Barry M Dazzle Dust #98

I was rummaging through my makeup stash in my closet the other day and came across this Dazzle Dust. I don’t have much from Barry M, but this color I got when I was in London in summer of 2009, and Mr. Richie Nickel told me I NEEDED it. I had completely forgotten about it, but man, I need to start using it, as this color is INSANE!


barrym98_2.jpgBlurry picture to show the glitter :)



This color is very, very unique, and really difficult to photograph accurately. It’s a dark purple, nearly eggplant base, with LOADS of blue, teal, purple and green shimmer. It actually kind of reminds me of a peacock. Unfortunately it only wants to look black in pictures, but with the right light the purple base really shows through.




  1. Jessica says

    Wow that IS gorgeous. I need to get over to Barry M Stat!!!

  2. Evelyn says

    love it! i wish i lived in the UK! … i only got one Barry M color when I was in Ireland … wish I would have gotten more … maybe next time :-(

  3. luka says

    i have this colour! i hardly wear it :) but i should deffo do so now that ive seen the swatch up close!

  4. Stacie says

    Do you have any tips on how to use them without making a complete mess? I got mushroom and everywhere was covered :-/ I love purple and teal so I will have to check it out when I am in Boots

  5. Laurence says

    I LOVE this colous Leesha, it looks so nice on and the glitter doesn’t brush away. There’s also a very,very dark brown (black basically!) based version with gold,silver and hmm, red maybe glitter in it.
    I live in Ireland so if you need any, let me know I’ll wing some your way as they are very inexpensive!

  6. Brittany says

    I’d have to compare the two in person but based on the pictures and your description it puts me in mind of MAC Moonlight Night from Tartan Tale. I happen to be wearing it today so it came to mind pretty easily. I could be wrong having not seen this color in person. The Barry M color is super pretty. I’ve been in teal/turquoise mode lately so this is right up my alley.

  7. Jenny says

    I’ve been using Barry M for such a long time and I love them. They all come in small jars but they’re so pigmented that you don’t need to use that much :D If you like the shadows you should look up their nail varnishes and lipglosses, they’re AMAZING!…plus nothing’s tested on animals :)

  8. Maddie says

    where can i get this in the U.S.?

  9. Phyrra says

    I have this and adore it. I have a slightly sparklier version (if you can believe it) in Fyrinnae Biker Chic.

  10. Sandy says

    This is indeed a very amazing pigment. It’s name is Petrol Black. I remember when this colour was first released.. every time I went to my local Superdrug it was sold out! Barry M pigments are great but they can be very difficult sometimes! Can you please do a look using this pigment?! xx

  11. nita says

    ive had this colour for a while now and LOVE it!

    i live in dark and black eyeshadows (i occasionally wear colour with black) and this is one of my faves! so glad you love it as much as i do !

  12. nita says

    also for all the peeps wanting it….barry m has a website! GO CHECK IT OUT IM SURE THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE!

  13. Tanya says

    Is this color at all similar to MAC’s CLub eyeshadow?

  14. shaimaa says

    Wow! what amazing shade !
    love it , its sad that we cant reach this brand in my country

  15. Mandy says

    That color is insane! It reminds me of a more cool-toned, loose form of Bobbi Brown’s black collection (like her sparkle shadow simply called Black, and Black Velvet) … love it!

  16. justine says

    never even heard of this brand! now i have to do some research… so pretty!

  17. Eleanor Rosales says

    OMG!i’m in love with it!wow it’s gorgeous.i wish i had that x)

  18. Mimi says

    hi Leesha

    can you do a tutorial with the BarryM Dazzle Dust combined with other products? I bought loads of these Dazzle Dusts when I younger coz the colours were all sooo amazing! and coz the fact I live in London so BarryM is sold everywhere, and honestly never knew how to use it properly. How do I use loose pigments? What is a good base to use it with?

  19. Kelly says

    Oh! I almost bought this when I was in Londen!

  20. Bree says

    Do you know how many grams/oz’s are in the pot?

  21. Mim says

    Wow. Expensive conversion rate from pound to aussie dollar. Buying this would cost me $20….a bit steep when I can get an OCC shadow for less.

  22. Kay says

    I have this colour its so unique and so sparkly! Also have sea blue, persian purple, sugar pink and #53 (names rubbed off) which is like the dark browny bronze version of #98 haven’t come across another one like it! And at £4.50 there so cheap and easy to blend. Also for other Brits ;) collection 2000 do there own version that are twice the size of Barry M and around half the price. The colour payoff and pigment is also really, really good when used with the base! Absolute bargain!

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