Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette Review & Photos

I have heard sooo much about this palette in the past few weeks, the last time I was at Ulta I couldn’t possibly pass it up! I get excited when the interwebs loves a makeup item, so I made sure to pick it up. The palette includes 10 soft and smokey toned eyeshadows in varying textures. More info below!

AnastasiaPalette 23AnastasiaPalette 22 The palette has a cat theme (never would have guessed from the palette name, amiright?) with the outside being gold with felt leopard print, and the inside having a really cool green blue leopard print design. The palette closes with magnets, and has a really, really awful mirror. I’m talking fun house mirror. Honestly I haven’t seen one this bad on a palette in a loooong time. Good thing that isn’t the reason I bought it :)

AnastasiaPalette 21 You get ten square eyeshadows and  a double sided brush that has a paddle shaped brush and a pencil brush on either end. I like that this comes with a real brush and not a tiny crappy one or sponge tip applicators, but I found this brush to be kinda spiky and not so soft, so I’m not sure if I’ll use it.


AnastasiaPalette 20AnastasiaPalette 19Call Back is a soft, peachy champagne shimmer. The shadow itself is very pigmented and quite soft, but isn’t powdery.

AnastasiaPalette 18AnastasiaPalette 17Strut is a deep, dark violet with sparkle. Has the same pigmented, soft-but-not-powdery texture.

AnastasiaPalette 16AnastasiaPalette 15 Scout is a beautiful golden peach shimmer.

AnastasiaPalette 14AnastasiaPalette 13 Beauty Mark is a warm matte chocolate brown. The texture here is soft but the pigmentation is not as strong or as smooth as I would have hoped. It takes a few layers to get decent color payoff.

AnastasiaPalette 12AnastasiaPalette 11LBD is a charcoal satin with slight sparkle. Another one that takes a bit of product to get nice color payoff.

AnastasiaPalette 10AnastasiaPalette 9Day Rate is a cool pink beige. The color payoff is very, very light. I could  barely get it to show up on my arm, and the color is much cooler than my skin tone.

AnastasiaPalette 8AnastasiaPalette 7Couture is a chocolate brown with gold flecks. Better color payoff than Beauty Mark, but still not as great as the shimmers.

AnastasiaPalette 6AnastasiaPalette 5RTW is a soft golden metallic. Great shade!

AnastasiaPalette 4AnastasiaPalette 310k is a light gold metallic. This is an interesting gold shade- its almost like a champagne gold, not so in-your-face as most metallic gold shadows.

AnastasiaPalette 2AnastasiaPalette 1Pose is a really interesting shade- kind of a taupe with a gray-violet overlay. Lots of shimmer.


Note- These were all swatched without a primer.

I like this palette because its a neutral palette and easy to wear day and night looks, but the colors aren’t you’re run-of-the-mill shades. A couple of the colors (matte mostly) are on the more difficult side to work with, but I think that the shade range makes it easier to overlook that. For the price I think this is something to possibly check out if you generally wear more earth-toned shades, but want something a little different. I’m gonna bring this with me to my cousin’s wedding.. that Scout shade is calling my name!

Available for $29 from Ulta.

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  1. Jackie Lai says

    omg the first time i read day rate i saw date rape… im still on the fence about getting this palette. how do you think they compare to other neutral palettes? (nakeds, stila in the light, lorac,etc)

  2. mara says

    i wish some of these were sold as singles… like 10k, pose, and scout!!!!

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