Airbrushing Eyeshadow

I think this is SO cool, and it’s SO new for me! I really didn’t know you could airbrush eyeshadow until a little over a month ago when I went to New York to take a class on Dinair Airbrush makeup. I learned that the possibilities are basically endless, and I can’t WAIT to show you all everything I have learned :)

I thought we’d start out with something relatively simple that is flattering to everyone, which is a brown smokey eye look. This is actually pretty easy to do, just takes a little practice and getting used to (just like your standard way of applying makeup, right?) but it produces really pretty looks that look effortlessly blended in very little time!




All products used available here: Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Glamour Makeup in Vanilla (foundation)
Glamour Makeup in Light Bronze (bronzer/contour)
Glamour Makeup in Peach Pink (Blush

Fawn Brown
Deep Purple
Onyx Black

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  1. Mira says

    I love this it’s very subtle and yet really beautiful and fun

  2. Blueeyesangel says

    Wow thats gorgeous

  3. Adriko says

    amazing I love it

  4. katelynn says

    soo smooth an creamy!

  5. emilie says

    I didn’t really like it that much.. would like it if you did some kind of eyeliner, and bigger lashes, but it looks a bit too gray to me. But I do think it was awesome to watch, it’s so fascinating!

  6. Joyce says

    I’m not a big fan of this look, granted it’s cool that you can do that with air brushing but it doesn’t look as nice as it would doing it the normal way

  7. dannii says

    this one is very good considering done with an airbrush! must be difficult, would love for you to do a brighter look? more like your others. love your tutorials! danniixx

  8. lolly says

    I know you get this all the time, but what color is on your nails? LOVE!

  9. Jenelle says

    This video was so cool. I thought Air Brushing was only for your face too. It looks so good. I’m too cheap to buy at that though. Can’t wait to see the way you do the hair.

  10. kristi says

    wow this was really interesting! and i like how it turned out too; subtle, but sexy at the same time. really nice! id like to see you do a bright look with the airbrushing too sometime!

  11. Eline says

    I’m a photographer in my free time and I also do the make-up for the models. I’m going to buy an airbrush! It seems so wonderful!!

  12. Jenn says

    please do more airbrush videos!!! I’m considering buying one and I want to make sure I’ll like it.

  13. anna says

    i tried tht & it looked very crappy on me,,..,.so apparently i need some more practice…but u r my makeup idol & rolemodel! im deffinetly going 2 persue in makeup :)

    1. Ryuji says

      Haha I dlefniteiy agree Kim, when I go on holidays, I’m more interested in eating than shopping! And yeah, Napoleon is def way too bronze, he resembled a wax statue in most of the photos hehe >_<

  14. Salma says

    Looks awesome

  15. Giand says

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  17. Dede says

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