April 16, 2014
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New Urban Decay Shadows & Rebound Palette


Urban Decay has released three new full sized shadows (one of which is brand new, the other two were previously exclusive to The Vice palette) along with a new quad. The nice thing about this quad is that it comes empty, where in the past UD’s 4-pan palettes came with an eyeshadow included, which could become problematic if you wanted ... Read More »

Guest Look: Nora of zeeto0


Hello readers of xSparkage! My name is Nora, aka zeeto0. You can find me on Beautylish or on my blog zeeto0.blogspot.com and many other places with that name.I’m really fascinated by mythology and unearthy things. Right now I’m doing a series of makeup looks inspired by the Seven deadly sins. So far I’ve done sloth, lust, gluttony, greed and envy. This one, envy, is about lying, ... Read More »

How Would You Wear It? Cheetah Print Leggings


Last week for How Would You Wear it, I ask you how you would work these Holographic Booties into a look. Here’s some of mine (and your!) favorite answers-   I was so bummed when I saw those boots were sold out of my size on Dailylook.. wahhh! Fingers crossed that they get more in stock or I find a ... Read More »

MAC Baking Beauties- Pro Longwear Paint Pot, Pearlmatte Face Powder, Lustre Drops


Baking Beauties is the newest collection MAC has released this week, and it’s all about the art in cake decorating. I am a huuuuge fan of baking, it’s something I’ve always really enjoyed and is a stress reliever for me (too bad I can’t do it as often, I have no one to eat the results!) so I love the ... Read More »

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection Face Products- Skinfinish & Blushes


The In Extra Dimension Collection from MAC has some badass duochrome eyeshadows and some super gorgeous skinfinishes and blushes, which I will share with you today! Definitely Defined Extra Dimension SkinfinishDefinitely Defined Extra Dimension SkinfinishDefinitely Defined  is a super shimmery pinky beige and a warm light tan with shimmer. Overall I like these shades used together, you get a gorgeous luminous beige ... Read More »

L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Colors: New Money & Members Only


I looove when Sping/Summer trends come about in the beauty world, because it means bright, beautiful colors that I adore! These two polishes from L’Oreal are the perfect example of that- Used together, They’re like watermelon nails! Bright neon green and awesome, amazing pink. Yesss! New Money, Members OnlyNew Money, Members OnlyNew Money, Members OnlyNew Money, Members Only   My ... Read More »

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection Eyeshadows- DUOCHROMES!!!


I. LOVE. DUOCHROMES. Shocked? I know. It’s not like I use them in almost every single tutorial I do. Ever. Not at all.  So, as you can imagine, when I opened my goodies from the MAC In Extra Dimension Collection, two specific products immediately caught my eye and caused me to slightly freak out. Lots of eyeshadows have duochromes, but ... Read More »

MAC Fashion Sets: Embrace Me Lipstick, Lip Pencil, Lipglass, Eyeshadow, and Nail Laquer


MAC has a new collection out called Fashion Sets, and it includes 4 colors in 5 different products. Each color comes in an eyeshadow, nail polish, lip liner, lipstick, and lip glass. The first color I have for you is called Embrace me, and is a Fuchsia. Embrace Me LipstickEmbrace Me LipstickEmbrace Me LipstickEmbrace Me LipstickEmbrace Me Lipstick is a matte ... Read More »

MAC Hayley Williams Collection Video & Look!


Yesterday I posted a review of the Hayley William Collection from MAC, and I also filmed a tutorial/review for it, but Final Cut Pro once again ruined my life by adding a bunch of green flashes throughout the video. I know how to fix it now (i knew before but I guess I was too impatient) Buuuut thats okay! You ... Read More »

MAC Hayley Williams Collection


The newest collection from MAC is Hayley Williams, a collection designed by the Paramore lead singer herself! The shades are bright and vivid (like her hair!) and also include one of the most popular skinfinishes MAC has made. Check it out!   Sounds like Noise LipstickSounds like Noise LipstickSounds like Noise LipstickSounds like Noise LipstickSounds Like Noise is a vivid matte ... Read More »