$1 Jewelry & Cosmetics Haul, and Your Chance to Win!

Today’s video shares my ShopMissA Haul! Everything on their website is just a dollar, and they have loads of cute stuff, from jewelry and hair accessories to cosmetics, false lashes and nail decor. 


Shop Miss A Haul & Giveaway!


Check out the video, and you can enter to win one of three $10 gift certificates to ShopMissA! (US residents will get free shipping, international will have to pay additional shipping)





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You can check out everything I got from ShopMissA.




  1. Heather ツ says

    I would have to say my watches – they’re not big brand names, but I can’t resist a funky or unique looking watch.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  2. Nikita Smith says

    Ummm my kundang (I think that is how it is spelled) set..my husband bought it for me when I attempted to wear a sari. It’s a really pretty aqua blue.

  3. PK says

    All the stuff you got is so cuteeee!

  4. stefani says

    I love my necklaces. I have enough of them to match with any outfit becuse they are so versitile.i can wear the same one all week and it will work with everything i wear

  5. steph says

    i love big rings

  6. Stephanie says

    Oooooh I have to check this out. This is some cute stuff.

  7. Melissa Courtney says

    I would have to say my heart necklace that my hubby bought for me a few years ago for Valentine’s Day, I never take it off!

  8. Evelyne says

    I love my rings <3

  9. Emily says

    any jewelry thats either cat or skull related is my favorite! :)

  10. Graciela Flores says

    My wedding/engagement ring!

  11. Shelby I says

    The best piece of jewelry I own are my earrings. I like different types of earrings and it’s fun to pair them up with not just my clothes and accessories but also how I style my hair that day.

  12. foreverlovelyc says

    $1 lashes are always great!! They work just fine and cant beat the price!! I dont own very much jewelry so my favorite and pretty much only is my heart shaped Tiffanys locket necklace!

  13. della says

    My wedding ring, cheesy I know but my husband and I had a lot of financial problems over the last 2 hrs and I pretty much was forced to pawn all my jewelry that he had given me in our 11yrs together so it’s all I have left but I adore my ring and I will never love another piece more

  14. Tori says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is definitely my antique diamond ring my grandma gave me! It’s so beautiful & people always comment on it because it’s really unique & not something that companies really make anymore.The band has really intricately designed cutouts. I never take it off!

    I’ve heard of this company before but was always skeptical about the quality/service…I’m so glad you made this video because now I’ll definitely be placing an order! Mostly for ‘trendy’ statement necklaces that I wouldn’t ever splurge on.

  15. Erica says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a gold watch my grandma gave me for christmas a few years ago. It’s still in the velvet lined box it came in, I’ve only worn it a few times because I’d like to keep it for as long as possible.

  16. Vicky Okotinsky says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a long chain necklace with a birdcage pendant on it with a little blue bird inside.

  17. karol says

    The best piece I own is probably my Cartier inspired nail bracelet! I loooooooove it!

  18. Tara Servello says

    I’m like you when it comes to jewelry, I don’t like to spend a lot. My favorite piece that I have is a rose gold watch from Charming Charlies.

  19. Lauren D. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring :) But besides that, I have a gold spike necklace that I got for $1 on South Street in Philly 2 years ago. Best investment ever, hah

  20. Kristen Reasoner says

    A bracelet my boyfriend’s mother used to make my corsage for prom senior year. I wear it almost every day and get compliments on it all the time.

  21. SubliminalHeart says

    My favorite is this gold and emerald colored necklace. I love wearing it with my red hair because I think the colors go well together.

  22. MeghanE says

    My best piece is my wedding ring! I don’t do anything without it!

  23. coramonster says

    My favorite necklace is one I made!

  24. skila says

    my favorite piece of jewelry is my rose quartz carved turtle necklace from my girlfriend c:

  25. Melmusica says

    Urban Outfitter rings

  26. Lizz Nellee Cavaleri says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Betsey Johnson hoop earrings that have little pandas and flowers!

  27. Karen Goliat says

    A Gunmetal Chain ring from F21 (:

  28. Alley Coyne says

    My favorite piece of Jewelry has to be either my late mothers wedding ring, or her cute little beaded anklet.

  29. Britt says

    An owl necklace

  30. Natalie Carlson Brown says

    Hi! My favorite piece of jewelry I own is a super blingy Hello Kitty necklace with matching earrings. LOVE!! Thank-you for the giveaway!

