$1 Jewelry & Cosmetics Haul, and Your Chance to Win!

Today’s video shares my ShopMissA Haul! Everything on their website is just a dollar, and they have loads of cute stuff, from jewelry and hair accessories to cosmetics, false lashes and nail decor. 


Shop Miss A Haul & Giveaway!


Check out the video, and you can enter to win one of three $10 gift certificates to ShopMissA! (US residents will get free shipping, international will have to pay additional shipping)





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You can check out everything I got from ShopMissA.


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Jennifer K. says:

    My best piece of jewelry is probably the giraffe necklace that my boyfriend bought for me when we went to the zoo a couple years ago.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I probably own is this cameo ring that belonged to my grandmother that she bought in England when she came to visit for my birth when I lived over there.

  3. bettieleetwo says:

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a butterfly ring from the Lord of the Rings Collection – it’s like Arwen’s butterfly pendant! :)

  4. Jessica Escareno says:

    My best piece of jewelry is my two bioshock infinite necklaces that were made by a friend. They are super cute. ^-^

  5. Cassandra Waddell says:

    Great site! Thanks for sharing! The best piece of jewelry I own is a necklace my partner bought for me that is bioshock themed!

  6. Jennaveve Davis says:

    Awesome site Thanks my favorite piece of jewelry I own is my mom’s wedding band she left me when she passed away

  7. Ieva Igaunaite says:

    The pieces you got seem so cute! ♥ I think that the best piece of jewelry I own is a golden heart necklace with my initials engraved on it that my sister gave to me for my 10th birthday. I’ve had it for a while, but I still love it a lot. ^___^

  8. Vicky says:

    I’m looking at the website now, and totally loving it! I need to find out what s+h is for Canada, though. I don’t want to double the price of an order just in shipping.

  9. Wendy Temple says:

    I think the best piece I own is actually not the most expensive. I own a lot of stuff from Tiffany’s, but they aren’t my best. My best is probably this big tree I have. It’s from Charming Charlie’s and it has a little squirrel that dangles off it. So. Cute.

  10. Addie Nicole says:

    Best piece of jewelry I own is a ring with the smallest diamond you’ve ever seen in your whole life. My mom gave it to me as she got it from her “first love” who I was named after. I love it because she said it was all they could afford at the time but she kept it all these years. It just reminds me of how important love is. :)

  11. Jolayna says:

    The best piece of jewelry that I own would either be a simple gold ring that I have or a long gold heart necklace with an arrow through it that I got from Forever 21 :)

  12. Lindsey Ledford says:

    The best piece of jewelry I’ve gotten was either my mothers ring with my daughters birthstones in it or my origami owl necklace I just got for mothers day this year

  13. Audra says:

    The best peice of jewelry I own is a blue pearl set that my sister bought for me when I was in her wedding.

  14. Misha Sopjack says:

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my antique wedding band set from my gma that I never even met. The set is about 65 years old and it’s gorgeous!

  15. Katie Gallardo says:

    Best piece of jewelry I own would have to be my grandmothers wedding ring. My grandpa gave it to me. It doesn’t fit yet but I’m excited for when it does!

  16. Cecily Ann Gonzalez says:

    The best piece of jewelery I own is my favorite pair of huge gold flower earrings! I have had them for years, and they go with pretty much everything that I ever wear.

  17. samantha says:

    i used to own a white gold necklace with this sun/moon type design. my great uncle gave it to me for my birthday when i was younger and i dont remember how but i lost it which was really stupid of me because it cost hundreds of dollars and it was gorgeous and most importantly had sentimental value. so that is still my favorite piece of jewelry ive owned. hopefully ill find it some day.

  18. Elevy says:

    The best piece of jewelry I own are my Origami Owl Locket, and my angel urn necklace that holds my daughter’s ashes.

  19. AshleyL says:

    I don’t usually wear much jewelry but I love to wear it when I go out to special occasions. I am more a statement piece kind of girl.

  20. Jessica Leather says:

    The best piece of jewelry I own is definitely my HS class ring. I wear it everyday and it has become a lucky charm for me.

  21. Ashley Robinette says:

    My best/favorite ring i own is a 14k white gold ring with all 3 of my kids birthstone plus i only have this item plus my class ring…Back almost 3 yrs ago now someone broke in our front door glass & stole a lot of her personal items & my jewelry stand with all my expensive items & memorable items was taken :( so i havent purchased any since then cause you never know when a “friend” wants to take your items but he in prison so i feel lil better bout it now

  22. SammyB says:

    The best piece of jewelry I own is these chandelier earrings from Claire’s that are silver. I’m also in love with these wire necklaces a friend made for me that say “Peters Lost Girl” because I am in love with Peter Pan :)

  23. Sharie says:

    There are so many! My mom went to a beach in Virginia and she brought back shell halves and put them on necklace chains for all of her kids and grandkids. The shells are very pretty and have pink and purple colors.

  24. Vanessa Tome-Vega says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry I own is my wedding ring because every time I wear it ( every day lol) it reminds me that I am married to my best friend, the love of my life. <3

  25. mathtotallyrockz says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a long gold chain necklace that I got from White House Black Market because I can wear all the chains together or wear them separately and it makes for a very versatile look!

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