Benefit B.right! Radiant Skincare Line First Impressions


I got a package in the mail containing the new Benefit Skincare line that comes out in April. I know that you can’t really tell how well a skincare item works right away, so I thought I’d do a first impression on the products for you!




benefitbrightFoamingly Clean Facial Wash $21: Effectively Cleans the skin & removes makeup & impurities with a soft, gentle lather.

benefitbrightRefined Finish Facial Polish $22: beautifully brightens the complexion, gently exfoliating to purify the skin & help minimize the appearance of pores.

benefitbrightIt’s Potent! Eye Cream $32: fades dark circles, helps smooth fine lines & hydrates the eye area for brighter, younger-looking eyes.

benefitbrightTriple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF PA++ $28: hydrates, protects & comforts the skin with an oil-free, lightweight formula containing Benefit’s exclusive ultra moisturizing tri-radiance complex.

BenefitbrightTriple Performing Facial Emulsion has a pump applicator, which I really like! I was afraid from the cap it would be like a glass ketchup bottle haha


benefitbrightTotal Moisture Facial Cream $38: absorbs quickly to deeply hydrate the skin using Benefits exclusive tri-radiance complex. This complex delivers immediate hydration by helping to capture & maintain water on the surface of the skin.

First Impressions:

Foamingly Clean: This face wash smells really great and lathered nicely; you don’t have to use a lot of the product to get enough of a lather for the whole face. I liked that this didn’t lather TOO much, I have a problem with my go-to cleanser, Orgins Checks & Balances, being waaay too frothy if you use more than a pea size amount. The one thing I would change on this is that the cap is a twist-off one, and I think it’d be more practical to have one that was connected to the tube and just poped on/off. After using my face felt really clean, but not stripped.

Refined Finish: This exfoliator has tiny, sand like particles in it to give a very gentle exfoliation. This would be gentle for almost anyone to use, unless you have huge problems with sensitivity, then you probably can’t use many exfoliators to begin with! This has the same scent as Foamingly Clean (they all seem to have the same scent), it’s just a really fresh scent with a touch of a clean perfume (Gold stars on that description, Leesha!) After using I could definitely tell my face was a bit smoother. Like the cleanser, you don’t need much at all for your whole face.

It’s Potent! Eye Cream: This eye cream is nice and thick and sinks in fast around the eye area. It leaves the eye area really soft. One of the main ingredients in this is sodium hyaluronate, which is capable of holding 1000 times it’s weight in water (When I met with people from Kiehl’s, they showed us this ingredient alone, then poured water on it and you could instantly see the water being sucked up like a sponge, it was sooo cool!!) I really appreciate how quickly this sinks into the skin, and that it’s light enough for daywear.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion: This moisturizer is perfect for daytime, as it is really lightweight, has SPF 15 (yay!!) and sinks in to the skin super fast. It also has vitamins A & E, which are important in skincare to protect from free radical damage. Like I mentioned, it’s really lightweight and I love love love that it sinks into the skin so quickly, perfect for morning time to be able to put your makeup on not too long after your morning skincare routine.

Total Moisture Facial Cream: This one is much thicker than the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, it would work better as a nightcream for most people, but it also sinks in quite quickly for how thick it is, so if you have problems with really dry skin you could get away with wearing this during the day. A little goes a LONG way with this, I applied this on half my face (the lighter moisturizer on the other half) and the amount I thought would work for half my face was probably enough to cover my entire face. This would be an amazing winter moisturizer!





  1. Vijaya says

    I really want to give that eye cream a whirl!

  2. Carolyn says

    Wow girl, you are sooo lucky you get to try all of these cool products…and for free!! I know envy is a sin…but I envy you :P

    1. Mike says

      Hi Rebecca! The Full Kit is also on its way to you. Even tuohgh the two orders were mailed at the same time, both of them “priority mail” and even tuohgh we always ship within 48 hours of receipt of payment, sometimes the shipping service does not get the individual packages to the client at the same time. The Full Kit will probably get there tomorrow or the following day at the latest as it’s still in transit. If it’s not there tomorrow, drop me a note and I’ll check on it.Do start with the Face Firmer exercise now (and perform it every time you work out). It will give you a little head start. You’ll find the link in your email I sent when your ordered. While it’s the combination of exercises from the foundational exercises that gives you the elegant look, the Face Firmer makes sure everything stays balanced and even. Hugs.[]

  3. Anna says

    Wow that packaging is so cute I hardly even care about how well the products work, haha.

  4. vonnie says

    so want to try this line, looks exciting

  5. Rachael says

    the eye cream sounds amazing! Thanks!

  6. Michelle says

    The YouTube promotional videos were killing me with thisone!! :))

  7. Chelsea says

    I was wondering about eye cream, would you say this one is good for younger skin? I’m looking for something to kinda prevent wrinkles, I guess? If there is such a thing haha.

    1. Leesha says

      It’s always easier to prevent than to deal with a problem when it already exists, so yeah definitely okay for younger skin (im assuming you mean like 20’s)

  8. Kate says

    They look so awesome, I want to try the exfoliator!

  9. Sara says

    These look really great, how do you feel about the price points for each one? Do you feel like the amount of product vs. the price is pretty fair? I’ve been using Murad, and it’s wicked expensive.:(

  10. lori says

    im soo jealous you get this sent to you for free! i want this!! :)

  11. gugu says

    hi there
    i am black South African lady and i am very much interested in the product. Does it also work well on African skin?

  12. Judyapyle says

    I hated this stuff…..I started having small asthma attacks and the only thing I did different was staring using this line.  As soon as I stopped, havent had one since.  And it didnt moisturize my skin that great.

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