Around The World Series: Provence (Kiehls Aromatic Blends Fig Leaf & Sage Fragrance)


Kiehls new Aromatic Blends Collection includes four fragrances: Orange Leaf & Lychee, Fig Leaf & Sage, Vanilla & Cedarwood, and Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit. The Aromatic Blends collection has formulated these fragrances to be a truer rendition of the ingredients involved, using high quality key ingredients to get a scent that really reflects the areas they are inspired by. 
For the release of these fragrances, I’ve teamed up with Kiehls to bring you four looks inspired by the fragrances themselves and the areas around the world they were inspired from.

Orange Leaf & Lychee: Morocco
Fig Leaf & Sage: Provence
Vanilla & Cedarwood- Uganda
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit- Japan

Each scent comes in three forms- A fragrance, body wash, and body lotion.

For the second tutorial in this series, I chose to do a look based off of the scent Fig Leaf & Sage and it’s inspired area, Provence, France. I can honestly say that when I first saw the name of this fragrance, I assumed immediately that I would hate it. Why would I want to smell like herbs?! I was SHOCKED when I sprayed it on and actually really liked it! It’s very, VERY different from your usual fragrances- its spicy and complex and really quite awesome. The scent is meant to capture the way the air smells around the fig trees in Provence, along with the smell of the surrounding herbs. If you have a Kiehls location near you, I would totally recommend going in just to test this fragrance because its so different!

Since Provence is very lush and green, and the fragrance is green elements, it only made sense to incorporate that color into my look! I wanted to do something Earthy, but still have a fun, Leesha element to it. I chose to do this Green and gold look, and incorporate a double liner on the lash line.



Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Naked Cosmetics Java Collection
Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow in 109R
Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion
Naked Cosmetics Mother Nature Collection (Green & Gold only)
MAC Eye Kohl in Coffee 
Hello Kitty Soft Yellow Eye Pencil
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

Sleek MakeUP Nude Blush

Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencil in Love Child
Bobbi Brown High Gloss Lip Shimmer in Citrus 4


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  1. Rachel says

    Sounds like a nice fragrance!

  2. Dada Christine says

    Such a creative look the green eyeliner was a subtle icing on the cake!

  3. R Dunmall says

    Love how green it is! So pretty and it looks awesome with your hair colour

  4. Elizabeth Villa says

    This something more wearable!!! :)

  5. Scrapgalgr says

    Lovely lid color!

  6. Jeanne says

    This scent seems so unique… I wonder how it smells!

  7. Sophia says

    I really love how the make-up really conveys the earthy and provincial feel through its colours! :)

  8. prettyhairs says

    I love the green/gold combination! I do that all the time when my hair is red, too.:)

  9. Lyssa102 says

    Green and gold is one of my favorite combinations for my eye color :)

  10. Taylor says


  11. Wheelingalong24 says

    Loved the double,liner x

  12. Jenna says

    Green and gold look great on you. :)

  13. Linda van der Hoek says

    It’s so nice of you to give away stuff! I’m very curious about the scents!

  14. Whitneydonna says

    Sounds like an interesting scent! Yum!

  15. Disenchantedself says

    I am sooo in love with that lip color! 대박! Must buy! I really like this look! :) It was super pretty, and I like the way you lined the eyes. It looked nice! :) Because I’m constantly using Korean because I’m trying to teach myself, here’s your name in Korean, Leesha! 리샤! Just a fun fact. :)

  16. Jellokm says

    I’m so curious about the scents. I’ve never used Kiehl’s products but I hear very good things about them!

  17. Amanda says

    absolutely stunning!!

  18. Naz623 says

    I love the look defiantly a look i would wear :)

  19. Edenchantell says

    Iv done something kinda like this befor and I love how easy it is to blend colors like thoes. Verry nice leesha!

  20. Cassie says

    Beautiful! I love the green!

  21. Reut Shlomo says

    Love the colors! Beautiful look :)

  22. karla g says

    Such a beautiful look!

  23. Beth says

    I love the smell of figs. The fragrance combo seems very interesting. Wonderful makeup interpretation, and as always, thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Nina Sporks says

    I’ve been subscribed to you for years and years now, through all of the different phases of your hair <3 and after all this time this is by far my favorite look you've ever done. It's so elegant. You look like a fairy, I love it.

  25. Florence says

    I love green eyeshadow!

  26. Eva says

    This is such a cool look. Thanks for letting us know about upcoming products that you believe in! C:

  27. Ericai347 says

    It’s beautiful.  Looks very olive, which is my favorite color. 

  28. Bookie_san says

    This look is so pretty. Love it!

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    Beautiful! Can’t wait to smell the accompanying frangrance!

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    I really love this one, I think I’ll wear it the first chance I get.

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    Loved the tutorial! You always come up with some amazing looks!