  31. Jessica says

    The best and my favorite piece of jewelry I own is a necklace my son picked out for me who was only 5 at the time. He’s nine now. It’s a big heart charm intwined w a small heart inside the big heart. It symbolizes our love to me and it means so much seeing he has special needs and he knew I would love it <3 Plus half the proceeds went to autism speaks which was awesome! ❤️👼💞

  32. Rebecca says

    my best piece of jewelry is a gothic-looking purple velvet choker with a silver rose

  33. Carleigh says

    My rose gold watch.

  34. Kaytlin says

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  35. ayesha says

    my favourite piece of jewellery is a navy coloured necklace i have from forever 21 =D

  36. Brittany says

    I have the perfect geometrical necklace is a lovely peach color. Its amazing.

  37. Kaytlin says

    The best piece I own is a set of hoops I got when I purchased studs for a second pietcing. They have dainty gems on them

  38. Andrea says

    my fave piece of jewelry is a necklace i made by putting my grandparents old wedding rings on a chain. it make me happy when im wearing it and i feel like they’re looking down on me

  39. Ellie says

    My favourite piece of jewelry I USED to own was a necklace with a sideways cross.. but it got tarnished because it was cheap lol

  40. Brittany Maynard says

    my favorite piece would have to be a crystal dachshund (weiner dog) necklace my mom got me for my birthday one year.

  41. Lauren A Miller says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Opal ring that my husband got me.

  42. Sarah says

    The best piece is a heart necklace my boyfriend gave me for our first Christmas together

  43. Karla Rodxana Ramos says

    A silver ring my husband gave to me when we were still in high school. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  44. Jenny says

    The best piece I own is a silver & emerald Celtic necklace my boyfriend got me for my 21st =]

  45. Lymi says

    My fave jewlery has to be my screw looking ‘ball’ to my labret. I like it because its kinda unique and not many people out there who can rock it.. ;D

  46. Pixidust says

    My Fav piece of jewellry is my gold and diamond Mickey mouse watch

  47. Jennifer perez says

    A pair of earrings from forever 21 they’re a gold mind dream catcher style, so cute :))

    1. Jennifer perez says

      Gold *mint* :p

  48. saucyfbaby says

    ––––––––– the best piece of jewelry i own are a pair of gold “x” earrings i thrifted from the salvation army .

    thanks so much for the chance , leesha !

    ––– nicole o.

  49. Kayla says

    My best piece of jewelry is my panda ring :)

  50. Jennifer Elise Stadtherr says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a silver chain that’s about 24 inches long because I can switch out the pendant that I wear and it’s so versatile and can go with practically everything. Best piece ever!

  51. Nicole Happy Clements says

    I would say my engagement ring :) Not too picky about what I wear, but I love having that on every day

  52. Bhevarri says

    my favorite piece is a glow in the dark magpie skull pendant.

  53. Jess says

    I got this necklace from a consignment store that I am OBSESSED with.

  54. amber magee says

    my barbie necklace that a rhinestoned out

  55. Nakia Jones says

    The best piece of jewelry I own I actually have 2 one is a Love is the Movement bracelet and a pair of diamond studs I wear all the time.

  56. Faith says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a larger yellow statement necklace :)

  57. stefani says

    is anyone else having trouble with the miss A website? i keep having to refresh my page and i can’t check out!

  58. Danielle says

    My favorite piece of jewelry are my pink anchor earnings

  59. Chelsea Thompson says

    I love when you do hauls!

  60. Kia Dassow says

    i usually always wear a necklace and a bow that i have either bought or made myself!

  61. Nicole Tucker says

    I am always looking for cheap false lashes

  62. tabitha davis says

    my best jewelry and favorite is my wedding ring’s.

  63. Nicole Tucker says

    I have this skull and cross bone locket that I love.

  64. Anne Pena says

    My gold leaf earrings are my fave piece of jewelry :)

  65. Tanya Knoll says

    I have these gunmetal hoop earrings with black rhinestones on the inside of the hoop that I wear ALLthe frikken time

  66. Rosy R says

    My favorite piece of jewelry are these faux pearl earrings that I always wear. I wear all black most of the time and the earrings always add some color to my outfit lol

  67. Raine Lee says

    I have a silver and crystal cross necklace that I just can’t live without and I very rarely take it off! It just works with everything and I love it.

  68. Donna says

    There’s these brass owl earrings that I got in Vegas that I always wear and get so many compliments on! So I wear them often! Haha.

  69. Glor Av says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a dainty necklace with a cross made out of diamonds. It’s the most sentimental piece I own because it was given to me by my aunts for my 15th birthday.

  70. Krystal Marie says

    I have so much jewelry but I recently bought this long silver chain that has mint colored gens on it, its perfect when I’m wearing a black and white outfit for a little pop of color. I love simply but bold pieces!

