Benefit Primping with the Stars Kit

Benefit has come out with quite a few kits in their time that generally include a good amount of mini versions of their popular products. It’s no secret that I LOVE kits like this, as I am one who would rather try out a lot of small sized products than get one or two regular sized ones. 

Primping with the Stars is a well-rounded kit that is meant to prime and perfect all aspects of your face, from your skin to your cheeks and lips and eyes. Here’s what this kit includes:

Stay Don’t Stray:  Eye and concealer primer. you would use this to keep eyeshadows and under-eye concealer in place and keep it from moving around.
The Porefessional: Primer and pore-minimizer. I use this every day!
Some Kind-A-Gorgeous Foundation in Medium: The one bummer of kits like this is the foundation included is ALWAYS medium. womp womp. Useless for me!
Benetint Rose: Cheek and Lip Stain. Looks darker in the bottle than it is! Think of tints like this as cellophane for your face :)
Girl Meets Pearl: Liquid Highlighter. Can be used on top or underneath foundation depending on how noticeable you want it. Also awesome to mix with tinted moisturizer!
They’re Real! Mascara: Benefit’s popular mascara with a unique wand that sort of hybrids the traditional mascara wand with those sphere like ones that help to get small lashes under eyes and in the inner corners. 

Another nice aspect of this kit is it includes instructions on how to use each product to get the best results. Considering how many times I have bought kits like this, get home, and go “ what?” I really appreciate the added instructions! 


Benefitprimping 1Benefitprimping 2Benefitprimping 3Benefitprimping 4BenefitpwtsHere’s me using everything but the foundation (and please don’t mind my panda beanie, my hair was drying and the easiest way to straighten it is to dry it with a beanie!). Here’s how I used it and in order-

Stay Don’t Stray on eyelids and on under eye circles
The Porefessional all over face
Girl Meets Pearl all over face
Foundation and Concealer Armani Under Eye Eraser Concealer, Youngblood Cosmetics Foundation, Dermablend Concealer
Benetint Rose on cheeks and lips (sidenote- this looks awful if your lips are chapped!!)
Girl Meets Pearl liiiightly on cheekbones
They’re Real! Mascara on curled lashes

I love how fresh this kit makes my skin, I just wish it sunk in to my skin a bit better, although for a dewy look its not bad at all (I love the look of a fresh, dewy face, just hate the feel!)  All in all I’m a huge fan of this kit and absolutely recommend it!!

Primping with the Stars Kit is available for $32 from Sephora



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  1. Kim Teague says

    I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a Benefit set because all the sets I like have been interested in either have medium concealor or in this case foundation :(

    1. sarah says

      the “How to look the best at everything” kit comes in light and it includes concealer in 2 shades! It is def worth checking out!

  2. Annnhaa says

    Your eyebrows look amazing!

  3. Amaris says

    I love how vintage the packaging looks! Can’t wait to try this out :)

  4. Sarah Cameron says

    Your brows! <3

  5. Bethany Sandoval says

    I’ve really been wanting to buy this kit to try out more Benefit face products, but it’s too dark for me ):

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