BabySparkage: Boy or Girl Questions Video!

Yesterday morning we went and got our anatomy scan at 19 weeks, which is the big ultrasound around the halfway point of a pregnancy where they check your baby in detail, looking at all parts of the body, taking measurements, and making sure everything is on schedule and nothing seems out of the ordinary. The other great part about this ultrasound is if you want to, the ultrasound tech can usually tell you whether you’re having a little boy or girl!

I was so so nervous and anxious beforehand, I barely slept the night before and couldn’t wait to go. It was really great being able to see baby on screen again, this time MUCH bigger than they were at 12 weeks, and of course being able to find out the sex!

I’m going to dinner with mine and Paul’s parents tonight, and we’re sharing the news with them in person, so I will be telling you guys on Monday (and I’ll film their reactions!) For now, here is a video I filmed Thursday night before the ultrasound- I found a list of all the pregnancy Wive’s Tales on how to tell if your baby is a boy or girl, and shared what my answers were. Just a note- this is just for fun, and none of these have any hard proof that they are correct. I’ve had a lot of comments on the video telling me that they have heard different versions of the wives tales, and that’s kind of the fun of it- they’re all just ways to guess :)

Here are a couple shots from the Ultrasound and the video of the questions! See you on Monday for the actual results!! :)

Babysparkage19wks 3

Babysparkage19wks 2Here are a few of those slightly-creepy 3d ultrasounds.. these made me laugh because baby is both face-palming and flipping the bird. Clearly wants to be left alone :)




  1. Chantel says

    Congrats <3

  2. Amanda says

    Those things are always fun to do. I’ve done most of those tests and they were about 50/50. My hubby and I were also convinced we were having a boy. Then we had our anatomy scan and what do yah know, another girl for the family. My mother had 3 girls. Each of my sister’s had 3 girls (the oldest finally had a boy 19 years later) and I had a girl. Pretty sure we’re going to try for one more and chances are it will be a girl haha.

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