  71. Carolina Leyva says

    My cuban flag necklaces.

  72. Morgan Erickson says

    My pearl earings

  73. Brandi Janke says

    My Origami Owl Locket

  74. blondiee says

    My friendship bracelet I have, it has cream skulls with gold detail like they’re cracked/dirty and tiny black jems in the eyes that look like dirt, some have more than others, in two rows on a cross crossing gold chain. It’s my favorite because it means a lot to me & it’s beautiful lol:)

  75. Amy Lloyd says

    I wear a teenty tiny little silver hamsa necklace I got in Turkey. It’s my everyday staple and I love how delicate and easy it is.

  76. Joy Demers says

    My Garnet and Opal Fireburst Ring

  77. Maya says

    My tardis earrings! I love them!

  78. penguin3647 says

    I wear a ring my boyfriend bought me for our two year anniversary- it has a green heart gem and it’s adorable :)

  79. Rita says

    It’s a swarovski neclace that my grandfather gave me a long time ago : )

  80. Liberty says

    Not really the best, but most important to me, is a necklace I have from my grandmother who passed away some time ago

  81. Angela Ruiz says

    my favorite piece of jewelry is a key necklace that both my mom and i have :)

  82. Terri Eden says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my Dads wedding ring!! I got it back in 2002 when he passed away :,( It means so much to me , every time I look at it I think of him!! I hold it very dear to my heart!! But my engagement ring is a very close 2nd though :)…. Thank you so much for letting us know about this website ! It’s awesome :)

  83. Beatrice says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace that my boyfriend gave to me on our first anniversary. I wear it every day.

  84. Erica says

    The best peice of jewlery I own is a ring with my birthstone in it that my mom gave me and I never take it off

  85. Najlaa says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a necklace my grandma gave me. Its one of the prettiest pieces I’ve ever seen :)

  86. Haley says

    My best piece of jewelry is a pair of earrings that I made with aquamarine and amethyst crystals on safety pins.

  87. paola says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is definitely my necklaces! I love big statement necklaces that spice up and outfit! I always get compliments on all my necklaces and I love them all =)

  88. Amy says

    The best I own is a really gorgeous friendship ring I got from my best friend!

  89. Crystal L says

    I only ever wear 3 pieces of jewelry so they are all special to me. I have my promise ring from my boyfriend, my daughters pride from my mom and dad, and a birth stone necklace my boyfriend got me for my birthday.

  90. Miss Xya says

    My favorite piece of jewelry right now is a Minecraft necklace my boyfriend got for me XD
    It’s a “diamond” necklace and it’s so wonderfully nerdy I can’t not love it <3

  91. Zoe says

    My favorite piece of jewelry at the moment is a little gold ring I have that has a mosaic type design! It’s so cute!

  92. Olivia says

    the best piece of jewelry I own is probably a neckalce with a heart and diamonds my sister gsve me for a birthday one year.

  93. Celeste says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a necklace that the white gold chain was given to be from my grandmother and the two pendants on it are charms given to my from my boyfriend. Thanks for the giveaway Leesha!

  94. April D says

    My best piece would have to be the moon and stars necklace I have. It’s sterling silver. It was a gift from a friend who is no longer with us.

  95. Jasmine says

    my best piece on jewelry is my gold personalized name necklace, I’ve had for 6 years. I got it from my dad on my 16th birthday

  96. jamie lynn prata says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Yankees necklace! It’s silver with rhinestones, most of which have fallen out but I still wear it every day!

  97. rachi says

    The best piece of jewellery I own is my Erst Wilder fox necklace!! It’s acrylic and it’s so so cute and I LOVE foxes! Plus it’s my favourite colour, ORANGE! and the chain is really good quality and I am not allergic to it!

  98. Krista Renee Pueblo says

    My fav piece of jewelry is a necklace I got from justfab.com. Its a beautiful delicate silver wave necklace. It goes perfect with almost everything! <3

  99. Ericka says

    I got a necklace from Claire’s a few months ago. It is like plastic “bows” that are in light pink, light purple and a light turquoise (My fave colour combination!). It is my current favorite.

  100. Stephanie Nguyen says

    The panda pendant necklace my mother and grandma gave me!

  101. Cindy Bjork says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my engagement ring!

  102. Brittany Marie Butler says

    I’m going NUTS! This site is amazing!!!
    The best piece(s) of jewelry I own are my monogrammed Disney necklace and bracelet set that look like Tiffany’s and my Betsy Johnson jewelry.

  103. Jessica H says

    The best piece of jewelry I own are probably the two rings I wear everyday, I feel naked without them. Hahahaha

  104. Brittney says

    The best jewelry I own is a necklace from my best friend!

