April 18, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Kris Kendrick
  • http://www.youtube.com/RachelLikesTurtles Rachel

    Awesome review, thanks Leesha! The “picture-heavy”-ness is really helpful.

  • http://vals-closet.blogspot.com Valerie

    That looks like such a cool mask!+ your skin is gorgeous without makeup :)

  • http://turquiosegardens.blogspot.com/ Kristen

    I’m really interested in trying this. It looks fun. I can’t wait to see your reviews on the Lush products you bought too!

  • inadee

    That mask looks amazing!

    I’m so excited that there is a Lush in Austin now. I can’t wait to visit it!

  • Rachel

    I appreciate how thorough this review is. This looks like a neat mask.

  • Phebis

    looks great! could you do a mini series on different masks at different prices? for example: where can i find a cheap-er “oil-sucking” mask?

  • Jenny

    Lol! I thought it was just me who spent loads of money in Lush when I went in.

  • FabiolaGisselle

    This masque is very similar to one I use in professional skin care services. Dermalogica professional products have a masque called contour masque that is a rubber masque as well. Basically we use it to on top of an anti-aging or hydrating masque to help the ingredients penetrate. Basically it creates a vacuum effect. You should try this technique as well. Also a little tip, we use warm water when mixing since cold water will make it set faster. And if you use a liberal amount evenly, you should get less flaking in delicate areas. Hope it helps! I love rubber masques!

  • Naz

    your skin looks so amazing!!! can you please do a skincare routine video? Thank you!

  • jess0501

    I love this mask ^^.. I went to Bliss spa several times just to get the treatment. So glad they are now selling this. Funny thing is when i had this mask on in the spa, they actually smear the mask all over my eyes and eyebrows, but when they peel it off, it’s not grabbing any brows or eyelashes.

  • http://www.prettygossip.com Pretty Gossip

    I LOVED this mask too! Great pictures of the mask. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/BbyVcs Maya Walton

    You know it’s good when it comes with a medical grade popsicle stick