Ask Leesha: Make your Makeup Last

There are lots of things you can do to make your foundation last throughout the day. Key pointers:

  • Use a primer that best suits your skin type (one formulated for dry, oily, or normal skin)
  • Use a foundation that best suits your skin type, and only wear as much as you need
  • SET your makeup with a setting powder (translucent powders, such as Makeup Forever HD, are AWESOME for this!!)

  • Use a Setting Spray

In this video I talk about two setting sprays I really like, Model in a Bottle and Skindinavia.


  1. Amber says

    I love your Ask Leesha videos, I’m so excited you started to do the Ask Leesha series! :)

  2. Meighaneliza says


  3. Julie says

    No more shine please!

  4. Johanna V. says

    The normal one!:D xxx

  5. Nichole L says


  6. AudMina says

    No more shine spray

  7. ayanah2005 says

    hey Leesha! just wanted to say how much i love you videos, i learned soo many things thanks to you!! And you’re always smiling and THIS is so appreciating !! :D kisses from France :)

  8. Molly says

    Original Makeup Spray pretty please :)
    Your videos are amazingg; I’ve learned so much from you! :D

  9. daniela says


  10. samantha says

    No more shine!

  11. dani sage says

    hey leesha how are you? hope our doin well. i love the new series ask leesha its so helpful. both setting sparys sound amazing but i like the no more shine spray because i habe oily skin. YIKES!! but i was wondering if you can do a video on a way to keep concerlear under the eyes from creasing? please!

  12. Dayanne says

    The Original Makeup Finish Spray!! woohoo

  13. @ActsOfGraciela says

    Leesha I love your videos!!
    Your one of my favs to watch on YouTube!!


  14. kurisute says

    Another great video Leesha. The Original Makeup Finish Spray. Thanks!

  15. Kalany says

    Hi! I love your videos! I’ve learned so much from you! Thanks!!! :)
    No more shine spray please. :D

  16. Estefany says

    original =) awesome giveaway, thanks! =)

  17. Erin says

    Thanks for this opportunity Leesha :)

  18. Kat says

    so cool. thanks.

  19. M says

    I’ve only tried the UD All Nighter schtuff and I didn’t like it so I’ve been eyeballing others. It would be sweet to win but seeing the entry count, It’s so unlikely lol

  20. Neha says

    No more shine!:)

  21. Jordan says

    No more shine please! :) Thanks!

  22. Natasha says

    Hey leesha, im excited. i hope i win :)
    Thankyou for answering my question on formspring,
    the one about inglot cosmetics. Made my day, i now have an excuse
    to spend crazy amounts there!! LOLOL
    Lots of love from Australia!! xx

  23. A. says

    Original Makeup Spray pretty please :)

  24. Ashley says

    No more shine :)

  25. rida says

    original please:)

  26. Sarah E. says

    No More Shine Spray!

  27. Tazzi says

    No More Shine!!!!

  28. Rita says

    Original Makeup Spray

  29. Cher says

    I heard about the Skindinavia’s before. JLovesMac did a review on it and I was wondering if I should get it or not. Since you confirmed it, I hope to get one now! :) Thanks for sharing.

  30. Alicia says

    No More Shine, please :)

  31. Sunny says

    dear everyone:
    Its probably a good idea to read the give away directions before posting in the comments, and I quote, “Please use the form below, leaving a comment in the comment section with what you’d like to win will not enter you in the contest!!!” It will only take a few seconds of your time and will actually enter you in the contest.

  32. Emma says

    I love these videos!

  33. Sandy says

    Original one :)

  34. Fi says

    No more shine finish spray!

  35. Hailee says

    No More Shine finish spray!

  36. Brandi says

    I’d love to find something that will control my shine!

  37. TrillianAlice says

    Love your videos, I share them with my 13 year old. We watch them all together. If I win I want to give her the prize as she is a professional dancer. She just danced with Kidd Rock at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game. She, also, dances for the Pistons.
    (I Am Trillian and Cerise)

  38. Annaliese says

    No More Shine Spray !

  39. Rachel says

    Some people just don’t know how to follow directions.

    1. Kristen says

      Haha. You noticed too, huh?

