April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Barb

    I love it! Great job :)

    • http://benradezintanationallimited benradez

      i love you can you be my frend

  • http://www.cmrelm.com Cathenia

    Gorgeous! Wonderfully done.

  • Jenn

    I know just what you mean; I Iaugh at myself for my ANTM obsession, but as a photographer it gives me a lot of fun ideas and inspiration!

  • http://creepyvanityfair.blogspot.com/ Black Cat

    great eye make up!!

  • http://www.pammyblogsbeauty.com Pammy

    I am terribly addicted to ANTM too! I mean, its so bad….but, I just can’t help watching it. I must admit, I wanted Allison to win. You recreated Lisa’s makeup beautifully!

  • http://theadornation.wordpress.com/ Adrianna

    wow beautifully done! and I must admit i watch every season too!

  • http://christineiversen.blogspot.com Christine

    Gorgoeus look sweetie <3 I really wanted Allison to win :)

  • http://xjustsayokay.blogspot.com Margaret

    Gosh I absolutely love Top Model. I’m a sucker for it. Amazing look, so vibrant. But I have to admit, I dislike Lisa. I remember her from her last cycle, didn’t like her one bit. She took great photos, but she was so rude.

  • http://keepingupwiththekelly.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    This look is so pretty and bright, I absolutely love it.

  • Em

    Could you also do Allison’s look? I love blue and I just bought my first blue eyeshadow (MAC’s Moon’s Reflection–so pretty)! The green look was beautiful too!

  • Rio

    so who was your favorite?
    mine was definitely allison…..those eyes……crazy girls come and go but allison is one in a million :D