  105. Sara Beth McCune says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a sapphire ring of my grandmother’s from the 1960’s. It’s still in great shape, very cute and funky. The sapphire goes with anything and makes my blue eyes pop!

  106. Amber J says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is probably the jade rock necklace my mom gave me. I don’t know if it’s real but it’s pretty.

  107. Courtney says

    The pearl necklace my mom gave me on my 21st birthday.

  108. MszErin says

    The Best Piece of jewelry I own is my J ring. I go myself i very simple silver ring with the letter J for my son Jayden. He is 4 and my best friend. Every time i wear it he gets very excited and says Mommy your wearing your J ring for Me! Its really cute that it means so much to him too.

  109. blondie_1128 says

    A big watch my dad got me for christmas

  110. Kaitlyn Arlene Rinehart says

    Prettiest piece of jewelry I own is my dragon pendant. It’s a slim dragon, curved in an S and holding a multicolored gem in it that often reflects green and red. Perfect kickass necklace for those days you know you need some dragonly courage to face the day.

  111. Belle Adonna says

    The best piece/s of jewelry that I own will be my wedding band/engagement ring and two necklaces- each I received as mother’s day gifts from my little ones and my hubby. The first necklace is a diamond penguin and the second is a diamond frog. :D

  112. Kristin Triglia says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my lightning bolt necklace! It’s a huge darkened silver lightning bolt encrusted with crystals that I got at Forever 21 and it was my most favorite because I am a huge Harry Potter nerd! I call it my Harry Potter necklace! I checked out the website and it looks awesome! I think I am gonna order stuff once payday comes around!

  113. Shyanne says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my pentagram ring. I wear it every single day and only take it off to shower or wash my face.

  114. WandaLoca... says

    I love all the goodies you buy <3 I love your hauls!!! Thanks a lot for sharing and for the giveaways <3…

  115. Nicci Oegema says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is the owl necklace my Grandma gave me I love it and I miss her <3

  116. Jennifer Kennedy says

    My best piece of Jewlery is a necklace that that i’ve had for many years. It has little chains hanging across it in a swoop.

  117. Christina Sarin says

    I would have to say a juicy couture bracelet my bf got me for Christmas!

  118. Casey says

    I have this set of black, turquoise, and copperish rings that are probably my favorite pieces of jewelry :)

  119. Amanda B. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Memere’s wedding ring. :)

  120. Alice Blooper says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my engagement/wedding ring. I wear it every day, and I only take it off when I shower or do something messy with my hands like cook.

  121. Heather R. Mason says

    I wear my engagement and wedding rings all the time! If I lost them I would be devastated! I know they are material things, but they mean a lot to me!

  122. Carin Clasdotter says

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are my engagement ring and right now my handmade, special order, Star Wars earrings with the Imperial symbol on them, so cute!

  123. Shauna Forster says

    My favorite pieces of jewellery are my amethyst pendent i got for my birthday and my fox necklace that is adorable

  124. box5angel says

    I love earrings. I have to wear them everyday.

  125. Anna says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is this really large statement necklace from Charlotte Russe. It’s actually amazing quality and has large beads hanging in a bib formation. I especially love it because my mom bought it for me for Christmas and it is so unique!

  126. Victoria Purington says

    My wedding ring or my black diamond turtle necklace.

  127. Blaze S. says

    The best piece of jewelry that I own is my Betsey Johnson charm necklace. It is a great statement piece.

  128. Shanni9695 says

    My fave piece of jewelry is my LOL ring

  129. Heylen Horror says

    bangles, LOVE THEM SO MUCH! but for some reason i always lose them -____-

  130. Anna says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my cross necklace that was my best friend’s before she passed away.

  131. Porshia Mitra says

    I love my gold charm necklace a lot..

  132. Samantha Redack says

    I love this really old Betsey Johnson charm bracelet I got on clearance about 6 years ago. It’s gold with cheetah and leopard print on the charms.

  133. Nora says

    my favorite piece is my silver locket ^^

  134. Helena says

    My best piece of jewelry is my Tiffany lock necklace!

  135. nellie says

    My engagement ring;)

  136. Amanda says

    My favorite piece of jewelry are these mix and match earrings for all my ear piercings ^.^

  137. Kira says

    My Tiffany’s heart ring. That was the first piece of jewelry my husband (then boyfriend) bought for me!

  138. Josephine Garcia says

    My class ring. I don’t wear it often but I love it <3<3

  139. kristenlove says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring.

