88 Prism Palette Swatches & Review

88 and 120 palettes are a huge money saver, they’re relatively inexpensive for the amount of color you get, and generally have impressive color payoff for the price. I have used the original and shimmer 88 palettes in the past and found them to have great color payoff and be well worth their price, especially for new makeup lovers who are looking to expand their eyeshadow collection without breaking the bank.

This is one of the newest members of the 88 palette family: The Prism Palette. When I first got it, I was really impressed with the way it looked alone, the colors look gorgeous and bright!!



It has been sitting on my desk for the past month, and I decided to play with it last night, because I was filming a video and just wanted a little makeup on. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed with the results! Here are some swatches:


This picture shows; the shadows are really hit-or-miss, and I really don’t like that. When I went to apply colors on my eyes, barely anything showed up (and I had a base on and was packing the color on!) Some colors, like the red and pink at the top right, are super pigmented, like the other 88 palettes, but some are really, really a let down, like the yellows, that green in the very top right corner, or that blue on the bottom right.


and that is basically two swatches layered :/ In my opinion, I’d skip this one and go for one of the original palettes.


  1. LittlePixy1 says

    What brand was this?

    1. LittlePixy1 says


    2. Aude Mai says

      It belongs to no brand particularly. But you can get it at coastal Scents (which I dont suggest but just saying) , BH Cosmetics maybe and on ebay. But its a Coastal Scents palette. In fact, CS doesnt make anything but purchase from chinese wholesalers and print their name on the products =)

      1. Aude Mai says

        ** I meant to say ‘its not a CS palette’ SORRY
        **I didnt mean to reply to this comment but to the one before lol. . . Seems like Il freaking tired !!

  2. Laina says

    I was thinking about ordering this one. I have the original and love it!

  3. Mousy says

    what happened to ur formspring account?!

    1. Leesha says

      i deleted it, too much negativity

  4. miz karlene says

    the shimmer ones look good but i’m not a fan of these palettes. I know it’s a go-to make up kit for starters or just in general but i’m good lol

  5. Mandy says

    Where can you get these eye shadow palettes?

    1. Erin says

      I ordered mine from amazon.com.

  6. Ebonyamberjade says

    Yeah im not impressed with the color payoff. The 88 Shimmer is way better than the regular IMO. The matte shadows from Coastal Scents kind of disappoint. The Mega Metal pallette is awesome though! All metallic shades

  7. Gina Frey says

    Hey Leesha,

    I’ve been a fan and a dedicated student of yours for the past two and a half years. I’ve never written to you to thank you for introducing me to my hottest hobbies: make up. I’m now plagued with the obsession and have learned so much from you. My family tells me I’ve got a problem (hooray!), and I’ve gotten small jobs doing event/occasion/halloween make up looks with the knowledge you’ve given me. You’re phenomenal, keep doing what you’re doing. You have helped bring a bit of excitement into my every day life. Just some love in return!

    Faithful follower / fellow junkie,

    Gina Frey

  8. Rae says

    I loved the coastal scents 88 palettes. when this one launched i thought it was cool and considered getting it, but upon closer inspection, honestly, i couldnt tell the difference between this and the shimmer palette. with that and the original matte palette, i think im covered lol im glad i saved the money on it.

  9. SammieSamm says

    Im Not a fan of those palettes at all .. I have the matte one and its hit an miss too… A let down for me and not worth my money.. I don’t recommend these palettes to anyone unless maybe you’re very new to makeup, because then you wouldnt know about the quality.. Some drug store makeup is more pigmented than the palette I received.

    <3 :D

  10. Gina Frey says

    Also you’d think CS would bump the pigmentation on all their colors up a notch after being compared to (and only defeating pretty narrowly) the E.L.F. 100 palette. Nevertheless, I love Coastal Scents. Just a smidge disappointed and surprised.

  11. Karlie says

    Have you tried the Crown 88 palette? I think that was the one on Haute Look the other day when all the Crown brushes were being sold…

    1. Patricia says

      They are all the same palettes. They get them wholesale from private label companies, slap their label on it, and charge more. CS, BH Cosmetics, Crown… Theyre all the same

      1. Carmen says

        Yeah, I have a Shany that’s the exact same thing as the CS 120.

  12. Rach says

    Leeshaaaaa u should try BH cosmetics cool 88 shimmer palette..its…amazing! the colors are BEAUTIFUL.

  13. Kate says

    Thank you so much for this review!!! I was thinking about buying this palette, because the 88 shimmer one that I have is really good. I thought that all of the other products are as pigmented as the original ones. So again thank you.
    You can always stick with the Inglot shadows – I’ve been using their products for about 7 years or so, and I keep comming back for more :)

  14. Juju says

    I actually really liked this palette. I also have the other 88 palettes in the family, and while I agree that the colors in this one are somewhat hit or miss, I enjoyed that this one had so many that applied “softer” on the pigmentation side. I can use it if I just want a slight wash of color for the day, without having to swatch color after color in the others to find that specific quality. I also think it would be a great palette for those who prefer less color pay off, or who are just starting out with color. But that’s just me, I suppose. :)

  15. Dark Heart Designs (aka Tina) says

    Thanks for the reviews and swatches! It’s really a shame to see something that looks like such a good product fall short of the mark.

  16. feedmeplz says

    I prefer my NYX 78 eyeshadow pallete. It’s about the same price but the pigment on NYX is so much better.

  17. Alisha87 says

    I’m really new to this and I’m starting my collection so the shimmer palette is defiantly on my list of must haves. But I do have a few things I need from the nyx website and I was just wondering if anyone has tried there eyeshadow palette and if so would you recommend it?

  18. Jasmine says


    I just wanted to thank you for your insightful information. I have been watching your videos for about a week and today (at the age of 24) I was finally brave enough to wear a red lipstick for the first time!!! I got many compliments and I loved, loved, loved the overall look!! YAY!!! You give so much inspiration to step out of the box!! Thanks! :)

  19. WendyOMGWar says

    I just made my first purchase EVER from coastal scents yesterday and I saw this palette.
    I was so close to buying it but thank goodness I didn’t!

  20. sandy says

    hey i ahve a question were did u got them at and how moch the were i just love ur videos

  21. Cyndi says

    Sad Panda… I want all the CS 88 palettes. I’m getting the Matte, Shimmer, Warm, Metal Mania, and Mirage palettes for my birthday. I was reaaaaalllly on the fence about this one. But I’m glad I didn’t jump the gun and grab this one up. Love you Leesha! <3

  22. Valerie39 says

    it was kinda a let down

  23. Valerie39 says


  24. Michaelaped says

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