April 16, 2014
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Shop MAC “Call Me Bubbles” 4-Pan Palette


Call Me Bubbles is the third and final 4-pan palette in the Shop MAC Collection, and is by far my favorite! It’s a beautiful collection of bright, sweet shades that will add sass to any look. Check it out! Read More »

Shop MAC Collection “Shop & Drop” 4-Pan Palette


One of the three palettes in the Shop MAC Collection is the Shop & Drop 4-pan palette, which is the most cool-toned palette of the three. in includes various shades of pinks and blues. Check below for close up and swatch photos! Read More »

Guest Look: aliciad372


Hey Everyone! My name is Alicia and I have been into makeup for about two years now. I love playing around with colors and experimenting with different looks. I am completely self taught and I learned everything from watching YouTube videos. I went from never being interested in anything to do with makeup to wearing makeup and experimenting with different ... Read More »

Shop MAC Collection- “Color Added” 4-Pan Palette


The new Shop MAC Collection has three 4-pan palettes and the Color Added palette is definitely on the brighter side! Check below for close up shots and swatches. Read More »

MAC Cook MAC Collection- Tendertones! Swatches, Review


  Ohh my gosh. One of my FAVORITE products MAC has ever come out with are the Tendertones. They are yummy lip balms that give just a touch of color, but feel super nice on and smell AMAZING. love!! Read More »

On My Radar- In my Kitchen!


Okay, so initially this was supposed to be an quick intro to a Healthy Beauty post, but it got WAY too long! So, Here is an On My Radar post, featuring some new additions to my kitchen :D 1. New Dinnerware Since we moved to Austin, the plates/bowls we have been using were old ones Tyler had taken from his ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 12


YAY A NEW SERIES!!! About time, right?? :D This series will be based off of The Hunger Games! I’m SOOOO excited for the movie to come out, I finished reading the series before they picked the cast for the movie.. it was the first series that I had read before any movies had been made/casted, so that was fun to ... Read More »

Little Lush Haul!


Yesterday my friend Charlee and I went to the Lush in downtown Austin to pick up a few things, and I figured we might as well do a haul video to share! :) Charlee picked out some bath products, while I went to Twitter and asked for some recommendations on what to get, as I always love trying out things ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Liquid Skyliner Capitol Ad

oooh, lookie! The Capitol of Panem has a pretty new ad for their ~Official Eyeliner of The 74th Annual Hunger Games~!     Fancy huh? :) FYI- this isn’t real, just pretend! That’d be a badass color though, huh? Closest I can think of is Urban Decay El Dorado :) PS- if you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, be ... Read More »

Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadows Part 2: Bright Shades


Here is part 2 of my UD Starburst photos- the brights! These include two shades of purple (a lilac and a darker violet) a bright grass green, and a super gorgeous pool-blue turquoise. Check it out! Read More »