Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Sexiest Nudes Ever

Benefit has a new line out: World Famous Neutrals. This line includes three kits that each have two creaseless cream eyeshadows and four regular shadows, and all focus around different types of neutral looks- Easiest, Sexiest, and Most Glamorous. Today I have the Sexiest Nudes Ever Kit to show you!

This kit seems to be mostly cool-toned, minus one of the cream shadows that is a neutral pink. The shades actually really match the packaging here with it’s purple tones! All the shadows here apply really nicely, and the packaging has instructions on how to use the colors to create a daytime or playtime look. I used the instructions on the Playtime look for the pictures below, but ended up adding a bit more to it. The packaging itself is nice too, because the eyeshadows are in an insert that can be removed, and you can use the packaging for something else if you wanted!

Overall, I think the name of this palette as “Sexiest Nudes Ever” is a bit.. more, I guess, than I would call it. The colors are nice, but to me, don’t necessarily say sexy. The darkest shade here is a mid tone muted purple, and when I think of “sexy” makeup, I think of darker, more smokey shadows. 

BenefitWFN2 1BenefitWFN2 2BenefitWFN2 3BenefitWFN2 5 Bikini-Tini, Holy Smokes!  Creaseless Cream Shadows

BenefitWFN2 6

Bikini-Tini, Holy Smokes! Creaseless Cream Shadows

BenefitWFN2 7 Milk It!, Raincheck? Pause for Applause, Blingo! Eyeshadows


Here is a look I created with the palette. I used Holy Smokes as a base, and used all the eyeshadows. I found that the look wasn’t as bold as I wanted it to be, and ended up adding some black eyeliner and a charcoal eyeshadow (Urban Decay Zero Eyeliner and Creep from the Naked Palette) and used that to smoke out the eyeliner and blend it into the crease and lower lash line. 




Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Sexiest Nudes Ever is available for $30 at Sephora. 




  1. Sarah says

    i just bought this set :) maybe you can do a video for how you created this look? thanks! you look beautiful!

  2. Cynthia says

    Uhh can we just talk about how amazing your skin looks ? The eye look is awesome by the way .

  3. Nora says

    the lid color is soooo pretty

    1. Sarah says

      no, the full size is .16 oz and the ones in the kit are .11 oz.

  4. Seana Monahan says

    i love the look you created :)

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