Awesome Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

My friend Brooke recently put up a video showing how she removes glitter nail polish hassle-free. Glitter polish tends to be frowned upon by a lot of people because it’s really a pain to remove. To be perfectly honest when I was watching this video I was a bit skeptical, as I’ve dealt with glitter polish and it seemed too easy, I was really impressed that there was NO residue at the end!

The only problem I’d have doing this to myself is that I tend to get hangnails when I’m lazy about using cuticle oil (aka a lot) especially on my thumbs, and if i put pure acetone around my finger like that I’d end up crying in pain! But if you’re unlike me, this would work amazingly!

I’ve also been told that using felt works really well, but I’d imagine you’d still have to scrub a bit. the way Brooke explains is probably the easiest way to go about it!


  1. Roberta111 says

    I love Brooke, she seems so real like you! <3

  2. Elana says

    This is exactly how my nailist removes my Bio Gel nails ^_^

  3. Kristie Rae says

    OMGosh!!! Thats an amazing tip :]]] especially with red nail polish because that really will stain your nails up big time =/

  4. Charlotte says

    I don’t mean to be mean but this seems like an awful idea. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and when it comes in contact with chemicals you are ingesting poison via your skin. Don’t believe me? How do they get that a birth control patch to work. You really shouldn’t be dipping your fingers in a toxic chemical for five minutes. Also it ruins your skin. Acetone will dry out your skin. Use toxic and super flamable liquids sparingly. I think it’s better to just use elbow grease and get that nail polish off. I use the opi no lint nail polish remover pads. Those pads are amazing. Pricy but amazing and I also use them to take off my MAC waterproof eyeliner and they work 500% better than cotton balls. So to recap, DO NOT DO WHAT SHE IS DOING.

    1. Lindsey says

      Actually, there is absolutely no reason why this wouldn’t be safe. Anyone freaking out about exposure to pure acetone should do a little reading up on the chemical; it’s an almost harmless chemical unless inhaled or ingested, and the body naturally produces acetone so even if you manage to absorb whatever trace amount of acetone into your body, it’s not going to do any damage. Your body naturally metabolises it. Yeesh.

    2. Kylie says

      OMG!!! its not if you need to do it everyday. its 5 minutes for goodness sakes.

    3. Kylie says

      Polish remover for eyeliner. Gee thats sooo much safer!!!!!

  5. Lily says

    I agree with Charlotte, its PURE acetone, and its not good for your nails either if you have fragile nails. Seems like it would work the same way with non-acetone….try it! I knew that holding the cotton ball on for a long period of time melts it away easier, but I dont think acetone alone is safe.

    Good point Charlotte

    1. Kylie says

      She said you can use it with normal remover. people dont listen

  6. issa says

    this is kind of a waste of 10 cotton balls and foil, i normally take glitter nail polish of with acetone right after a shower. And letting your nails and skin basically soak in acetone is kind of dumb.

  7. Miranda says

    Oh my gosh I thought that girl Charlotte was saying she uses nail polish remover to take her eyeliner off. I almost had a heart attack. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to try this with my Party Hearty polish. That stuff is a beast to get off!

  8. Aoife says

    Haha, I thought she was saying she used nail polish remover on her eyes as well. I was like err… maybe *thats* the bad idea here :)

  9. Michelle says

    OMG! Finally an easy way to remove glitter polishes! I just started purchasing & using a lot of glitter polishes but I spent sooo much time getting it off & the glitter gets everywhere that I always wind up debating whether to ever use it again! Pure genius! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kaye says

    Actually, there is absolutely no reason why this wouldn’t be safe. Anyone freaking out about exposure to pure acetone should do a little reading up on the chemical; it’s an almost harmless chemical unless inhaled or ingested, and the body naturally produces acetone so even if you manage to absorb whatever trace amount of acetone into your body, it’s not going to do any damage. Your body naturally metabolises it. Yeesh.

    Back on topic, this is actually a really really good tip. It’s neat and efficient and I’m so glad Brooke uploaded this. I have a hell of a time trying to get my China Glaze glass flecks polishes off. Can’t wait to try this!

    1. Lindsey says

      Totally agree with you there! I was reading Charlottes comment and was like, you need to check some stuff, because this is barely ligit… Anyway, love the idea and thanks for the info!

  11. Coco says

    That’s so good!!!
    Love it!

  12. amelia says

    if i have hard to remove polish i just soak my nail in a little tub of remover.

  13. Leighann says

    Anyone worried about soaking their finger tips in pure acetone: I’ve tried this with a non-acetone nail polish remover and it worked just as well! :D

  14. Nika says

    I did this with my fake nails and my tin foil got warm. Is that normal?

  15. jess says

    this is dumb.

  16. EG says

    I have also done this with non-acetone remover (Nubar) and it works just as well!

  17. Rachel says

    Oh my goodness!! This may work, but it is SOOOO bad to keep pure acetone on your nails for longer than like 10 seconds. Yikes!!!

    1. Angela says

      Oh my goodness no it’s not! Do some research first lol. Our bodies naturally produce it, so absorbing a little isn’t going to hurt. Now if you decided to turn up the bottle and start chugging it, then you can worry. Besides, if you actually listen to the video, you can use non-acetone too. Pay attention before freaking out next time lol.

  18. Robin Smalley says

    i have been doing this since Brooke posted the video, i actually gasped when she pulled it off, amazing! i use regular remover because that is what i have and it works great :)

  19. Adria Renee says

    Ok this is an AWSOME idea! I absoulutly HATE using glitter polishes and now im ok! And to the people FREAKING OUT about the idea… Iv done it many times and OH LOOK AT THAT! Im here to tell the story :)

  20. Alisha says

    OMG! I have always loved glitter polishes. But hated the work just to remove it! When I found this tutorial, I was also a little skeptic. I figured I’d give it a shot really fast to see how it worked, before I commented. I was blown away at how easy this was and how fast it works!! I’d still be trying to get polish off just one hand, by the time I was done with this entire process! I used plain ol’ nail polish remover and the cotton rounds. I liked the rounds because they wrap around your entire finger. I will NEVER go back to the old way of removing sparkle polish, AGAIN!!! Thank you soooooo much for this tutorial! Posting to Pinterest now. I know lots of people will be sooooooo thankful and excited to learn this technique!

  21. Rachaelcassie says

    what the frick it didnt work this was a waste of my time!!!!!!!

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