April 17, 2014
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OBSESSED or DISTRESSED: Makeup Geek Utopia Pigment


The latest for Obsessed or Distressed is Makeup Geek Utopia Pigment. I got this around a month ago and have used it a couple times and its a really cool color. Check out the review and swatches!       Read More »

Fun Times: Boyfriend Tag!


Last week I got Paul to film the Boyfriend Tag with me, and it was so fun and hilarious. We pretty much laugh at everything, so I had a really fun time being silly with him and being able to show you guys :) Here is the video, along with a video of extra stuff I cut out that I ... Read More »

Giveaway Thursday: HUGE Grabbag Giveaway!


Hi guys! So apologies for slacking on the blog- I have been working hard to get more Youtube videos up on xSparkage and vlogs on Discodollies and unfortunately the blog took a hit because of that. I’m planning to use a good chunk of my weekend to get some swatches done of some new products I have, specifically from Urban ... Read More »

OBSESSED or DISTRESSED? MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows


I have a new series for you- OBSESSED or DISTRESSED? Each Monday I will take a product and review it with pros and cons, and give you the final verdict if I’m obsessed with it and recommend it, or distressed and totally hate it.   This week I’m reviewing MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows from the Tropical Taboo Collection. Check out the ... Read More »

InstaLIFE #3- My Week in ‘Grams


Here’s my week in instagram pictures! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more photos/videos not included here :) Battle Wound: Rikku is still the new kid on the block at my house, and Kiki and Babyyak have been chasing her around a bit. I saw her on Monday with a little scratch on her face, I guess they got the best ... Read More »

How to Fry an Egg- AZ Style!

So this weekend in Arizona it was hot as hell- 118 degrees, a new high for June! I had planned to film a tutorial for you guys but honestly, at that heat I want to do nothing short of maybe standing inside of my refrigerator. Instead, I decided to show you all how you cook an egg here in Arizona ... Read More »

Airbrush FAQs Video

I got a lot of questions on my Belletto Studios Airbrush Kit Review about airbrushing, how it works, etc, so I did a quick Airbrush FAQ video. Here are the questions answered and what time’s they are at- Can I use my regular foundation in the airbrush machine? 1:15 Can I use other airbrush makeup? 2:20 How do I clean ... Read More »

FOTD: MAC Pastelluxe Pearlfusion is.. um..meh


So last week I got a couple of the Pearlfusion Shadow Palettes from MAC, and was curious about them immediately. they look so shiny, so sparkly, so fun!     I was excited because they looked like duochromes, and looked like they could be super fun to play with. When I first swatched them and did it over a white ... Read More »

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick Giveaway


This week I got a couple of pieces of RiRi Loves MAC in the mail, and after taking photos and swatching everything, I realized the entire collection is sold out online. Typical! I also realized that I actually have two RiRi Woo Lipsticks, soooo it’s giveaway time!!    a Rafflecopter giveaway   Enter with the above form! Giveaway is open ... Read More »

Belletto Studio Airbrush Kit Review


In the past couple of months I seemed to have fallen off the airbrush bandwagon for some reason. I’m thinking it was one of those “your skin got used to it, you need a change” things, or I was bored, or lazy, who knows. Aaaaanyways, last month Belletto Studio asked me if I would want to try out their airbrush ... Read More »