Airbrush 101: Basic Application

Airbrushing has quickly turned into one of my favorite things. I had always associated it with only being used for really fancy makeup artist, so using it as an at-home personal way to apply makeup is a fairly new idea to me! Currently I’ve tried out three different systems: The Temptu AirPod System from Sephora, the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics kit, and the Dinair kit. In the airbrushing 101 video I recently posted on YouTube, I had a lot of people asking  what the differences were between the three kits I’ve used.  So, here is a little pros/cons for each one.

Sephora: TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System: Face
Temptu AirPod

What it is:

Pros: Silicon based makeup, which will normally last longer on the skin. Futuristic look, cradle for the airpod, and easy to change pods. Also is the most readily available for most people, as you can get it in store and not just online.

Cons: Expensive for what you get. The system alone is $225, and you have to buy the makeup separately, which is also expensive at $30-$55 for about .28oz of product.  limited shade range, unable to mix colors to make a custom shade.

Verdict: While I do like the Temptu foundation, I feel that this is very limited in what you can do. Each Air Pod is fairly expensive (ranging $25-$35) and the fact that you cannot mix colors can leave some people who’s shade isn’t available out of luck.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Airbrush System

What it is: Your standard Airbrush System. Comes with a square compressor, airbrush, traveling case, battery pack, and depending on the kit you get, all of their 1/4oz bottle packs of foundation, blush, bronzer/highlighters, and corrective colors (which total is about 30 bottles!) and the primer and clear! (FYI: I have the sparmax system, which currently isnt available as a set from them, but is available on their site).

Pros: I really love just about everything about this kit. While it is the most expensive of the bunch, its really, really nice for those of you who are makeup artists. Having 10 shades of foundation, 5 blushes, 5 bronzer/highlighters and five corrective primary colors gives you a basically limitless range for perfecting the skin. Their foundation is water based and has great coverage on the skin.

Cons: My one real complaint is that there is no cradle for the airbrush. I really don’t like just leaving the airbrush sitting on my makeup table, and while it does have a nice case it came in, I just really wish the side of the compressor had a little holder for  my airbrush.

Verdict: While I love love love this set, I really don’t think it’s entirely worth it UNLESS you are a makeup artist and regularly do makeup on clients. I feel like if you just do makeup for yourself, this is a pretty large kit, and you can always buy the makeup separately from the kit and use it in another airbrush machine. This is also the most expensive kit (about $375 or so).

Personal-Pro Airbrush Makeup Kit - Airbrush Makeup Machines & Systems by Dinair

Dinair Airbrush Kit

What it is: Dinair has a few airbrush sets, but the one I am talking about here is the standard one. It comes with a compressor (that you can get in a whole bunch of super cute shades!!!), a continuous airflow airbrush (this means that air is constantly flowing out of the brush when it’s turned on, but makeup won’t come out until you pull the lever. This is different from the OCC one, in which you have to press down on the lever before air will start flowing.), four shades of Dinair makeup in your shade range, Moist & Dewy makeup, airbrush cleaner, a DVD, and a shadow guard (for when you are applying makeup to your lashes or eyes). This kit is actually the cheapest out of the three, coming in at $199.

Pros: The compressor is the smallest of the three, and it has a little holder for the airbrush. The foundation sets on contact, so you don’t need to set it with powder, and it will last all day. Another thing I like about Dinair is that not only do they have a full range of foundations, blush, bronzer, and highlighters, they have a full range of shimmery colors, neons, and more, basically any color you could want, available in airbrush makeup form. This means eyeshadow, lips, even your hair can be colored with the makeup (during the class I actually used one of the reds to cover my roots, haha!) they also have a whole self tanning system that looks REAL, not orangey fake grossness.

Cons: I really wish Dinair had a set of foundations like OCC does. I find that REALLY useful. Also, at the class they gave us a huge bag of 1/8oz containers of a TON of colors. I didn’t see that on their site, but I think it’d be a really good idea! They’re super super small, but I think people would like to try out a bunch like that before buying the larger bottles.

Verdict: this would be my choice to buy if you were in the market for an airbrush system for personal use. Of course, you can also use this on clients just like the OCC one, but I feel this particular kit is really great for personal use (they do have a professional kit too!)

