April 16, 2014
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The Hunger Games Series- District 7


We’re already at District 7! District 7′s Industry is lumber. I had a lot of ideas for this, ranging from a green & brown sultry smokey eye to a wood nymph look, and ultimately decided to just draw trees on my face! I had to redo the tree part of this tutorial because I wasn’t happy with the way it ... Read More »

Fortune Cookie Soap’s “The Soap Box” New Quarterly Subscription Box


It’s not really a secret that I am obsessed with miniature versions of basically anything. From kitchen tools (I use mini spatulas on the daily, and I even have a mini pie maker) to beauty items, I just love small things. I think with things like beauty and bath products I prefer it because It gives me more things to ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 8


Time for District 8- Textiles! I decided to ramp up this series by doing something a little more fun and editorial for this District :) I got some lace from the fabric store and played around until I got something I liked! Hope you enjoy! Read More »

Quick Looks: Christina Aguilera’s look from “The Voice” Auditions


Hi! I just wanted to share my makeup from yesterday :) I have been watching The Voice blind auditions regularly, and I always LOOOOVE Christina’s makeup on it. It’s out there, overdone, and badass awesome. My friend Brooke actually made a tutorial recently showing how to get the look because she loved it so much, and I decided it was ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 9


  Here we are at District 9! These tutorials have been really fun for me so far, and I just reread the first two books of the series this past weekend, so it’s all fresh in my mind and making me ridiculously excited for the movie premiere, which is both good and bad. The same thing happened when the first ... Read More »

Maybelline 24 Hour Eye Tattoos


Last month, I posted about this new product on the market that was really awesome, in the shade Edgy Emerald. After trying out that one and a few others, I knew I had to search through quite a few drugstores to complete my collection! After reading comments from all of you, I’ve been told not to get the purple shade ... Read More »

Guest Look: Natasja of Vanillaa


Hello everyone, My name is Natasja, I’m 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I have my own beauty blog: Vanillaa, you can find lots of ramblings about cosmetics there! I love blogging, I love writing about all the pretty products and I love creating nice looks. I’m currently looking for a job as a professional makeup artist and/or beautician ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 10


Here we are at District 10! District 10′s industry is livestock, so I had a bit of trouble thinking of exactly what to do for this video short of drawing cow print on my eyes, haha :) I decided to go off of a photo I found on google, of a Chicken! I decided to use some of the colors ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 11


In The Hunger Games, District 11 is responsible for the agriculture in Panem. I took that as inspiration for this district’s tutorial, along with Rue, who is the girl tribute for District 11 in the games. I wanted to have a soft look and use a white-gold to somewhat represent daisies (I didn’t wanna go full out white). If you’ve ... Read More »

Shop MAC Collection- Lipsticks, Kissable Lipwear


Here are some shades of Lipstick and Kissable Lipcolour from the Shop MAC Collection! Shades I have range from creamy nudes to plums, and even a bright pinky orange. Photos and swatches below! Read More »