  140. Ali Stangoe says

    My favourite piece of jewellery is a necklace from Etsy with an antique looking bronze chain and little anchor with a tiny white and pink flower on. It also has a bead a little ways up the chain with red and white stripes to look like a buoy! So cute. I bought it to commemorate my official boat driving licence :)

  141. alicecooper91 says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Deathly Hallows necklace =]

  142. Ashley says

    I havent heard of the website but def am going to check it out. (Right now lol). My fav i think is the charm braclet; I love how you can customize it and it wont cost $100 to do it.

  143. Brittany Renee Meyer says

    I have not gotten them yet but when I’m engaged I will. It’s my grandparents wedding rings. I am honored that my mom is letting me have them. I hope to one day make a ring or something out of both of them.

  144. Katherine says

    How is this possible haha, what a business model, everything a $1 and it’s actually cute…

  145. gingeranna says

    wow! thanks for sharing this shop. I love the Tiffany necklace my bf got me :D Never been to a Tiffany’s though!

  146. kittychatalot says

    My fave jewelry – my engagement ring!

  147. Emily B says

    My favorite piece of jewelry I own is a very simple silver rope style ring that my fiance gave me when I was in the hospital for 2 months after I suffered my spinal cord injury! We couldn’t afford an engagement ring at the time but it means so much to me and I never ever take it off!

  148. Darlene Morris says

    my fave is my wedding ring thank you so much for the giveaway and good luck everyone xoxo

  149. Abby Davis says

    My engagement ring. My husband and I designed it ourselves.

  150. Lisa Kay says

    My favourite piece is a ring my boyfirend got me for our 1 year anniversary. It has both our names and the date we met engraved on the inside.

  151. Jamie Thompson says

    I have this necklace called the open heart necklace. It’s basically a sideways diamond heart on a necklace. That’s my best piece of jewelry I own. Well, that and my wedding ring. Lol

  152. Laynie Fingers says

    I have to tell a bit of background for my favorite piece of jewelry. It starts way back in the depression era…

    My great grandparents got married during the depression, and they didn’t have enough money to get wedding rings. My great grandfather told my great grandmother that once they had more money, he’d get her a ring. Unfortunately, they never felt like they were in a position to spend money on a ring.

    Years later, their daughter (my grandmother) married a man who was a jack of all trades. He could do anything, from making his own false teeth to doing surgery on his farm animals to making jewelry. After a few years, he decided to make my great grandmother (his mother-in-law) a wedding band. He bought the gold, made the ring, and gave it to her.

    Many man years later, my great grandmother was in the hospital, dying. Her husband had been dead for years, and she’d never taken off her wedding ring. They had to cut it off of her in the hospital, so she gave it to my mother. My dad, her grandson, happened to have a daughter (me), and she hoped that one day I would wear that ring.

    I’ve now been married for 20+ years, and that ring is my favorite piece of jewelry. I see it and think of all the history it’s seen, the love and joy that it saw with them, and with us. And one day, I’ll give it to my son to give to his wife, so we can pass along the love.

  153. Christina Smutny-Ladwig says

    I have a couple of pieces that I love.. one is a Betsy Johnson charm bracelet and my other favorite is a little silver chain with a heart on it from Guess.

  154. Tracey says

    The best piece of jewelry I own would probably be 2 pairs of rosaries. One of them my dad made for me and the other my younger brother gave to me when I went off to college. They are both very special to me, both religiously and because they were given to me by family.

  155. leila says

    my favorite piece of jewelry I have is a statement necklace black tear drop that I could dress anything up with sooo pretty!

  156. Kayla Westcom says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace my mom gave me for my college graduation. It’s really simple, but I love it.

  157. Jasmyne Alyssa Agee says

    My best piece of jewelry is a gold and black triangle necklace

  158. Jolene says

    My favorite piece is a faux emerald cut diamond cut stone surrounded with pavé diamonds and pavé diamonds half way around the band. At the ripe old age of 35 I probably won’t find the love of my life so I bought my pun engagement ring, and I love it. I wear it on my right hand second finger so if someone is interested they won’t get confused.

  159. Gladys says

    Hope I could win, the accessories are so cuteeeeee

    1. Gladys says

      My best piece jewelry is simple and elegant and I addicted to rings now❤️

  160. Sarah says

    my best piece of jewelry is the necklace my grandmother gave me for graduation!

  161. Te'Auna Melton says

    The Best piece of jewelry I own is the pink diamond earrings that my wonderful boyfriend gave me :-) My favorite color and they are absolutely PERFECT!

  162. Molly V. says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my engagement/wedding rings, which belonged to my husband’s grandmother. They still have the original inscription on the inside of the band and they’re gorgeous! I also have a large, 6 carat amethyst ring set in platinum and white gold from the 1920’s that my brother gave to me for Christmas years ago that’s a favorite!