WOW, that was a long review! I hope this is helpful to you guys, and as always if you have any questions leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer it. I’ll probably do an airbrush FAQs video/blog post soon as I have been getting lots of the same questions J

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  1. Kelly says:

    can you please post some pictures using airbrush vs liquid foundation vs mineral foundation? it’s hard to see it in the video :)

    • Princess Kelly says:

      That’s a good idea. Some comparative swatches would be helpful.

      Thank you, Leesha, for putting so much time into making the information above thorough. It’s really well organized and expressed.

  2. Kayla says:

    Fabulous video, Leesha! I really really appreciate this information and purchased a Dinair system based on it.

    One question though, do you HAVE to use Dinair foundation with their system? Or, could you use another (possibly more cost efficent) brand? And if you can, what other brands do you reccomend?

    • xsparkage says:

      nope! i use OCC all the time in my Dinair. The only thing I’ve found is that it works best when you use other water-based airbrush makeup brands, I tried with the temptu and it kinda splattered which is annoying. The Dinair bottles are $12 for the 1/4oz, im not sure of any that are cheaper than that to be honest.

  3. Amy says:

    I have the OCC kit and I love it but I wish it had a psi gauge built in. I have the same gripe about the cradle… I’ve dropped the gun a few times because I knocked it with my hand when I was reaching for something on my table or there was too much slack in the hose and it pushed it out of the holder on the stand.

  4. JenaBee says:

    Ok so i know this may sound dumb, however ive seen other people do it.

    So my question is can you apply airbrush makeup without using the airbrush machine?

  5. Tamisa says:

    How would u compare Airbrushing to liquid makeup?

    Me personally I have dry skin so after a while the liquid foundation does somewhat dry on my face after a long day (forcing me to stop wearing make up all the time and just keep my face clean). I was mainly wondering if airbrushing is good for all skin types?

  6. Summer says:

    I currently use bareminerals foundation. I tried on the airbrush makeup using the temptu system at Sephora. I fell in love immediately with the whole airbrush makeup “majig” but was fairly dissapointed when the ma’am at the store told me it was sold for $225. Plus, the makeup ain’t what I’d call cheap either. I looked on ebay and they had some on the bids for a hundred bucks cheaper. I really want one but I don’t have a job. What can I do?

  7. Summer says:

    Don’t tell me I need to get a job. Please can you help me? I will get a job as soon as I can. I’m sixteen.

  8. Angie says:

    Hey, Leesha…

    Here’s the thing…I wanted to buy Dinair, but not until I had one of the reps e-mail me a list of their ingredients. I’m trying to avoid synthetic chemicals/toxic ingredients, and unfortunately, the Dewy Foundation contains parabens, Triethanolamine, and other toxic ingredients. Have you heard of Stream Airbrush Cosmetics? I researched their foundation ingredients, they claim 50 hours + wear. Just wondering if you heard about it. :)

  9. Sofia says:

    yo, leesha! … so, i tried the Dinair kit, and well, i bought one! YAY! :) I live close to Dinair’s headquarters in Valley Village, CA. I bought the paramedical line, for a great deal, had Dina Ousley give me a nice look, and I love the makeup really. I have oily skin, super oily around the nose area…and i noticed throughout the day that the foundation kind of waters down…is that why you like the OCC foundation?

    occ foundation or dinair? what do you like better and why? thanks girlie, and see you around!

  10. lorena says:

    hello, I have purchased the Temptu Pro airbrush kit, and enjoy the sb and aqua makeup, but was wondering if i can switch to Mac airbrush formula or the dinair formula? I have the air compresser that is simmilar to the sephora temptu air, and the sp35 arbrush gun.

  11. Sherry says:

    I would like to watch your tuturial video on how to apply Air brush but it doesn’t play it for me and says private video.Could you let me know how I can watch that video?Thanx!

  12. Vanessa Tatijana says:

    Do you think its possible to use the OCC foundations in the Dinair compressor since they’re both water based foundations? The Dinair compressor is so little, I don’t want to buy it and then have it always clog up.

  13. Rose says:

    I use the Luminess home airbrush system, which I purchased on for $125. Its pink, compact, and great for home use. I hate the Luminess foundation though…I now use Glam Air foundation that I found on amazon. It works FABULOUSLY and is only 9.99/bottle.

  14. luminess Makeup says:

    It is usually applied with a brush, and is typically shoan to bbe ‘buffed’ into the skin. the norm due to the fact
    that sitting in the sun wll do your. It is
    lightweight and gives an illuminating glow without looking orange.

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