April Birchbox Opening

I have heard a little bit about the Birchbox the past few weeks, and the idea of it really caught my attention.

Basically, the Birchbox is a cool concept where for $10 a month, you are sent a monthly package filled with deluxe-sized samples of different products. I am a HUGE lover of samples, it’s a great way to get to know new brands and products without having the commitment of spending a good amount on a full sized item that you may not even like!

I was contacted by Birchbox to see if I would be interested in getting the April box, which, in honor of Earth Day, was all eco-friendly companies. Here’s what I got!



The Birchbox!

birchboxDirectly inside- a note about the products and being eco-friendly


birchboxInside minus the Zoya Swatches thing

birchboxZoya Dove Nail Polish

birchboxSukiFace Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

birchboxItalian Chamomile Tea

birchboxBirchbox buisiness card and tissue-wrapped smaller samples

birchboxPerfume, primer, and a card that if planted turns into wildflowers


Overall, I think that this program is totally worth the $10 a month. If you think about it, Sephora gives you ONE of these deluxe-samples for spending $100 if you are a Beauty Insider, so if you like those types of rewards and trying new products than I think $10 a month is a totally reasonable price for getting this in the mail every month!

You can check this out at Birchbox.com.

Do you already get Birchbox? Are you interested? I think I might sign up after seeing how cool it is! :)



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  1. Danielle says:

    One of my friends got a one-year Birchbox subscription as a Christmas gift, and she’s been raving about it! After hearing all the great things you have to say about it, too, I think I’ll have to look into it…

  2. Bentefie says:

    It’s such a shame it’s US only. I found a couple of other boxes like this, but 1 was UK only and the other was Canada only. If anyones interested the UK one is called glossybox and the one for Canada is called luxebox

  3. Cassy says:

    I like the concept, but it looks like it just would charge you every months and I hesitate to sign up for things that just bill you every month. I can never remember and would be scared to overdraw my account (I know it’s just $10, but I don’t like my account to be out of whack)

  4. Patricia says:

    I already received Birchbox, and will continue to do so. I didnt get the first 2 items, I got an apple peel and apple moisturizer…I do enjoy them and have got full size balm that is worth $12 alone, so worth the price of the $10 and more.

      • Liber Vix says:

        Yay! I’m so glad you got into Birchbox :) I also got the Juice Beauty Apple Peel in my box. That stuff is way more potent than I expected a “natural” sort of product to be. I definitely get red after using it, not irritated or itchy, just red, and it fades after an hour or so and really seems to be working. I may have to save up my birchbox points for that item at some point♥

  5. Beauty By Krystal says:

    I have been a subscriber of Birchbox for two months now, and I absolutely love it!! I’m the type of person who loves to get as many samples as possible to try out as many products as possible, so Birchbox is definitely my type of deal! I signed up for the year subscription and have not once regretted it :) I hope you sign up too, it’d be great to see your reactions and opinions to the items each month!

  6. Laura B says:

    This is a pretty cool program. I would definitely considering joining if I could see what they sent for a few months. Maybe Birchbox could send you a few more over the next few months for us to see…

    • Sarah says:

      Same here! I’m thinking about telling my parents or boyfriend about this as a Christmas or Birthday present. What an excellent idea!

  7. Nicile says:

    I got the exact same things in my birch box!!!! i know thwy modify it according to your past prefrences. i hope you review some of the things. id like to know if our oppinions are the same

  8. Crystal says:

    i had never heard of this until your post and I <3 the idea! I think I might get into this and do the $110 year deal :D

  9. Leslie says:

    I’ve been getting a Birchbox since December and I reallllly like it. My Birchbox in March was a little disappointing (it also, coincidentally, was the first month people started to get different products!) but the one in April more than made up for it. I got some different products than you did Leesha, but they say they base it off of how long you’ve been signed up. Overall, I’m highly impressed! Thanks to Birchbox I got to try a Joeur tinted moisturizer that is my new holy grail product, that I never would have even heard of otherwise! I can’t way to get my May Birchbox!

  10. Rachael says:

    Can you do another post for the next one that you get? I would love to see what kind of products they send out when its not Earth Day. I love this concept. I am going to have to look into it.

  11. Heather says:

    This is FOR SURE going to be my request for my birthday in June. I love to get deluxe samples! It’s how I hop along until I can afford to restock my usual suspects :D

  12. Yoshimi says:

    Wow, as soon as I read your review, I went and signed up. This sounds so perfect for me. My income is very low, and I’m getting a little burnt out on spending so much on makeup… especially since it seems like I NEVER use up full-sized products before they get all gross. Wasteful AND expensive. $10 a month is manageable and I love getting surprises in the mail!

    Thanks for letting us know about this! My first box will come a couple days after my birthday… sweet!

  13. melissa says:

    thanks for the little hint..would have never known if you didnt say something…just ordered one :) can’t wait to get it!!! Thanks again doll!

  14. Sarah says:

    I definitely signed up after seeing this! I had been debating anyway because I heard there was a full sized NARS multiple in orgasm one month! Thanks Leesha!

  15. Beth says:

    I hadn’t heard about this before, but I looked into it after reading this post and immediately signed up. This is amazing! <3 Thanks for letting us know about it.

  16. littlepixie81 says:

    This is such a cool concept! i signed up at the UK one after seeing this post. I signed up too late for the May one unfortunately. So excited to get my first Glossybox! :)

  17. MissR says:

    I think this is wicked cool. I just signed up and I am definitely looking forward to getting my first one in May. My plan is that I’m going to get it for 2 months and then evaluate whether I think it’s worth the price.

  18. Tanya says:

    Ive been with birchbox about 6 months now. 100% worth it! However It is unfortunate now that everyone is receiving different items. It used to be the same things every month. I hope they dont start doing repeats

  19. pshhaww says:

    I had never heard of this until your blog post. As someone who never EVER goes out myself and buys beauty products this is awesome!! PLUS i LOVEEEEEE Surprises!!!!

  20. Alina says:

    I actually just signed up last month, they should be delivering my box any day now. I was a little skeptical but now seeing what your kit looked like I am REALLY excited

  21. Cheryl says:

    Does anyone know if there is an equivalent of this in Japan?! I’m about to move there in July, but thank god I still have a Canadian address cause I NEED this!!!

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