    2. xsparkage says

      i have deleted at least 75 comments, i just gave up hahah

  40. msclassytina says

    NO MORE SHINE!!!! =]

  41. Lindsey says

    Love your videos and I am so jealous of your nail polish collection!!

    ps. original :]

  42. Diana says

    Original Makeup Spray!

  43. JClements12 says

    No More Shine would be awesome to have. Thanks for having the giveaway! :)

  44. xjanemabobx says

    The original makeup setting spray FTW. :D

  45. 90mcphee says

    Thanks Leesha! ^_^

  46. Ally says

    the original makeup setting spray :)

  47. Kallie says

    No more shine!

  48. Jessica :) says

    I would love to try the No more shine!

  49. Cece says

    No More shine spray for sure!

  50. nurulaini says

    hey leesha
    love u since 2008 when i started watching youtube. always refer to your tutorials for my dancers makeup looks. no more shine is the one that i would love to try out.tq

  51. Emily says

    Definitely the No More Shine Finish Spray, no matter what I do my forehead and nose always get greasy after a few hours :/

    1. bettynoví says

      Same thing here.
      Ive tried EVERYTHING but absolutely nothing works for me.

  52. Xinru says

    Always refered to your channel for make up looks, & had always learnt a thing or 2 from your tutorials. I even downloaded an app from the app store on iPhone ‘beauty gurus’, just to watch your latest tutorials! I would lime to try the one on no more shine (:

  53. Glenda Martinez says

    I noticed i have a problem with my foundation also not lasting all day & thats that I use a primer but I think it doesnt last long because I have oily skin & the oil seeps through my makeup. If I were to win I would like the No More Shine Makeup Finishing Spray. I think it would really help me :)

  54. Rose says

    Have you tried Make up For Ever Mist & Fix? Is that a refresher or a setting spray?

  55. karissa says

    I would defenately like the no shine spray! i have huge problems with oily skin, so this would really help. thanks for hosting this contest!(:

  56. Denisse says

    I have combination skin, and lately my T zone has given a lot of problems, therefore, I’d love to try the No shine formula!!

  57. Daisy says

    I got really oily skin even in the winter, so the oily skin formula would be nice to try. Have you tried the Urban Decay setting spray equivalence?

  58. sandrawwwwwww says

    Hi Lesha!! Hey girly i wolud seriuosly will love love to try out the no more shine since my face looks like a disco ball jajaja luvs u girly! =D

  59. Natalia says

    Id love to win No more shine spray because seriously my forehead and nose glow a little too much more then I would like to have

  60. maggie skuba says

    i love love love your videos!!!! and if i win, i would love to have the no more shine spray! :)

  61. Martine says

    I would like the no more shine spray, because blotting powder doesn’t really do the job.

  62. zelwickaaa says

    The Original Makeup Finish Spray :) Anyway i love your videos and a huge thanks for sharing with us your talent it helped me a lot :)

  63. cherrymoza says

    Definitely The Original Makeup Finish Sray. I’m a student, so I make days of 12 hours( including 3 hours of traveling) and my makeup just leaves me hanging after 6 hours of wearing :( and I don’t have time to touch up my makeup! And this brand isn’t available in The Netherlands! So I’m really hoping to win this thing! Would be awweeeesome! haha xxAnna

  64. FollowYourDreams1991 says

    Hey Leisha! i hope i win because i don’t have time to touch up my make-up so i would love for it to stay on all day!
    i wanna win the no more shine finish spray, because i tend to get oily really soon :(

    love you! xx

  65. gigi says

    no more shine finish spray..!! uggh.. i hate it when my t-zone is sooo shiny every hour or so..!!

  66. Dagmar says

    Hi Leesha!
    I just wanna say thank you very very much for the give-away! That’s always very nice that you are thinking about us!
    I’m a big fan of you!
    Greetings and hugs

  67. Sarin says

    No More Shine! :D

  68. xkittykatzx says

    I’d love to get the No More Shine Finish Spray =]

  69. shanna says

    I’d love to get the No More Shine Finish Spray

  70. Viv says

    I’d love the no more shine one!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Michelle Tiu says

    I’d looove to win the original makeup finish! Lovely. :)

  72. Pandora says

    In definitely need no more shine finish spray. I always take good care of my skin: clean, exfoliate and hydrate it but it always gets oily in the T area. It’s chronicle.

