April 18, 2014
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  • http://www.modernbeautygirl.blogspot.com/ sisi
  • suedechik79

    It really depends on the formulation of the airbrush makeup – Belletto is water based. You shouldn’t be using a silicone base with a water based airbrushing makeup. The Belletto formulation is also VERY DRYING. I looked like a desert within hours of using the Belletto. I now use OCC’s primer (but really, it seems like any mix of water/glycerin will do) OCC foundation mixed with some Belletto and use my own custom finishing powder (OCC allows movement post application which is a BIG plus).
    Anyone looking to use a silicone based airbrushing makeup, silicone primers are OK to use. A lot of people prefer silicone based airbrushing formulations because they look more luminous or skinlike, but spraying silicone is something I wanted to stay away from, hence my preference for a water based formulation. Inhaling silicone can lead to pretty deleterious health conditions.

  • Catherine

    Which Belletto would use buy for a bronzer say the equivalent to Benefit Hula?

  • Jess

    Is the Ultimate Kit better than the HD Kit? Or do they work the same? It looks like they are two different machines

  • dstr0kas

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  • Carmen

    I’m looking forward to try airbrush foundation and I am trying to buy this one but I’ve got a question. I’ve got medium to light skin colour. When a product’s got only light, medium or dark I always go for the light one but I sometimes use medium range colours in other foundations. For example, I use N125 of MakeUpForever Hd foundation. If you were me, would you buy the light shade or the medium one of this airbrush??

  • Carmen

    DO you know if they ship internationally?? If don’t, do you know any other afforable brand that ship to Europe?