Back on Track!


So, my blog has been seriously neglected in the past two months, as I have stated before. This is stopping right now! I’m realizing now that I want to make this blog much more personal, so to speak, and make it more “LeeshaLand” and less specifically about makeup. For the longest time I have always thought that xSparkage needed to be solely about makeup and beauty and blahbalh, but I’m seeing now that it shouldn’t be. It should involve all aspects of the things I love (but of course, the main focus should still be beauty!) I thought we could start that by talking about something that I am trying to get back into- fitness!

Last month, when I bought myself some douchey gloves so I don’t get blisters when lifting. Hi-ya!

Earlier this year I was doing a little weekly post called Healthy Beauty, and I know there were some of you that really enjoyed that. I did too, as it really helped me keep on track and feel like I wasn’t alone in trying to become healthy and fit. I’ve definitely fell off the tracks as of late with being healthy- moving home and seeing to many old friends and such has definitely had me backtrack on weightless and healthy eating/living.


Fitness 1
The infant-sized protein powder I have.. Cookies & Cream! :) (This photo is from exactly one month ago today, and I’m wearing the same shirt AND bra right now. freaky?)


I had somewhat of an epiphany last night- i was snacking on something out of boredom, not hunger, and my friend called and basically TOLD me i was going to the gym with her. A good part of my brain was nagging “its 10pm! you’re tired! tomorrow!” but i told that part of my brain to suck it and went to the gym, literally kicked my ass- ran harder than i can remember ever running, did more sit-ups than I’ve ever done, and really pushed myself with weight lifting.
I left feeling exhausted but excited. I woke up this morning ready to change my eating habits for the better, get back into writing down what I eat, and most importantly feeling better. More than once this week I’ve been bored at night and just ate for the sake of something to do, and went to bed feeling really grossly full and mad at myself, and just that one gym session has totally changed my outlook on things and has me ready to get back on track. I love when that happens!

My plan this week is to search the interwebs (ie-pinterest) for some awesome healthy recipes and get my crap together. I am the master procrastinator in all things in my life, and I’m over it. I need to start waking up early, wanting to exercise, wanting to eat right, and then I know my energy will skyrocket, my attention span will actually exist, and my productivity and mood will just be amazing. I’m done complaining to myself about how i look, feel, and act, and I’m about to DO something about it.

Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to it’s power.

Thanks for listening :) I’ll get back on healthy beauty posts ASAP! I’ve got to think of some other fun topics I can post about.. I guess it can be just about anything really, huh? Kitties! Clothes! Food! haha Let me know if you have any good post ideas :)




  1. Laura says

    Yay!! I’m getting on track with my fitness too, and seeing others’ motivation is contagious! I would browse Tumblr as well as Pinterest.

    Are you still using that electronic calorie counter thingy?

    1. xsparkage says

       I have been using My fitness pal, but i gotta start using my other one, especially at the gym. you cant trust the count on the machines, as theyre averaged out and will say the same for someone in shape, out of shape, 110 pounds or 400 pounds!

      1. Alex says

        Sorry to butt in! If you look at the machines, there should be a button to put in your weight so you get a more accurate calorie count! Even the older machines have it–my mum has a treadmill that’s about 15 years old and it has that function as well :] Newer machines that gyms tend to have more accurate and advanced calorie counters.
        Also, glad to see the fitness posts again! It’s just one more thing to look forward to whenever I read your blog :D

      2. sarah says

         what other app do you use?

  2. Lazy Daisy says

    Yes yes yes! I’m guessing i’ll love these new posts :D

    I’m trying to get fit myself but i’m just the same as you… I end up snacking at night just out of boredom and that has to stop!! Your posts will help me keep motivated! Good luck with everything :)

  3. Brittany Nelson says

    I have been trying to get into shape myself. Been eating right and going to the gym 4 or 5 days a week for over a month now. And man, I see a difference. My body is getting toned and I crave those workouts. And eating more fruits and veggies is giving me such energy. Glad to her that you have gotten motivated and that you are feeling better in your own skin. I hope that your workouts continue to be productive and continue to make you feel good. 

  4. Sandi says

    This is very motivating! I work 40 hrs a week, commute an extra 10 hrs a week, so I barely have time for the gym. But these past few weeks I’ve been so motivated (hired a personal trainer which really helped) so I go to the gym at least 4x a week. My measurements have been shrinking :) I eat so much salad and salmon it’s almost sad but I quite enjoy it…especially with lemon juice as a “dressing”! How is that protein powder? What is the carb/sugar content? I’ve been looking for some good ones.

  5. Jolene says

    Definitely excited for this!  I love your beauty posts but would love to see more about fitness and other things you love.  I think you should post healthy recipes you find and love because I’d really like to try new things but always find things and don’t want to go to all the effort of cooking it if I’m not going to like it…it’s much easier when someone has told you what it’s like first!

