Around The World Series: Japan (Kiehls Aromatic Blends Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Fragrance)


Kiehls new Aromatic Blends Collection includes four fragrances: Orange Leaf & Lychee, Fig Leaf & Sage, Vanilla & Cedarwood, and Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit. The Aromatic Blends collection has formulated these fragrances to be a truer rendition of the ingredients involved, using high quality key ingredients to get a scent that really reflects the areas they are inspired by. 
For the release of these fragrances, I’ve teamed up with Kiehls to bring you four looks inspired by the fragrances themselves and the areas around the world they were inspired from.

Orange Leaf & Lychee: Morocco
Fig Leaf & Sage: Provence
Vanilla & Cedarwood- Uganda
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit- Japan

Each scent comes in three forms- A fragrance, body wash, and body lotion.

The final look in this miniseries is my favorite! It’s inspired by the Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Scent, and the location Japan. This fragrance is an interesting combination of fruity and floral. The fragrance itself has more of that bittersweet element that grapefruit has, and the lotion is more of a sweet fruity/floral mix. I prefer the lotion’s fragrance :)

The look is inspired by Geisha looks I found while searching on Google. I didn’t want to do a traditional Geisha look, but I noticed in most of the photos I saw, there was a lot of reds and whites and black shades. and a lot of liner. I had a ton of fun creating this look, I hope you enjoy :)



Japan 2

Japan 5

Japan 6

Japan 7 Japan 8


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Love +
Inglot Eyeshadow #496 (White)
Inglot Eyeshadow #63 (Black)
Inglot Eyeshadow #352 (Light peach)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Rapidblack Eyeliner
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
NYX Lashes #129

MAC Blush in Buff
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Love +

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Juicy Red

Enter the giveaway below to win a prize pack of the Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Items! Open internationally :)


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  • Erinsprince3

    <3!!!! This is the one I was waiting for!!

  • Thomasina Sullivan

    I love this, when I saw the photo I thought you had used like 8 different shadows! Its gorgeous!

  • Rockstargirl891

    hey i love this look my favorite out of all

  • waymire-family-01

    Beautiful, thanks so much for taking the time to create these original looks. Looking forward to your next series.

  • Chrostic713

    Love the cheeks!

  • Angela Yen

    Love the eyes!!! the fragrance sounds fantastic =]

  • Ally

    My favorite of the series!

  • Elizabeth Overland

    Oh these are lovely. 

  • Laila Crane

    My favorite look of the four. I love the color gradient and the liner! <3

  • Sere Art

    i’m LOVING this *_*

  • Junekhor88

    This is the best look among all!

  • RachVB

    Love the look. its very original!

  • Robin Caplett

    Amazing job, Leesha! I’m kind of sad there are only four looks.

  • MsBeautygirl007

    I love, love this look. I really do hope you do more countries! I especially love the middle east, all they can show is their eyes!

  • R Dunmall

    Like the look on you, so pretty. 

  • S o p h i e

    So stunning!

  • ericaandee

    This is stunning! You are an amazing artist! I always wondered when I have looked at red shadow, “how the heck can you use red eyeshadow without looking ridiculous??”  Apparently Leesha knows how!  Although on my computer it looks more like a fuschia than red. Is that because of the expert blending with the black and white added, or just because I’m viewing it on a monitor v. in person?

    I don’t think I could pull this off for picking the kids up at school (as much as I’d like to!), but even though I probably wouldn’t feel completely comfortable copying it exactly as it is, it still gives me lots of great tips.  And I’m going to try the paper trick with my blush. (Wearing blush is a challenge for me, and I almost never wear it, but have been told by many makeup artists that I really should.)

  • Kajsa Tegholm


  • Al3loooy

    I love this look I was looking for something like this but I found it with another color
    so thank you and I hope you make more looked like this

  • Kelsey

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mei Huey Ng

    so pretty! pink looks so awesome on you :)

  • Kiwi Cozy

    Looks awesome, thanks for doing another giveaway! :)

  • prettyhairs

    Love, love, LOVE! the look!=)

  • Faenya

    This look suits you so well. :)

  • Meg

    LOVE the blush in this look!

  • Deedoesmakeup

    This look is just gorgeous Leesha!

  • Charlene Pacheco

    sooo beautiful!! :)

  • Naomii Carol Hainan

    The blusher is amazing!

  • Jane Andreasen

    I think that this one is probably my favorite out of all the around the world looks. :)

  • Jeanne

    this look is insanely beautiful!

  • Tanya

    You look like a sci-fy character :))

  • nkm15

    Love this…definitely my fave in the series as well.  

  • Marilena

    very cool

  • Synthia Danos

     I love this look SO much. I would totally wear this on a Girl’s Night Out. :)

  • Rachel

    I looove grapefruit scents!

  • Amanda

    I wish I could get away with a look like this!

  • Joyhelbing

    The red is so pretty on you.  I wish i could pull it off.  Cool blush line…it looks amazing!

  • Joyhelbing

    The red is so pretty on you.  I wish i could pull it off.  Cool blush line…it looks amazing!

  • Kim

    lovee the pinks! and it fits with this ombre thing going around. 

  • elana_s

    Yay, this is the one I was looking forward to most! Great job Leesha!

  • Mystic_rose15

    I was waiting for this one! I love Japan and this look is so pretty!!!

  • Silke V.

    I love the pink grapefruit scent from the body shop, so I’m curious about this! :-)

  • Amanda

    Your looks are always so fun!

  • Anna Liza Escondo

    Love this look on you :)

  • Mcconahye

    i love how you blend colors – if i did this i’d look like a clown. 

  • Kayleigh Smith

    love this look i entered :)

  • Summ_breathe

    I love this look, it’s really fun & I feel like it could be toned down to be a wearable everyday look as well! Not to mention, I love grapefruit! :D

  • Gabriella sköld

    this is my favorite look of this series :) totaly amazing, Leesha (Y)

  • Kelseylyle


  • Jenna

    This look reminds me of Jem.