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  42. Stephaine Freeman says

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  43. Smithy139 says

    gorgeous! pretty and wearable <3

  44. Krizmah White says

    I enjoy some forms of herb scented body washes, but have never tried this. Besides to win something from -you- would be stellar! I just got my first nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk because you made it such a must have! :)

  45. Caryn Preston says

    LOVE these colors together!  They always make my hazel eyes look very pretty! :) 

  46. Ren Wilz says

    Such a pretty look, I’ll have to try it out myself!!

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    Love the dubble liner <3 

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    I love the green colors! I just love this look in general!

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    I love this look!!

  50. Janeen says

    This might my favorite out of all the looks you have ever done. 

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    I love this look! Thanks for the tip on how to get the double-liner effect on the eyes. I’m excited to try it out!

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  56. A. Vecchione says

    I really love this look. I love wearing green on my eyes, so I think I’ll try to do something like this soon. The Fig Leaf & Sage sounds really interesting too. Sage makes me think of the scent of poultry seasoning  ;-), so that’s kind of what I thought it might smell like, but this sounds right up my alley.

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    Wow this look is great. I love the color combination! It looks so good with your eye color! <3

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    I loved the look for this collection – I don’t think green is used enough normally.  Plus it contrasts nicely with your eyes

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    Provence is my favourite area of France and this look is so lovely =)

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    The first look was fun to watch being worn but this look makes me want to wear it. I’m a sucker for green with gold.

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    I adore this look– so pretty! The double liner was creative, too… I think I have to go and smell this fragrance, it sounds really interesting.

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    can’t wait to try out all these fragrances!!!!! love the liners =]

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  115. jena currie says

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    I love the look ! When I think of Provence, I think of lavender fields ;)
    it seems like a great scent, thanks for the giveaway.

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    Great tutorial as always:) I Love Kiehls sooo much thanks for this awesome giveaway!

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    Green & gold are such favorites. And your description of the Kiehl’s products makes me want to rush out and find them….too bad I’m like 300 miles away from any chance of it.

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  170. Spanglelime says

    I love spicy scents and I love Herbes de Provence, the best herb combination in the world…this is a really pretty look (reminds me of District 11 a bit…or 10? 11? The tutorial based on Rue!). Everytime you use Naked Cosmetics stacks it just makes me want every single one all over again even though each is $60 a pop. I want the Ivory stack most though, I’m obsessed with white duochome shadows bc of you and the Ivory stack.

  171. Amber says

    such a beautiful look!

  172. Eburian23 says

    Out of a lot of your makeup tutorials, I really like this idea and like the looks you are creating for each country based off of pictures and research. I especially like how in the recent tutorial you incorporated each of the greens, yellows, and browns that were in the picture because that’s what makeup is supposed to be- an artform! Could you also do a tutorial later on how to match your makeup with what you are wearing? Thanks!

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  197. Janny says

    All the scents sound so yummy.  I’ll have to go check them out.

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    I love fig scents! So fresh! 

  220. Shelley says

    LOVE love love your eye make up colors here.  I have green eyes and am a sucker for green eye shadow of all colors, but always too nervous to wear them…I know, silly, but true.  This look is just so pretty :-)

  221. elana_s says

    I’m so excited to see you use Hello Kitty makeup! Is it the Sephora line? I compulsively buy basically everything they come out with, even though the quality is not that great… I can’t help myself with Hello Kitty. Is this the kohl pencil that comes in the little tin?

  222. Laura says

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    Love love love the ideas of these fragrances and the looks to go along with them, I will be trying to do one but with a different twist.  :)  

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  258. Ava Yuson says

    I really hope I win. I have this nose problem in which I have difficulty smelling certain scents, but I can still smell other smells at certain times. So, it’s really hard for me to pick a perfume that I can actually smell that isn’t overpowering.

  259. Kiwi Cozy says

    This look is super pretty! This fragrance sounds like it’s pretty awesome, too. :)

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    The eye look is phenomenal, i just love forest greens!  But, i think i’m crusing most on your lip combo.  The color is so right up my alley!

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    I’m wearing this to work today! I love it!

  263. Kate O says

    Love the makeup look!  I would tone it a bit down with the green to wear during the day but at night it would look so nice!

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  267. Alecia says

    I am in love with this makeup look! I love the peachy melon shades with the green. So beautiful, and I think it compliments blue eyes nicely. I am going to try to recreate this eye look tomorrow.

  268. Adedoyin says

    I love all the makeup in these series. Def. Goin to try them. Ur truly talented

  269. Cbconrad says

    I can’t wait to try this look. I’m also looking forward to trying out fragrances #2 and 3.

  270. Prapti singh says

    Hi xsparkage! I luvv ur tutorials. Are you there on twitter??

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