April 17, 2014
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  • Jenny

    CS16 looks gorgeous.

    • Becca

      Um there is ne cs16 theres 2 cs15

      • Becca

        Im sorry i didnt mean to seem like mean or anything i was just tryin to help so im sorry if i sounded like i was trying to be mean

        • Azmiar

          There is to a cs16 in the swatches..its the purple one

    • http://neepsandtaters.blogspot.com Lauren

      I agree completely!
      My favorite color

  • Zunaira

    Gosh…..I am loving it

  • Fairie

    Pretty colors but their international shipping is frigging expensive! From their website:
    “Our International Shipping method is USPS Priority International (8-10 business days) $39.95.” I’d rather take 1st class and a cheaper rate.

    • Kate

      Um actually it’s only $25. I don’t think they updated their site yet.

      • Kristen

        $25 is still fairly ridiculous though!

  • http://ethereal--beauty.blogspot.com/ Sophie

    Those deep greens kinda look a bit washed out, are they supposed to? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if somethings not pigmented or if it’s supposed to be a sheer colour. I absolutely love the pinks and ornages though! :D

  • http://ethereal--beauty.blogspot.com/ Sophie

    oranges* =\

  • http://echosidestyle.blogspot.com Jen

    That first palette looks pretty amazing!

  • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

    These look absolutely gorgeous!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sandee-Beads/181626548515744 Sandee

    i ended up buying these. i hope they have good color pay off.

  • Bekka

    probably a super stupid question..but how can a shadow be metallic and matte at the same time? idgi D:

    • Leesha

      LOL i asked myself the same question when i was picking out colors

  • Becky

    HOLY CRAP! i want WM03! its so orange o.o i could do like….colors for the Suns! i need better eyeshadows ahah…

  • http://beautifulloft.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    The colors look AMAZING!!!

  • http://mamaspassions.blogspot.com/ Cassondra

    niiiiiiice! love the purple, pinks & oranges. i’ll have to check that out =] thanks!

  • Kristi

    I bought my 15 just before this was posted found that the shimmers definately had better colour pay off but the mattes do as well if you build them and use a good primer.

  • slick

    hey Leesha – would you say that these are on par with Stars Makeup Haven pans or Coastal Scents Hot Pots?

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  • http://www.smashinbeauty.com smashinbeauty

    A few look amazing but then again a few look poorly pigmented