  6. Melina says

    Sure…Its your blog after all! You should feel comfortable talking about anything and everything that interests you…Any non- beauty posts would be welcome!!!

  7. Laura Monica Ortiz says

    This is awesome Leesha! :D 

    Right now, I’m doing the same. Like you, I kept procrastinating my workout for so long! I actually had to booked sessions with a trainer to make myself go to the gym LOL I’m being consistent, so it’s working haha :P 

    Love this kinds of posts, please keep us updated and good luck! 

  8. Di says

    Hey Leesha! I’m gonna love your new posts :D!
    Can you please tell me what protein powder you have? And do you feel that it works?
    I’ve always wanted to try one but I really don’t know if it’s going to help…
    I’m so glad you’re back! <3

  9. Jessica Wiebel says

    HI Leesha!  Just dropping in to share a huge tip that’s helped me stay on track with my fitness routine.  I, like you, get amped up and ready to workout and then fizzle after a while finding myself in old routines again.  This year I decided I would sign up for my very first race.  I’m not a runner, I wasn’t in shape to run at the time but it gave me a fitness goal.  Not a weight loss goal, which is so easy to find excuses I didn’t reach such and such weight.  If I didn’t workout consistently and train for my race I knew that I would die.  Haha.  So, after four months of hard training I ran my first half marathon.  With that accomplishment not only did I complete a life goal but it also came with a bonus of losing 38 pounds, dropping two sizes (I’m tall) and for the first time in my life doing GUY push ups, but it also taught me that I, personally, need something to keep me accountable more so than a diary or friends.  I signed up for my next race already (October) and it’s really helped me to maintain my routine.  Sorry this is so long, but I can relate and thought I’d share what little “wisdom” I have on the matter.

    Cheers and good luck,
    P.S. See you at IMATS?

  10. Emily says

    I would try not to get too wrapped up in calorie counting! Just know to eat “right”. The way you feel and look is a much better system of gauging accomplishment than numbers from calories and weight!

    Please take this from someone that has battled disordered eating, especially centered around numbers. The number on the scale or my food log for the day ended up controlling me.

    For everyone out there, use them as a guide, not a lifeline. :)

    1. xsparkage says

       oh trust me, I know! I have been wanting to write down what i eat moreso to stop snacking (im not gonna wanna write down if i ate candy, for example, so it might help me NOT eat it haha) moreso than simply restricting :)

  11. Jill says

    you go girl!  i was just thinking i missed all your posts….and you’re back!  (and i love your protein, because I teach a kickboxing class called bodycombat!)

  12. Lauren says

    It’s awesome that you’re gonna start posting more about fitness!  I just finished school a week ago so I’ve definitely needed to up my game on fitness!  Not to mention gaining 40 pounds in a year is BAD (My metabolism slowed down incredibly, very quickly.  For example, I went from being hungry every two hours about a year ago, to yesterday’s example, where I ate one thing at 8:30 AM and wasn’t hungry until 10:30 PM.  THAT slow).  I definitely need to get on the ball with fitness, so hopefully your posts will push me to go try for the gym at least every other day!  

  13. Shayna Terina Christoe says

    I am at the same point right now. I just completely changed my diet from total junk to almost nothing but things in the produce section for now and started exercising more regularly. I am trying to kick a sugar addiction :P I wish you luck with your goals in health and fitness! Love you Leesha!!

  14. My heart it races says

    Welcome back! I know the feeling, I’ve always been self conscious of my weight but after moving into a dorm and making new friends, I’ve been motivated to exercise everyday if not every other day.

  15. Ashley Smith says

    My health mantra is “Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever”
    I helps me to never give up and always try, even on the crappy days.
    I hope you get everything you want out of living healthy and always trying.

  16. Mari Helen Teighagen says

    Yey, you’re back :)

    Good luck with the fitness, I know I’m going to enjoy these posts. Hopefully they will inspire me too, so that I don’t just read them while I’m eating chocolate :P 

  17. Daintynymph says

    It seems like EVERYONE is trying to be more healthy lately! I’ve started lifting weights again and doing yoga more often. Good luck to both of us in our quest to be healthy-hawt!

  18. Rebecca Kelsey says

    Yay! I’m happy to hear we will get to know more about you personally on the blog because I think you are awesome! I can’t wait.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  19. Jess says

    My only tip is to make a list of things you want at the grocery store and spend a moment thinking, “Do I really need that?” Like popcorn and chips or soda. I know you’re going to do awesome with your routine! Keep up your energy and wake up saying that it’s good to be alive :)
    Cookies and cream protein powder? xD Interesting.

  20. Rachel @ Cuttingoutcarbs says

    Loving the renewed passion for exercise. I love that feeling you get after a great workout. I also have a huge problem with snacking at night because I’m bored. So i stopped buying snack food. But then I’ll just snack on “little meals,” like a greek yogurt or some pulled pork. I suppose it’s better than stuffing my face with chips but still not good. In your research for healthy recipes, you might check out paleo. Don’t know if you’re familiar with it but I’ve been eating paleo for a while and it really makes me feel a lot better. Gets rid of completely that gross full feeling I used to get every time I ate. 

