A Few Shots from the Paris Trip!

Hi guys!

I wanted to share some of the photos I had taken of me in Paris, at the Palace of Versailles :) Each of us Youtubers that went had a little photoshoot at a different monument, and this was mine and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve never had professional photos taken so it was really a fun a different experience :D I hope you guys enjoy the photos, I love how they turned out and thought you might too! :)

Thanks so much to Rasun Mehringer for taking such amazing photos throughout the trip!





I also have this one that Dulcecandy took, love!! :)




and if you want, check out my vlogs from the trip! If you’ve never been to Paris, here’s a nice glimpse of it :D







  1. Riley says

    These pictures are so so so gorgeous!

  2. Sarah says

    You must’ve had so much fun!! I’ve always wanted to visit Paris! You look fabulous, your makeup is incredible!

  3. maladrzaaa says

    You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Just stunning! I love these pictures, can´t get enough of them !

  4. Javy says

    OMG LADY GAGA?!?!?!? lol ilu <3

  5. Terrae McClure says

    Your pics are so beautiful.. my favorite is the fourth one. Can you say super sultry !

  6. Anna says

    Oh my God these are RIDICULOUSLY beautiful. So many makeup guru’s are gorgeous because they’re good at makeup… you’re just plain gorgeous!


  7. Joyce Hu says


    You are freaking amazing, and I love France. I'm glad you guys enjoyed your time there.

  8. Jessica Allison says

    Of course, you look beautiful in all of the photos, but the one with the chandeliers in the background- BEYOND! What an amazing experience, thanks for sharing it with us :)

  9. Christina says

    Love love love the second shot!!!!

  10. thenailaholic says

    The one by the red curtain and in front of the gate are my faves. You look gorgeous!

  11. Kissy says

    I LOVE the different moves in all the pics!!!! Love the eyeshadow look too!

  12. .Nekku. says

    I love how well your jewellery goes with the details of the building and its interior! Beautiful shots. :)

  13. Hanna says

    Was there a purpose to this trip, or was it just for kicks?:)

    1. Leesha says

      we’re all developing a product with sigma and the trip was for product development purposes :)

  14. yanna says


    1. yoshimi says

      I second this :)

      1. marvel burgos says

        yeah!!! i want it too :)

        1. Ashley says

          Yes! Please do your make up looks amazing. I want to learn how to do that look :)

          1. sofia says

            I agree! so beautiful!

  15. Leah says

    you look gorgeous! I love your makeup!

  16. MereMakeupManiac says

    wow, all photos are superb quality and you just look gorgeous and happy!

    i do hope to see Paris one day!

  17. zambicandy says

    Those photos of you are so amazing! You’re so pretty and your eye make up looks SOOO good and goes so well with that dress!! :)

  18. blusherine says

    it’s always amazing to see how well you wear those bright colors! truly amazing!

  19. Luna Isabella says


    Who took these pictures? And with what camera? I WANT!

  20. Christine says

    GORGEOUS. My favorite make up tutor plus my favorite city. Love it. Very happy for you!!

  21. Arielle says

    You always look soooo good Leesha (partly genetics I’m sure and partly you are so pro at what you do). But I have to say, this photographer really captured something awesome in these photos.

  22. Heather says

    I love the pictures!! You look amazing, as always. I enjoyed your videos and was happy to see all the places you went. I’ve always wanted to go. I’m so jealous. Lol.

  23. Marta says

    You look stunning in all of them Leesha! And the videos are so funny omg! x

  24. Candace says

    I 3rd, 4th, and 5th this! Lol. I love this look!

  25. exora says

    OMG…u look better than any Victoria secret’s model. your YouTube videos dont do justice to your beauty.

  26. Chelsea says

    Wow Leesha! You look so stunning in these! My favorite one is the forth one– talk about sexy mama! haha :)

  27. sarah says

    you look like gwen stefani :)

  28. Miss Katie says

    Gosh Leesha is gorgeous! One of my fave gurus!

  29. juju says

    What a fun trip you had!! Friends with a love in mind….beauty. Great videos of each day….thanks so much. I went in 2004 and need to go back….

  30. Sophie says

    Lovely images, you look so nice!

  31. TheGlamFactor101 says

    I absolutely love your look! Flawless skin, beautiful makeup, Gorgeous eyes in Paris! What else can be said. Love it!

  32. Ally says

    Your makeup looks AMAZING!! Maybe we could see a tutorial on it? :D You look gorgeous in these photos.

  33. ella says

    Why do I have a feeling you don`t like TiffanyD a whole lot?

    1. Leesha says

      i love tiffany, where are you getting that idea?