  73. Melissa says

    Hi Leesha, (: I would love the No More Shine spray, everyone seems to be raving about it so I would love to give it a try as well. :) xx.

  74. Christi says

    Wow !! Nice giveaway Leesha !!!!! i’d love to win no more shine spray!!!

  75. Frances says

    The original makeup spary :)

  76. angela r says

    The Original Makeup Finishing Spray… I’d like to try it! on 25th December it’s my 23rd birthday… a gift 4 me? hhihihihihhi… kisses!

  77. Susan West says

    I think the original is the one I would like,thank you for this and all you do all year long : ) Merry Christmas

  78. misa says

    No more shine! haha. thanks for the giveaway:)

  79. Trista says

    Well, I don’t think I shine that much. So I’d go with the original for me to try (:

  80. Jenny says

    No More Shine Finish Spray!! Thanx for your giveaways!!

  81. Eva says

    I’d really like the Original Makeup Finishing Spray! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  82. myolie says

    i would like to try the original ^ ^

  83. Shaye says

    I would love love love to get the original make-up finish. I have SUCH a hard time keeping my foundation and eye shadow on. When I first put it all on and when I get home at the end of the day, the difference on my face is like night and day. Please choose me!!

  84. maribel says

    I have seen so many reviews but I was so skeptic! Now that you have made a review i really want to try it! Thanks

  85. Amelia says

    Hi Leesha, I would love the No More Shine please! Hope to get it cuz it’s so hard to get a hold of where I am. Thanks so much! xoxo

  86. Carlee says

    I’d love to try the No More Shine please! Thanks Leesha!

  87. XfifiXtrixibellX says

    I would love to try the No More Shine finish spray as:
    1. the website doesn’t ship to England :(
    2. the Urban Decay All Nighter spray doesn’t really work for me :( :(
    3. I would prefer to try it out before I trawl the internet trying to find a website that actually does sell it to the UK.
    4. i love the name xD

  88. Tara says

    Original please. ^_^

  89. Kat says

    Definitely the Original please :)


    hi leesha! I would like to win the “No More Shine” please. Your vids are awesome… very distracting at work though! hehe ;)

    thanks doll ; xoxox.

  91. Madeline O'Krongly says

    Leesha!! you so rock … love your endlessly helpful videos <3 I'd love the No More Shine Makeup Finishing Spray … I can't get enough of this stuff!! Oily skin is such a pain … Have a great day!

  92. Sarah says

    Hey! I would love to try the normal one.

  93. Diana says

    Happy Holidays!
    The original Makeup finish!

  94. Skye Fedkneheuer says

    i would like the original

  95. Alejandra says

    The original finishing spray, please(:

  96. Katie says

    I would like the original finishing spray so my make up can last way longer! :D

  97. adidasgirl says

    The No More Shine Finish Spray, for my super oily skin.

  98. brittany says

    I have always had trouble getting my oily face to maintain my makeup look all day long so I think that the no more shine finishing spray would be a great thing to try out.
    Thank you so much for holding this giveaway Leesha and Skindinavia!!
    Have a happy holidays.

  99. Lisa says

    I’d love to try the no more shine. (:

  100. Lesley Bolds says

    No More Shine!!

  101. wendy says

    Denfinetly original.

  102. ashlie says

    no more shine

  103. Xenn says

    would love to win, Original Makeup Finish, since ive moved to a different city many miles away from my family and on a tight budget this would come in handy. =)

  104. huong le says

    original plz

  105. Christopher says

    to me, it really doesn’t matter, but i would prefer the no more shine one

  106. Amanda says

    original makeup!

  107. Liise says

    I would really like to get the Original Makeup Finishing Spray, please, please, please.

  108. Jia says

    No More Shine Makeup Finishing Spray Please!

  109. Natalia says

    I’d like the No More Shine please :)

  110. eileenpotato says

    original make up finish
    plz :)

  111. Vina says

    no more shine!

  112. Leah Bennett says

    Original All The Way Please

  113. Crystal says

    I would love No More Shine. Please. :)

  114. Shirley says


  115. Samantha says

    Original :)

  116. Cathy says

    The No More Shine Finish Spray sounds a.m.a.z.i.n.g. My makeup always starts off really nice in the morning but gets all oily and gross by midday :(

  117. RIA says

    Original Makeup plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  118. EmilyMarie28 says

    No more shine!!

