normally, you either have the oil-sucking ones that tighten and crack on your face, or the moisturizing ones that feel like your face is melting off. This one did neither. It literally turned to a rubbery substance! 

Something I noticed is that since I was talking while I had this on,it started to crack and break around my mouth. Since this isn’t like a normal mask, it wont just crack like the ground in the desert making it easy to talk, it will crack and you’ll have a piece like that that can be lifted! it’s kinda weird/annoying so i suggest not talking or moving your face when you wear this haha. Also, it’s important to have a generous application with this, you can see around my nose/mouth it was a very thin layer and that makes it dry to fast and is kinda difficult to scrub off.


Removing this mask is super easy for the most part- you basically just peel it right off! The mask isn’t like normal peels that kinda pull against your skin when you peel them off, this one comes right off. The only effort you have to do is if, like me, you have some thin layers around the edges of your face. That part didn’t want to come off with the rest and I had to scrub it off.

Once you’ve pulled off the mask, just throw it away in the trash!

After I removed my mask, I could definitely notice a brightness in my skin that wasn’t there before! My face felt super refreshed and vibrant, and even calmed some of the redness in my skin :)



I really loved the results I got with this mask, it definitely lived up to it’s “straight-from-our-spa” claim :) I’d recommend it to anyone who feels they need a pick-me-up for their face, or if you’re planning to have a night in to pamper yourself :)

This kit retails for $38, and comes out this month and Sephora and Ulta :)


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  1. Rachel says

    Awesome review, thanks Leesha! The “picture-heavy”-ness is really helpful.

  2. Valerie says

    That looks like such a cool mask!+ your skin is gorgeous without makeup :)

  3. Kristen says

    I’m really interested in trying this. It looks fun. I can’t wait to see your reviews on the Lush products you bought too!

  4. inadee says

    That mask looks amazing!

    I’m so excited that there is a Lush in Austin now. I can’t wait to visit it!

  5. Rachel says

    I appreciate how thorough this review is. This looks like a neat mask.

  6. Phebis says

    looks great! could you do a mini series on different masks at different prices? for example: where can i find a cheap-er “oil-sucking” mask?

  7. Jenny says

    Lol! I thought it was just me who spent loads of money in Lush when I went in.

  8. FabiolaGisselle says

    This masque is very similar to one I use in professional skin care services. Dermalogica professional products have a masque called contour masque that is a rubber masque as well. Basically we use it to on top of an anti-aging or hydrating masque to help the ingredients penetrate. Basically it creates a vacuum effect. You should try this technique as well. Also a little tip, we use warm water when mixing since cold water will make it set faster. And if you use a liberal amount evenly, you should get less flaking in delicate areas. Hope it helps! I love rubber masques!

  9. Naz says

    your skin looks so amazing!!! can you please do a skincare routine video? Thank you!

  10. jess0501 says

    I love this mask ^^.. I went to Bliss spa several times just to get the treatment. So glad they are now selling this. Funny thing is when i had this mask on in the spa, they actually smear the mask all over my eyes and eyebrows, but when they peel it off, it’s not grabbing any brows or eyelashes.

  11. Maya Walton says

    You know it’s good when it comes with a medical grade popsicle stick

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