  34. Amber says

    Leesha you are so beautiful inside and out! I love this look and you look so happy in these pictures! I am totally going to try and re create this look, I would love if you did a tutorial on this look!

  35. Sandee says

    your pictures are so beautiful leesha! you look like a model! :) amazing trip!

  36. Daniela says

    My goodness, you’re so gorgeous! :D

    I hope you do a tutorial for the make up you had in the photos!

  37. Alexis Pine says

    You look beyond stunning Leesha. You are most worthy of the royal court. ;)

  38. Monica says

    plz make a video about your makeup in Paris in this pic’s you look so pretty and i love yur makeup

  39. Mary says

    You are so gorgeous!

  40. Karina says

    Absolutely Gorgeous!! Just plain Stunning! xoxo

  41. Angela says

    OMG. How did you come to Paris and I didn’t see you ? ;w; Next time, try to visit the Opera, maybe you’ll see me!! (lol yeah I’m always around there)

    Love from France ♥♥

  42. Courtney says

    Are you wearing False Lashes in these pictures? And if you arnt what Mascara are you using, because your lashes look AMAZING!!!!

  43. Sara Ferreira says

    Your makeup is AMAAAAZING! You HAVE to do a tutorial on that look!

  44. Evelyn says

    ummm those have to be bestey johnson accessories! …. you look gorgeous!!

  45. XshuggaluvvaX says

    You look as SCRUMPTIOUS in the photos as those macaroons you ate!!!!! I’m going to Paris for the first time ever from school in April for 5 days I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! (At least I know where the air conditioning in the Louvre is now! LOL! LOADSA LOVE!!!!! xxx

  46. Sami Long says

    I love those pictures! You are gorgeous! I think you should do a makeup tutorial on the makeup you did in the pictures !:)

  47. Emily says

    You are so beautiful.

  48. Kaitlin says

    Leesha you are beautiful!!!!!

  49. Emily says

    And by the way, i love love love your piercings!

  50. christa mcgee says

    Hey you are gorgeous!! and i think you must do a tutorial on this make up you have on in these pics and plzz tell me what lip color this is asap??? thanks a bunches~ christa

  51. Saloria says

    I am dying to know where you get your jewelry!!?? It is so beautiful!! Love your pics and you look amazing! Soooo jealous of your skin! Ugh I have breakouts constantly … still using the OCC airbrush foundation?? =)

    1. Safyre says

      The checkered earrings/necklace she’s wearing is from Betsey Johnson. Hope that helps :)

  52. Susan says

    ohmygosh the photos are so breathtaking. what a wonderful location for photos. the makeup is beautiful too of course!

  53. Jennie says

    You look like you’re in a visual-kei band in the 3rd and 5th one! So pretty!

  54. Haley Sherman says

    Wow! You look BEAUTIFUL! The makeup, hair, clothes, accessories.. everything! The background is wonderful too.. awesome pics!

  55. xasperadastra says

    you are beautiful and that make up look is stunning (although I could never wear it :P) and the photographer did an amazing job ^^

  56. Michelle says

    Sooo pretty Leesha! Did you do your own makeup then?? Tutorial please! :)

  57. Sara says

    I just went to Paris this past summer and I loved Versailles. (: These are pretty photos.

  58. Ashley Sarah says

    You look gorgeous in all of these photos.

  59. Donna says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you where you can see all your earrings :) cool and beautiful!

  60. Violet says

    Hi, great pics! I was wondering if u could share some info on which Holiday Inn u stayed in Paris. I would love to know your review on the hotel and its location too if u don’t mind. Thanks heaps.

  61. natalia says

    please make a tutorial on the makeup !!!! it’s GORGEOUS !!!!

  62. Holly St.Clair says

    You should do a tutorial on the look, SOOO gorgeous!

    1. Rozilani says

      Posted on Excellent, but it would be bteetr if in future you can share more about this subject. Keep posting.

  63. Tina says

    Hello! Tutorial on the glitter eyes and pink lips? GORGE!

  64. ginger tate says

    please do a video on your makeup in these amazing photos it looks so great

  65. meike says

    i loooove this make-up!
    do you have a tutorial for it?

  66. amandasourlemon says

    I like the second picture the best. :D

  67. Harmony says

    Gorgeous!!!! Please make a tutorial on that makeup!!!!! Please!!!

  68. Erin says

    Beautiful pics and makeup! Would love to see a tutorial on this look!

  69. ThatDoll NJ says

    You look beautiful!

  70. wee-ehee says

    You look AMAZING!!! so pretty :D

  71. mommyof6tx says


  72. Kelly says

    You look so pretty in these pictures!

  73. Tammy says

    You look like a movie star and very professional. Love, Love, Love!

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