Airbrush FAQs Video

I got a lot of questions on my Belletto Studios Airbrush Kit Review about airbrushing, how it works, etc, so I did a quick Airbrush FAQ video. Here are the questions answered and what time’s they are at-

  • Can I use my regular foundation in the airbrush machine? 1:15
  • Can I use other airbrush makeup? 2:20
  • How do I clean my airbrush? 3:02
  • Will the foundation get in my hair or eyes? 4:20
  • What is the difference between regular liquid makeup and airbrush makeup? 5:12
  • Do I need to set my airbrush makeup? 6:05
  • How does airbrush makeup wear on oily/acne/uneven skintones? 6:48
  • How do I find the right airbrush foundation shade? 8:22
  • Does airbrush makeup only come in matte shades? 9:45
I also answered a ton of questions in the comment section of that video, so if you have any other questions check the comments here and search to see if your question was answered.

You can get this awesome airbrush set for $129 with coupon code xsparkage (lower case) or this one for $99 (some coupon code). The difference between them is the Ultimate has a dial to change the air pressure, and the HD has a high, medium, low button.

Like the necklace I’m wearing in the video?? It’s available here!  :)




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  1. csp8 says:

    I wanted to switch from MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder (which looks perfect on me for an entire day) to Belletto for ingredient reasons. Belletto turns my face into an oil slick with mega pronounced pores within a few hours. Super puzzling as my skin is not normally mega oily. On top of that, there is spiderweb-like cracking and I cannot set it with my usual Ionized water spray (I don’t use setting spray for duration of wear, just do it because it usually looks better). This has happened with and without a primer. Any advice is appreciated, as the Belletto formulation of its products is pretty desirable for me.

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