April 17, 2014
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Pro Tips: How to deal with Dry, Cracked Cuticles


Last week for Pro Tips, I asked you how you deal with the dry, flaky red skin that breakouts can leave you with. Here are some of your answers- I’m definitely planning on trying out that product MandyB mentioned, that sounds like a miracle product!   I mentioned in my Fifteen Weird Facts Video that one of my bad habits ... Read More »

Healthy Beauty: Insanity Week 2- Setbacks SUCK


This week was definitely a learning week. I pretty much went balls-deep with this working out thing a little too fast, and it totally bit me in the ass this week. If you noticed the lack of posting, it really was because I was so damn exhausted I couldn’t get myself to do anything productive. My house is a huge ... Read More »

The Fifteen Weird Facts Tag

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 6.38.32 PM

This was the most fun I’ve had filming a video in so long, and I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it! I need to do more videos like this :) Side note but I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week.. my workout routine I was doing was honestly leaving me so exhausted i couldn’t function and had no ... Read More »

Pro Tips: Dealing with Breakout Problems!


I’ve been trying to come up with more reader-interaction posts (like How Would You Wear It?) and this is one I just thought of as I am dealing with this problem right now, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate!   Ever heard the phrase “make a mountain out of a mole hill”? I feel like that basically ... Read More »

Healthy Beauty: Insanity is INSANE!! Week 1 Recap


Healthy Beauty posts, I have missed you!! I loved writing these way back when- they were a great motivation for me and it was fun to talk to others about being healthy and making positive changes in how we eat and live. Something I have been really great at in the past is not finishing things- I’m pretty decent at ... Read More »

How Would You Wear It? High Waisted Jeans


Last week for HWYWI, I asked you guys how you would wear Cheetah Print Leggings in a look. Here’s some of your responses- This week’s How Would You Wear It? is High Waisted Jeans.   High waisted jeans/shorts are something I’ve always found really cute when people pull them off. Personally, they aren’t something I could wear because of how ... Read More »

MAC Baking Beauties- Lipsticks and Lip Balms


I TOOOOTALLY forgot to post this, ahh! I like having drafts of posts all written up ready to go, but man when I forget about them it sucks! :X Luckily most (3/4) of these babies are still available online, and the 4th might be available by a counter near you.. eep! Aaaanyways, these are a few of the lip products ... Read More »

Katniss Catching Fire Trailer Tutorial


When I watched the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, I was soooo excited to FINALLY see a trailer for Catching Fire!! This look in particular caught my eye, and I had to recreate it :)       EyesToo Faced Shadow InsuranceMAC Virgin Isle Cream Color BaseInglot Eyeshadow DS 395(red w/ gold sparkle)Inglot Eyeshadow 362(matte pink)Inglot Eyeshadow  351 (matte light ... Read More »

Sephora: 15% off and Bobbi Brown: 20% off, 10% Cashback & FREE SHIP over $65


This week has some really awesome sales! I have two to talk about here, and then I need your help on what I should get! Sephora Chic Week gives you 15% off your order! If you use Ebates, you get an additional 4% Cashback as well, and free shipping over $65. Bobbi Brown Friends & Family Event gives you 20% off, ... Read More »

New Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils: Noise & Mushroom


Another addition to Urban Decay’s new products for Summer 2013 are two new 24/7 Shadow Pencils- Noise and Mushroom. One is a vibrant hot pink and the other is a warm pale gray taupe (one of my favorite neutral shades from UD!) Noise 24/7 Shadow PencilNoise 24/7 Shadow PencilNoise is a bright pink with silver sparkle. I had a little ... Read More »