Barry M Dazzle Dust #98

I was rummaging through my makeup stash in my closet the other day and came across this Dazzle Dust. I don’t have much from Barry M, but this color I got when I was in London in summer of 2009, and Mr. Richie Nickel told me I NEEDED it. I had completely forgotten about it, but man, I need to start using it, as this color is INSANE!


barrym98_2.jpgBlurry picture to show the glitter :)



This color is very, very unique, and really difficult to photograph accurately. It’s a dark purple, nearly eggplant base, with LOADS of blue, teal, purple and green shimmer. It actually kind of reminds me of a peacock. Unfortunately it only wants to look black in pictures, but with the right light the purple base really shows through.



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  • Jessica

    Wow that IS gorgeous. I need to get over to Barry M Stat!!!

  • Evelyn

    love it! i wish i lived in the UK! … i only got one Barry M color when I was in Ireland … wish I would have gotten more … maybe next time :-(

  • Armitage

    Wow. Gorgeous!!

  • luka

    i have this colour! i hardly wear it :) but i should deffo do so now that ive seen the swatch up close!

  • MakeupbyThess

    I love Barry M! =)

  • Stacie

    Do you have any tips on how to use them without making a complete mess? I got mushroom and everywhere was covered :-/ I love purple and teal so I will have to check it out when I am in Boots

  • Laurence

    I LOVE this colous Leesha, it looks so nice on and the glitter doesn’t brush away. There’s also a very,very dark brown (black basically!) based version with gold,silver and hmm, red maybe glitter in it.
    I live in Ireland so if you need any, let me know I’ll wing some your way as they are very inexpensive!

  • Brittany

    I’d have to compare the two in person but based on the pictures and your description it puts me in mind of MAC Moonlight Night from Tartan Tale. I happen to be wearing it today so it came to mind pretty easily. I could be wrong having not seen this color in person. The Barry M color is super pretty. I’ve been in teal/turquoise mode lately so this is right up my alley.

  • Sarah B.

    I need it too ! ugh…

  • Jenny

    I’ve been using Barry M for such a long time and I love them. They all come in small jars but they’re so pigmented that you don’t need to use that much :D If you like the shadows you should look up their nail varnishes and lipglosses, they’re AMAZING!…plus nothing’s tested on animals :)

  • Maddie

    where can i get this in the U.S.?

  • Phyrra

    I have this and adore it. I have a slightly sparklier version (if you can believe it) in Fyrinnae Biker Chic.

  • Sandy

    This is indeed a very amazing pigment. It’s name is Petrol Black. I remember when this colour was first released.. every time I went to my local Superdrug it was sold out! Barry M pigments are great but they can be very difficult sometimes! Can you please do a look using this pigment?! xx

  • nita

    ive had this colour for a while now and LOVE it!

    i live in dark and black eyeshadows (i occasionally wear colour with black) and this is one of my faves! so glad you love it as much as i do !

  • nita

    also for all the peeps wanting it….barry m has a website! GO CHECK IT OUT IM SURE THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE!

  • Tanya

    Is this color at all similar to MAC’s CLub eyeshadow?

  • shaimaa

    Wow! what amazing shade !
    love it , its sad that we cant reach this brand in my country

  • Mandy

    That color is insane! It reminds me of a more cool-toned, loose form of Bobbi Brown’s black collection (like her sparkle shadow simply called Black, and Black Velvet) … love it!

  • justine

    never even heard of this brand! now i have to do some research… so pretty!

  • Eleanor Rosales

    OMG!i’m in love with it!wow it’s gorgeous.i wish i had that x)

  • Mimi

    hi Leesha

    can you do a tutorial with the BarryM Dazzle Dust combined with other products? I bought loads of these Dazzle Dusts when I younger coz the colours were all sooo amazing! and coz the fact I live in London so BarryM is sold everywhere, and honestly never knew how to use it properly. How do I use loose pigments? What is a good base to use it with?

  • Kelly

    Oh! I almost bought this when I was in Londen!

  • Bree

    Do you know how many grams/oz’s are in the pot?

  • Mim

    Wow. Expensive conversion rate from pound to aussie dollar. Buying this would cost me $20….a bit steep when I can get an OCC shadow for less.

  • Kay

    I have this colour its so unique and so sparkly! Also have sea blue, persian purple, sugar pink and #53 (names rubbed off) which is like the dark browny bronze version of #98 haven’t come across another one like it! And at £4.50 there so cheap and easy to blend. Also for other Brits ;) collection 2000 do there own version that are twice the size of Barry M and around half the price. The colour payoff and pigment is also really, really good when used with the base! Absolute bargain!

  • Valerie39