  163. Chriss Cox says

    the best piece of jewelry I own is my Deathly Hallow symbol necklace. I don’t own alot of Jewelry but I love this necklace the most!!

  164. Molly Brock says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my engagement ring :) <3

  165. Monica Perales says

    My best piece are my loom bracelets that my daughter made me cause they are in my fav color.

  166. Kimberlie says

    My best piece of jewelry is my engagement ring!

  167. Rue's World says

    A ring my best friend and I bought for each other. She lives about 16 hours from me and we don’t see each other a lot.

  168. Samantha says

    My best piece of jewelry are these dreamcatcher earrings my boyfriend bought me when we started dating 5 years ago. They are black and silver with little silver feathers hanging off the dreamcatcher.

  169. Senan bletcher says

    My engagement ring or tiffany necklace

  170. Danielle T says

    My best piece of jewelry is a cameo ring and earring set that my grandma made from cameos my dad bought back from his time stationed in Italy.

  171. Anne Kearney says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my wedding band. :)

  172. Miri says

    best piece of jewelry I own is a cross gold necklace with diamonds from someone special :)

  173. Marlene says

    best piece of jewelry i own is my dad’s wedding band that doesn’t fit him anymore. i haven’t taken it off since he gave it to me!

  174. Miscellae says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a bracelets offerd by my boyfriend :).

  175. Jordanne M says

    The best piece I have is my college ring, I just graduated this month, and I’ve worn my ring nearly every day since

  176. Lahoma Morgan says

    my best piece of jewelry is my weeding ring.

  177. Sandy Xj Wu says

    My favorite piece of jewellry is a Disney Cinderella Couture collection “key” necklace that says “A dream is a wish your heart makes”. The bf got it for me for our first Valentines Day

  178. michela stringati says

    io amo il collare con piastra blu

  179. Ash Henry says

    My fave piece of jewelry is this faux engagement ring I bought from
    Walmart. I bought it to keep strange guys from talking to me and now that I’m in a relationship, I can use it to give my boyfriend hints… Lol! It’s hilarious!!

  180. Ariana B says

    My best piece of jewelry is my mom’s wedding set.

  181. Silvia says

    My best pieces of jewelry are my engagement and wedding rings :). They mean much more than just jewelry, plus they are beautiful.

  182. Laney W says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my class ring. It holds so many memories, and I feel naked without it.

  183. caitlin Dampier says

    It’s probably really cheesy but my engagement and wedding rings.

  184. xxSusanxxxx says

    A pair of earrings that I got from my grandma!

  185. paige says

    best piece of jewelry…I love my Michael Kors watch from a high-end persepctive, but I adore my new midi ring from Forever 21!

  186. キティキャット says

    I seen this site a little while ago and SO intreagued to get but the S/H is what stops me :/

  187. Kaley says

    Obsessed! So excited

  188. Bri Rhae says

    My best piece of jewelry is my trinity knot ring that I got on a choir trip to France. it holds so many memories for me and so much happiness that I will never forget.

  189. Kristen Joy says

    Best piece of jewelry that I own? Probably the diamond earrings that my mom gave me. Honestly, they’re so nice that I don’t wear them often because I’m afraid of somehow losing them lol.

  190. Rach Kitten says

    This is amazing!

  191. EvilStepQueen says

    The best piece of jewelry I own? Well, of course my wedding band. But, if you mean besides the obvious one, I’d have to say my grandmother’s ring. It has a large, square cut deep blue stone in it (not sure if it’s glass or a stone, I won’t get it appraised, I don’t want to know if it’s expensive or not). She used to wear it while making homemade tortillas, I haven’t cleaned the ring, and it still has a tiny wad of tortilla dough stuck under the stone. Memories!

  192. Kendra says

    The best piece of jewelry I know is a treble clef necklace my brother gave me :)

    1. Kendra says

      own* not know lol

  193. Haley says

    The best piece of jewelry I own would probably be a small crystal charm my two great aunts found while in Jamaica. They had the crystal made into a charm, and it was passed from my grandmother to me.

  194. Emma Paplinski says

    a pair of earrings that my mom gave me for christmas one year. They’re simply gold hoops and i love them : )

  195. Ashley Smith says

    I love the site!!! The best pieces of jewelry I own is my wedding ring/band and my silver heart necklace with a diamond in it from my grandparents <3 Means so much to me now that my grandpa is no longer with us.