    Looking forward to more healthy posts. Keep it up!

  21. Phyrra says

    Does the protein powder really taste like cookies and cream?

    1. Carreen says

      I have one from Optimum Nutrition that does! It’s so yummy!

  22. Lilndnfeather says

    You look so good!

  23. Carreen says

    Love this! I’m feeling the same way right now, gotta get myself back on track and feeling good!

  24. Disco Dolly says

    Nice to see you’re back :))
    Can’t wait for new posts, and I’m glad you’re redhead again! I only hope you’ll show us more MAC products like you did on the begining… I really miss it, I do :’)

  25. Sumkindahate says

    If you’re looking for some quasi-healthy sweets check out  The recipes are vegan but alternatives are always given for non-vegans. 

  26. Guest says

    I’m glad you’re back on track and focusing on health, but I’m going to miss all your makeup and beauty posts because that’s how I found you and what I know you for and stuff, your fun and innovative looks. I feel like it’d be better to have two blogs, a beauty one and a personal one like with your You Tube channels, but I totally get how that could just be too confusing and hard to keep up with, etc. Good for you for coming back though(: Glad to see happy Leesha(:

    1. xsparkage says

       Just because I am integrating more than just beauty on here doesn’t mean beauty post are completely stopping! dont worry :) it’s been slow lately because of personal things, but it wont be for long, promise!

  27. guest says

     how bout a TUTORIAL

  28. Anneka says

    Good job Leesh. Look forward to hearing more about it. I majorly need to find the motivation to work out but I just can’t. >_< I need to AT LEAST up my water intake by a bazillion. 

  29. Talia says

    I am so glad you are back! I missed your post and vids on your channel! I am going through the same stuff you are right now so I completely understand! Glad you are making your blog a little more personal! The girl behind the makeup! Love it! <3

  30. Courtney says

    Check out for healthy versions of really yummy foods!

  31. ginger says has a lot of great tools for fitness and improving lifestyles. It’s so helpful!

  32. Kathrina says

    YAY!! I loved your healthy beauty posts! They always gave me ideas for how to stick with my healthy lifestyle too. I am committed to living healthy but realistically, (were all human and need some freaking cheesecake now and then!) so I always would look forward to these health posts.

    Could you do a post on what your workout routine looks like?Mine starts with a half mile to a mile run on the treadmill to warm up, then I get into weight lifting usually in a targeted area. Sometimes this is where I put in a ‘get focused’ nike workout. Then I move over to the elliptical for some HIITs (3 minutes normal intensity:about a 7, 1 minute super high intensity: usually 20) for about 3 or 4 intervals and a cool down (about 15-20 min total) This will take me about an hour or so to finish and leaves me TIRED.

  33. Janet says

    Ohhhh, I’m so excited for this new change!  Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good beauty blog but I really am into the whole beauty lifestyle.  Fitness is key to looking and feeling great!  I lost 115 lbs about 10 yrs ago (I’m 38, but don’t look like it!  ;)  When people ask me what I did I tell them what they usually don’t want to hear; eating right and exercise.  Yes, it took a couple of years to loose the weight but I feel like today I am the person I was always meant to be.  I can’t run a marathon (yet) but I run a good 5 miles a few times a week.  Exercising is a great mood changer.  I know that when I exercise I forget all those negative things that have made their way into my day.  My eating habits are totally different.  I chow down on veggies and hummus and nuts and fruit instead of candy bars.  When you learn to appreciate how beautiful healthy can be, it’s amazing!  Kudos girlfriend!

  34. Danid327 says

    Yay!! I’m excited to read more of your healthy blog posts; when you got your vitamix blender and started making breakfast smoothies I decided to get healthier too! I usually went to the gym at my university but with eating healthy the gym is so much more enjoyable especially after a yummy breakfast smoothie! Its also nice that you want to get more personal, for those who have been following you for a few years now I feel like we know you but only through your make up tutorials. It will be very nice to get to know you more! :-) So glad you are back <3  

  35. Hollyann Norris says

    im actually trying to lose 75 lbs from having a child i gain 100 and lost 25 and have 75 more to go so im on the same page with getting my life together i feel like such a slugish lush all the time 

  36. Amz703 says

    I love that you are doing this!! I started working out about 2 months ago. I have been working like crazy. It always makes people feel better knowing someone else is doing the same and were not the only ones trying to change our habits. Best of luck, hopefully we can keep you on track and you can inspire us to do the same!

  37. Jenny Clinkenbeard says

    I really need to start exercising more as well.  I’ve definitely been neglecting it since I had my son!

  38. Sugie says

    Sounds very familiar.. going through the same at the moment and reading this kinda helped me realise it.. a million excuses, best intentions.. but always too tired by the time I have some free time.

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