April 17, 2014
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Sigma Performance Eyes Kit Review


One of the reasons I really like Sigma brushes is because they are constantly pushing the envelope on creating new brushes that I have never seen before. I see a lot of brush brands who seem to create a lot of the same style brushes, just in different colors or different types of bristles. Sigma seems to always have a ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 3 (Technology)


Can you believe the premiere is next week?? I’m sooo excited. I’m going to the midnight premiere at a local draft house (they serve food and beer while you watch the movie) and they have Hunger Games themed food- Lamb Stew, Basil and goat cheese, Cakes themed around Peeta’s parents bakery.. so cool :D I also just got my DIP- ... Read More »

WIN 5 Inglot Eyeshadows and a 5-Pan Palette


I have been really trying to organize and keep my makeup area clean (my apartment is WAY too small for all the stuff I have, so this is a constant battle!) and my giveaway drawer is getting out of control. I have about 8 ingot shadows that I either bought when I didn’t realized I already owned, or they were ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 4 (Fishing)


I think District 4 is my favorite tutorial yet! Their industry is fishing, so I decided to not only do a fun, oceany look, but also an outfit of the day (my first ever, haha!) with a sailor theme. I had a lot of fun creating this look and the outfit, I hope you like it! Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 5 (Power/Electricity)


I have to say, by far, district 5 was the hardest tutorial for me so far. I had a lot of ideas on how do go about it, including lightening bolts and glitter and sparks and wires, but every idea i tried out on my face I absolutely hated. It’s really hard to pull creativity out of nowhere.. sometimes when ... Read More »

MAC Chen Man Collection- Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos


The new MAC Collection, Chen Man, comes with three mineralized eyeshadow duos in shades of pink, purple, and blue. They remind me of yin & yang signs, and I’m sure that’s no coincidence! :) Check out swatches and macro shots below! Read More »

Urban Decay Friends & Family 20% off Sale (plus recommendations)


Urban Decay is having their spring Friends and Family sale, starting today! You can get 20% off your entire order with code FFSPRING12. This does exclude the Naked2 palette, but not the original Naked palette (which is my favorite!) Here are some of my favorite UD products that I recommend checking out while this sale is going on! 24/7 Eyeliner ... Read More »

Guest Post: WalkInMyEyeshadow


G’day All! My name is Natalie and I am a qualified makeup artist and nail technician from Australia. Unfortunately, after completing my qualification, I was told that I have arthritis in my lower back and therefore, according to most employers of the cosmetics industry, I am unemployable! This doesn’t stop me working from home as a freelance makeup artist from ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series: District 6 (Morphling Addicts!)


So technically speaking, district 6 of Panem’s industry is supposedly transportation. This is never mentioned in the books, but once the movie hype began and the hunger games website went up, they addressed any district industries that the book left out. What the book DID refer to about district 6 though, is that there are quite a bit of morphling ... Read More »

Bliss Fabulips Lip Treatment Kit Review


A few weeks back, I was browsing at Sephora and saw this kit called Fabulips from Bliss. I am a sucker for kits like this, and have never tried one for lips so I decided to pick it up and test it out! I love how Bliss always has cute punish names for their products, it makes it feel a ... Read More »