  119. Brenda says

    I would like the No more shine because I have super oily skin n its hard for me to keep it matte

  120. sweetcandy111204 says

    no more shine please

  121. lixximajig says

    I wondered if you’ve tried the UD ones? We don’t get Skindinavia here. :(

  122. Francineey says

    I would love love love to win the no more shine spray. Hopefully this would be my first winning something. Fingers crossed!

    1. Nayra says

      Original ! YAY thanks Leesha love giveaways <3

  123. ellie says

    no more shineeee!
    cant wait to try it out :)

  124. kelli says

    No more shine!

  125. sandi says

    i would like to win no more shine !! there’s nothing worse than having an awesome makeup application for an event or night out…and looking a shiny mess in 3 hours !!!!!

  126. Patricia H says

    no more shine! i get very shiny in my t-zone throughout the day.

  127. Mercade' says

    Original ?akeup finish :) I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP TUTORIALS :) ? ? ? ? ? ?
    ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  128. kim says

    original please

  129. celina says

    Original Makeup Finish

  130. FionaNeal says

    I’d Love to win the original finishing makeup spray as i live in the UK so i cant get them :(
    iv heard so many good reviews about these makeup sprays and i really want to try them out :) x

  131. Becky Blair says

    I would LOVE to win No More Shine

  132. Annie says

    Shine free!

  133. bonnie says

    No More Shine ?

  134. Saphren says

    original :D

  135. Amna says

    Original Please!!! I have dry skin but my makeup still wears off… =-(

  136. Sam says

    Uhm… Idk what to say but great advice… big fan :)

  137. Aderyn says

    Original, please!

  138. twee says

    No more shine! my face is super oily; i could probably use the extra oil to cook…yes it’s that bad. thanks Leesha <3

  139. Roxanne says

    The Original Makeup Finish please (:

  140. gina says

    no more shine please! :)

  141. Razuli says

    I’ve never heard of that product. No more shine would work for me :)

  142. Fie says

    Tropical country = oily skin siggghhh. No More Shine Makeup Finishing Spray, definitely.

  143. Kayla says

    No more shine

  144. Taylor says

    What is the difference between them i mean i want the original but is like the no more shine for oily skin cause this is my first time entering one of your contests

  145. Christina C says

    No More Shine ^^

  146. Lise says

    I would want to win the Original Spray :D

  147. lana says

    i would like either xxx

  148. Laura says

    The original would be nice

  149. Heather says

    I would love to win the Original!!!

  150. Anne says

    Awesome giveaway!
    I would love to win No More Shine.

  151. Lulu says

    No More Shine! =]

  152. Stephanie Garcia says

    I would like to win the No More Shine. Please and thank you!

  153. Lindey says

    The Original Makeup Finishing Spray

  154. nikol says

    no more shine please,i never wasnt win .You are so cute,thank you,and merry christmas.nikol

  155. Ping says

    I would love to win the original. I have dry skin and I think the 10 years younger would be best and the anti-shine too drying. Thanks Leesha (I’m glad you have your kitty back)

  156. Sandy says

    Hey, where are the winners listed?

  157. Alex says

    Who won??

  158. Danya says

    I would like to win the No More Shine! Hopefully I win!!! :D

  159. Lei Phyu says

    Hi, i would like no shine! i am such a greaseball… i need a good setter…

  160. Geli C says

    Awesome giveaway! i’ve been on a search for a makeup setting spray and i would want something more than what body shop mists has to offer.

    if i win, i’d like the No More shine variant :)

  161. ChristinaRapacz says

    no shine :)

  162. kiki says

    no more shine

  163. Rachel says

    Awesome giveaway and if I win I would love the no more shine. :)

  164. Claire says

    Youre such an amazing beauty guru!
    the no more shine one if i win(:

  165. Natasha Rajan says

    I just started watching your videos and you are awesome! Very unique products that I have never heard of :)

    I don’t know if the giveaway is still on but I would like the original make up spray if I win!

  166. Laura says

    I would like to win the moisture lock makeup finish

  167. Adel Halevy says

    I would like to win the orginal makeup finishing spray. Thanks:-)

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