  196. Mimilove says

    My promise ring my boyfriend gave me would have to be my best and favorite piece of jewlery

  197. laura says

    such a cool website! my favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring

  198. Jennifer K. says

    My best piece of jewelry is probably the giraffe necklace that my boyfriend bought for me when we went to the zoo a couple years ago.

  199. Elizabeth says

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I probably own is this cameo ring that belonged to my grandmother that she bought in England when she came to visit for my birth when I lived over there.

  200. bettieleetwo says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a butterfly ring from the Lord of the Rings Collection – it’s like Arwen’s butterfly pendant! :)

  201. Tiffany says

    My best piece of jewelry is a gold necklace with a clock pendant that my gramma gave me

  202. Jessica Escareno says

    My best piece of jewelry is my two bioshock infinite necklaces that were made by a friend. They are super cute. ^-^

  203. Shelley Pringles-Papz McIntyre says

    My silver necklace with amber pendant

  204. Cassandra Waddell says

    Great site! Thanks for sharing! The best piece of jewelry I own is a necklace my partner bought for me that is bioshock themed!

  205. Jennaveve Davis says

    Awesome site Thanks my favorite piece of jewelry I own is my mom’s wedding band she left me when she passed away

  206. Ieva Igaunaite says

    The pieces you got seem so cute! ♥ I think that the best piece of jewelry I own is a golden heart necklace with my initials engraved on it that my sister gave to me for my 10th birthday. I’ve had it for a while, but I still love it a lot. ^___^

  207. Vicky says

    I’m looking at the website now, and totally loving it! I need to find out what s+h is for Canada, though. I don’t want to double the price of an order just in shipping.

  208. Amanda Hart says

    Cute! I have to check it out

  209. Wendy Temple says

    I think the best piece I own is actually not the most expensive. I own a lot of stuff from Tiffany’s, but they aren’t my best. My best is probably this big tree I have. It’s from Charming Charlie’s and it has a little squirrel that dangles off it. So. Cute.

  210. Addie Nicole says

    Best piece of jewelry I own is a ring with the smallest diamond you’ve ever seen in your whole life. My mom gave it to me as she got it from her “first love” who I was named after. I love it because she said it was all they could afford at the time but she kept it all these years. It just reminds me of how important love is. :)

  211. Emilie says

    My best piece of jewelry is the necklace I got from my best friend this year for my birthday!

  212. Melody says

    The best piece of jewellery I own is a ring I bought for myself when I worked in a jewellery store.

  213. Anastasia says

    The best piece I own is a steel bracelet, a gift for my graduation

  214. Jolayna says

    The best piece of jewelry that I own would either be a simple gold ring that I have or a long gold heart necklace with an arrow through it that I got from Forever 21 :)

  215. Cheyenne says

    The best piece of jewelry I own would be a birthstone ring I was given to by my mother.

  216. Shayna says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a leather and gold chain bracelet.

  217. Kayla M says

    The best jewlery piece I own is a Linx & more necklace custom made for me as a gift.

  218. Laura T says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a bracelet my neighbor gave me before she passed away.

  219. Kabrina says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a mom necklace my husband got me!<3

  220. Lindsey Ledford says

    The best piece of jewelry I’ve gotten was either my mothers ring with my daughters birthstones in it or my origami owl necklace I just got for mothers day this year

  221. Christina says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a silver necklace with a maple leaf given to me by my grandmother.

  222. Jessl86 says

    those peices are so cute and I can’t believe they are only $1

  223. Audra says

    The best peice of jewelry I own is a blue pearl set that my sister bought for me when I was in her wedding.

  224. Bronwyn says

    I love the silver and turquoise ring!

  225. Misha Sopjack says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is my antique wedding band set from my gma that I never even met. The set is about 65 years old and it’s gorgeous!

  226. Katie Gallardo says

    Best piece of jewelry I own would have to be my grandmothers wedding ring. My grandpa gave it to me. It doesn’t fit yet but I’m excited for when it does!

  227. Cecily Ann Gonzalez says

    The best piece of jewelery I own is my favorite pair of huge gold flower earrings! I have had them for years, and they go with pretty much everything that I ever wear.

  228. samantha says

    i used to own a white gold necklace with this sun/moon type design. my great uncle gave it to me for my birthday when i was younger and i dont remember how but i lost it which was really stupid of me because it cost hundreds of dollars and it was gorgeous and most importantly had sentimental value. so that is still my favorite piece of jewelry ive owned. hopefully ill find it some day.

  229. Elevy says

    The best piece of jewelry I own are my Origami Owl Locket, and my angel urn necklace that holds my daughter’s ashes.

