Benefit Complimenting Blushes and Glosses: Bella Bamba

Benefit Blushes have been a staple of mine for quite some time. They’re super soft, have great payoff and just look pretty :) They recently came out with some complimentary glosses, so here is my look at Bella Bamba blush and gloss!

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Bella Bamba blush is described as a “watermelon pink” and has a good amount of shimmer and sheen. Lighter skinned people will probably need to use a light hand with this one, as it can come off quite pigmented due to its creamy texture. Gorgeous, gorgeous shade!

benefitglossblushbenefitglossblush Bella Bamba Gloss is that same watermelon shade, but with less shimmer than the blush. it has a very jelly-like look, and is more pink when applied than it looks in the tube.

benefitblushgloss (Blush swatches: left, applied with finger to show pigmentation; middle, applied with included brush.)benefitblushgloss

Bella Bamba Lipgloss is very slick and non-sticky, as well as being super sheer. If you like MAC Lip Gelees, these are right up your alley. You get a sheer hint of color and a nice “wet” look without dealing with the stickiness and goopy quality other lip glosses can have. I feel like these are a great summer gloss, as I really like to keep everything light in the summer, and I hate the feeling of thick lipgloss.. makes me feel like my face is melting off or something haha :)

Gloss available in July for $16 each from Benefit

Blush available now for $28 each from Benefit



  1. styt says

    wow so much rave on these but the swatches of the glosses don’t do them justice. I prefer a more pigmented gloss =(

  2. Lindsay says

    I’ve been wanting to pick up Bella Bamba for over a year now ! Thanks for the great swatches, the gloss looks nice too xx

  3. Jessica says

    I can’t wait to see Dandelion! I’ve been wanting to see swatches for it since I was considering buying it. :)

  4. Kari says

    i’ve been wanting bella bamba for ages! ahh i need to save up for it :[

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