April 16, 2014
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Wearable Wednesday- Ice Princess


Wearable Wednesday this week was an excuse to use some more items from the MAC Glitter & Ice collection :) I used mainly mineral eyeshadows, and this look is super super simple but still fun! Read More »

MAC Glitter & Ice Collection- Swatches, Photos


Today I have some photos of the MAC Glitter & Ice collection to share with you! I recently did a video review of all the MAC Holiday Items I have, but we all know a picture’s worth a thousand words :) I included the video after the jump cut, but I hope you enjoy the photos and swatches! Read More »

Weekly Deals- Week of November 7th, 2011

I haven’t done a weekly deals post in awhile because there really wasn’t many awesome things happening! There’s a few this week that I think you’ll like :)   Hautelook:MondayLorac- They have the Multiplex 3D gloss for sale, which is one of my FAAAVORITE glosses! get it!!! Tuesday:Juice Beauty- If they have the apple peel mask, GET IT! i looove ... Read More »

Guest Look- 23rdMarch


Hi everyone! I’m Joanna, and I’m makeup and pretty things lover. In this guest post I’d like to show you the look, that I actually did a while ago for my blog. It’s green&blue smokey-ish look that I find just perfect both for evening party. I hope you like it! If so, please visit my blog - http://www.23rdmarch.com – for more ... Read More »

Quick Looks: Late Night Purples


  Man, I haaaaate freshly washed hair! it’s such a pain to deal with, at least for my hair! I feel like I have to put 10 pounds of product in to make it do anything. I wish they sold a product that made your hair like a day after washing it. I think that works best for a lot ... Read More »

Fierce Friday: Glitter & Ice


Oh my gosh, today was one of those days I really don’t want to repeat! It started off with me having to get impressions of my teeth for invisalign (for an hour and a half, i think they had to do 7 impressions total because they messed up at least 4) followed by a trip to the Apple store, because ... Read More »

Wearable Wednesday- Glitter and Muppets


For Wearable Wednesday this week, I wanted to use my Muppets Palette from theBalm! I decided to do a look I fall back on when I want something fun but not crazy (at least, not crazy in my book!) I love the glitter I used, I always think of glitter as crazy colors and it’s so beautiful as a beige ... Read More »

Themes and Themes and Themes


Awhile ago, I used to do two weekly videos on youtube called Wearable Wednesday and Fierce Friday. They were basically a way to please everyone- the people wanting toned-down, work appropriate looks had something, and the people who liked bright, in-your-face fun had something. It was also great for me, because each had a specific theme that the looks would ... Read More »

Guest Look: Cookiefarrer


Hello, Lovelies! My name is Cookie, and I am a makeup junkie from the sunny (andhumid!) land of Florida. With eyes that are small, and also alwayshiding behind glasses, I am always looking for ways to make sure theydon’t get lost in the shuffle. I love to play around with dramatic eyelooks–and I rarely go out of the house without ... Read More »

OPI Touring America Collection Giveaway


Last week, I got a package from OPI in my UPS box that was supposed to be the new Muppets collection that comes out next month, but ended up being the Touring America Road trip collection that came out earlier this year. I already have this collection (I didn’t post about it because one of the polishes actually broke during ... Read More »