  230. AshleyL says

    I don’t usually wear much jewelry but I love to wear it when I go out to special occasions. I am more a statement piece kind of girl.

  231. Rose says

    i have betsy johnson cat errings. i love them!

  232. Jessica Leather says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is definitely my HS class ring. I wear it everyday and it has become a lucky charm for me.

  233. becca873 says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is a pearl necklace my mom bought me.

  234. Ashley Robinette says

    My best/favorite ring i own is a 14k white gold ring with all 3 of my kids birthstone plus i only have this item plus my class ring…Back almost 3 yrs ago now someone broke in our front door glass & stole a lot of her personal items & my jewelry stand with all my expensive items & memorable items was taken :( so i havent purchased any since then cause you never know when a “friend” wants to take your items but he in prison so i feel lil better bout it now

  235. SammyB says

    The best piece of jewelry I own is these chandelier earrings from Claire’s that are silver. I’m also in love with these wire necklaces a friend made for me that say “Peters Lost Girl” because I am in love with Peter Pan :)

  236. Sharie says

    There are so many! My mom went to a beach in Virginia and she brought back shell halves and put them on necklace chains for all of her kids and grandkids. The shells are very pretty and have pink and purple colors.

  237. taylor says

    My grandmothers locket! my absolute favorite!

  238. Vanessa Tome-Vega says

    My favorite piece of jewelry I own is my wedding ring because every time I wear it ( every day lol) it reminds me that I am married to my best friend, the love of my life. <3

  239. mathtotallyrockz says

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a long gold chain necklace that I got from White House Black Market because I can wear all the chains together or wear them separately and it makes for a very versatile look!

  240. Leigh-Jayne says

    This is literally like jewellery heaven :|

  241. Sarah says

    I love my gold rose bud studs, they literally match everything!

  242. Jodi says

    i love simple things that go with everything… especially my clear/white studs

  243. Yolennie says

    i love my tiffany necklace

  244. sandym204 says

    The best piece I own is my wedding set. Next would be diamond earrings.

  245. Alessa says

    diamond ring !

  246. deathbyglitter says

    It would be sooooooo hard to choose one piece of jewelry because every
    piece of my “good” jewelry has a sentimental meaning attached so I’ll try
    to pick a few pieces that are especially dear to me…

    From my other half: an antique brass locket in the shape of a little book
    with beautiful detailing, an antique crystal
    bow brooch from my other half (I wear it like a tiny bow tie on shirts,
    so cute!), and an antique butterfly brooch that is made
    out of intricate hand worked filigree with swirling luminous colors
    glowing from the metal. From my dear friend/ex-boyfriend: a silver heart shaped
    locket from London. From another dear friend: a large oval jade pendant.
    From my grandmother: an antique 3 strand pale pink pearl choker and many antique costume jewelry brooches. From my great aunt: an antique
    platinum filigree pinky ring with square bloodstone.

    The funny thing is when I buy jewelry for myself…I’m exactly like you omg! I love going to this one street in the city that has all these shops that have really cute, fun, inexpensive jewelry. Though not for only $1 OMG! I am going straight to that site after leaving this way-too-long-comment, lol. XD I also love rooting around for vintage/antique jewelry in the sale piles at vintage shops and sidewalk sales.

    Have you ever seen the cute jewelry from 6% DOKIDOKI (Japan)? I have been wanting the unicorn-jumping-through-your-ear earrings forever though they only have hot pink and fluorescent yellow now (I wanted the white ones). The front of the earring is the front of the unicorn and the earring back is the back of the unicorn so it’s…yeah, a unicorn jumping through your ear! Awesome. :D They have super cute stuff but it is more expensive…though it’s totally worth it for an especially fun/cute/amazing piece. Other lustables from 6% DOKIDOKI: pumpkin bloomers, milky way star bracelet, sweet candy dreamer necklace, cupid’s arrow/heart earring, and frilly bunny tiara. LOVE their stuff so much!

    But now I’m off to shop for some $1 goodies! :D I needed a treat really bad and this is just the thing. Sorry for the overly long comment. >.< I got way too excited when I saw all the bows and other cute stuff in your haul, lol. I am obsessed with bows in every form so I'm definitely picking up some of those headbands and that ring! Thanks so much for sharing this! :D

  247. April Adkins says

    A charm bracelet I got from my parents for christmas. It has a bunch of different dessert charms. Love it!

  248. Cinthia says

    They have amazing stuff, so cheap! I just bought some eyelashes from there. They are amazing!

  249. Ariana says

    This is awesome so going to this site right now!!!

  250. DiamondLife Cavalli says

    I love Shop MissA. I’ve ordered from them quite a few times, tftg

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