Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever

One of my absolute favorite things about Benefit products is the packaging and marketing. Everything always has a very golden age feel, and this kit is no exception! The World Famous Neutrals kits makes me feel like I’m going to an old time circus and the girl on the package is a magician’s assistant. Is that crazy? :)

This kit includes two creaseless cream shadows and four powder shadows all in varying shades of peaches and browns. The kit is gorgeous, and the insert with the shadows is removable, so the cute box can be used for something else once you are done with the shadows (or if you want to put them somewhere else, like a Z Palette!) This is a great every day shadow kit, and can be as easy or as complex as you feel like- wake up early and feel like playing? You can easily create a gorgeous brown smokey eye. Have 2 minutes to spend on makeup? Swipe on a creaseless shadow and call it a day. 

The kit gives you tips and tricks as well on how to get the most out of your look, which is always a plus. 


BenefitWFN1 1BenefitWFN1 2BenefitWFN1 3BenefitWFN1 4BenefitWFN1 5BenefitWFN1 6


Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Kit is available for $30 from Sephora.




  1. Dawn Lundell says

    Those are GORGEOUS!!! Something I may look into buying!! It’s complicated is probably my favorite out of the colors.

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